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Just want to be with You – Chapter 41.2

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 41.2

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Except when all was done and everything was tidied up, Liang Yin looked up and said, “If you want to sleep here tonight, just sleep in my room. I’ll sleep in Ruona’s room.”

She knew he would not leave tonight, so he could only stay till tomorrow.

There are two bedrooms, one is where she lives and the other is for Ruona when she comes over while Xiao Tian has rented a flat nearby. There’s no way she would let Zhou Jianchen sleep in the room where Ruona sleeps.

Hearing that, Zhou Jianchen said, “No need, just give me a quilt and I’ll sleep on the sofa.” He didn’t want her to give up her room.

Liang Yin smiled, “It’s okay.” Saying that, she pulled him into her room.

Her room is quite big and warmly decorated. Liang Yin spread out the folded quilt and said, “You can sleep here.”

After saying that, she then told him some settings in the room. There’s nothing secretive and it’s all unrestricted.

Once all was briefed, she added, “Then I’ll go out first, you go to bed early.” It was already past nine now.

Seeing that she was leaving, Zhou Jianchen pulled her into his arms again, “Let me hold you a little longer.”

He didn’t mean anything, simply seeing that she was leaving he felt unwilling.

Liang Yin just let him hug her for a while when she eventually still let go, “Okay, let’s go to bed early.”

“En.” Zhou Jianchen could only nod his head.

Liang Yin then kissed his cheek, “Good night.”

“Good night.” Zhou Jianchen answered back.

Liang Yin smiled, turned around and closed the door as she walked out.

Watching her leave, Zhou Jianchen wanted to say something but he didn’t utter a word in the end.

After washing up, Liang Yin went back to Ruona’s room.

She doesn’t go to bed that early, but she couldn’t stay any longer with Zhou Jianchen.

Laying down, Zhou Jianchen didn’t fall asleep for a long time too.


The next day, Liang Yin got up early and made breakfast again.

Zhou Jianchen got up very soon too. Brushing his teeth and washing his face, he was unusually early.

After the two of them finished breakfast, Liang Yin opened her mouth again, “Zhou Jianchen, you should go back.” She looked extremely serious.

Zhou Jianchen had already expected it, but he just replied, “I won’t go back.” He was still persistently stubborn.

Liang Yin was powerless and merely said again, “Today is Lunar New Year’s Eve.”

Zhou Jianchen ignored her.

“You really don’t have to be like this. You’re making things very difficult for me by being like this.” Liang Yin added, “You can come look for me after the New Year.”

“So, are you planning to celebrate the New Year alone?” Zhou Jianchen merely asked back.

Liang Yin was stunned.

Zhou Jianchen then added, “Why don’t you go back with me and we’ll spend the New Year together.”

Liang Yin didn’t answer.

Zhou Jianchen said again, “If it’s still like this, I’ll just stay here with you since you are unwilling to go home with me.” 

The discussion circled back and lost in a deadlock.

The morning was unpleasant again.

Liang Yin urged him twice and all persuasions were completely useless.

Zhou Jianchen was extremely stubborn.

Liang Yin just ignored him and locked herself in Ruona’s room without coming out again.

Zhou Jianchen didn’t care the least either and did whatever he had to do.

He wouldn’t leave no matter what.

At noon, he went into the kitchen again and opened the fridge to look at the contents inside. There were quite a lot of ingredients inside. He took out one by one and intended to get to work.

Liang Yin had cooked two meals for him and he didn’t want her to do it again.

But he nevertheless found things difficult looking at each ingredient. After checking Baidu, he was scared off by ‘a little’ and ‘certain amount’. Thinking about it, he simply called Zhou Zuokang and directly asked, “What’s Chen Ma’s phone number?”

Chen Ma, their family’s cook.

Zhou Zuokang quickly found the number and told him, then asked, “What do you need Chen Ma’s phone number for?” 

“None of your business.”

Zhou Zuokang then asked again with a smile, “Are you at your girlfriend’s now? Coming back together for New Year’s Eve tonight?”

Zhou Jianchen didn’t want to talk to him. He hung up his phone and just called Chen Ma again.

“Chen Ma, I have spare ribs, beef, eggs, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, corn, cucumbers and also ginger. What can I make with these?” He asked directly.

“Little Young Master, why are you cooking ah? Not coming back to eat?” Chen Ma was very surprised to hear that.

“En.” Zhou Jianchen replied perfunctorily and then said, “You tell me a few simple ones, just tell me how to do it.”

There was a bunch of blah blah blah at the other end of the phone, which Zhou Jianchen still remembered at first until he immediately frowned later.

So troublesome.

The other end of the phone was however picked up by Zhou Zuokang, “Why bother ah, tell me where you are and what you want to eat. I’ll have Chen Ma make it and send it to you.” They are after all brothers and immediately knew his younger brother’s difficulties.

“ ….. “ Zhou Jianchen was dumbfounded for a while when he finally hung up the phone, “Don’t bother.”

Hearing the sound of activities, Liang Yin walked out and felt powerless seeing the pile of ingredients he took out from the fridge. She immediately felt disgruntled again, “Are you going back or not?”

“You go back with me.” Zhou Jianchen still wouldn’t relent.

Liang Yin was really going to be pissed off.

Zhou Jianchen however went up to hug her, “Okay, just let me accompany you.”

Looking at him like this, Liang Yin wanted to flare up but she couldn’t. She picked out a few ingredients, washed, cut and put into a pot.

The simplest, boiled pork ribs with corn and carrots.

One hour later, before the soup was ready, the doorbell rang.

Liang Yin was a little surprised and froze when she looked through the peephole.

“Zhou Jianchen, your brother is here.” She said as she turned around.

Zhou Jianchen was stunned too and immediately stepped forward to open the door.

Zhou Zuokang was standing at the door with two thermos containers in his hands. He looked at his younger brother and said with a smile, “Here’s the food for both of you.” Saying that, he then nodded at Liang Yin who was inside.

Liang Yin felt somewhat awkward. She knew Zhou Zuokang, but had never met him.

“ ….. “ Zhou Jianchen was rather dumbfounded, “How do you know I am here?”

“I called and asked your assistant ah.” Zhou Zuokang replied without feeling the least bit of doubts.

Zhou Jianchen was exasperated. Both Ah Xian and Ah Zhao indeed knew where he was. It was still Ah Xian who told him which floor Liang Yin lived on. When Ah Xian and Ah Zhao sent Liang Yin to the elevator at that time, they deliberately looked at which floor the elevator stopped before leaving.

“Take it, it’s freshly prepared and intently delivered to you both.” Zhou Zuokang spoke again as he handed the lunch boxes over with no intention of coming in either.

Zhou Jianchen was in a bad mood, but he still went forward to take it.

Zhou Zuokang however spoke to Liang Yin again, “Miss Liang, can I have a word?”

Liang Yin was surprised, but Zhou Jianchen stopped him and said, “What do you want?”

“None of your business.” Zhou Zuokang replied back and didn’t let Liang Yin come out when he directly said, “Come back for dinner with Jianchen tonight.”

Liang Yin was stunned.

“There’s no one else, just the few at home. The old lady wants to meet you and Rong Xin is there too.” Zhou Zuokang added again.

Liang Yin was not sure of his intention, but after a long while, she still responded, “Okay.”

She knew that if she didn’t go, Zhou Jianchen would really not go back for Lunar New Year’s Eve.

“Then I won’t bother you guys. Come early tonight.” Zhou Zuokang spoke again.

“En.” Liang Yin nodded.

Zhou Zuokang waved his hand and walked towards the elevator again.

The door was quickly closed. Zhou Jianchen looked at Liang Yin and anyhow laughed out, “Are you really willing to go back with me?”

Liang Yin smiled but she didn’t say anything.

In the afternoon later, Liang Yin was rather busy again. She didn’t know what to buy when visiting for the first time. Zhou Jianchen however didn’t mind and just said there was no need to get anything, it was fine that she was going. Liang Yin didn’t listen to him and still went to the nearby mall to buy something.

At around 4 pm, she changed her clothes again.

She was a little nervous and felt somewhat overwhelmed.

Zhou Jianchen hugged her and just said, “It’s okay, I’m here.”

“En.” LIang Yin responded yet her heart still beat noticeably faster.

“Let’s go.” Once everything was packed, Zhou Jianchen helped put on her hat and the face mask. Closing the door, he then held her hand and walked into the elevator.

Liang Yin wanted to let go but Zhou Jianchen just wouldn’t let her.

It’s fine usually, but now they are going home together.

Zhou Jianchen was really happy.

Feeling exasperated, Liang Yin could only let him be.

The elevator went all the way down to the underground parking lot and Zhou Jianchen kept holding her hand without letting go. He would say a few words from time to time with eyes full of smiles.

The car was parked at the front and the two people walked straight ahead.

From a distance, they were like a young couple in love.


Inside the car, Zhong Mingzhen watched from afar and put down the hand that was holding the cellphone.

Liang Yin was wrapped up tightly, but he still recognized her at a glance.

And the man next to her was also instantly recognized.

He watched them walk out of the elevator, holding hands, talking and smiling at each other.

Zhong Mingzhen clenched his jaw. When his car was parked here at that time, she never let him go up.

He suddenly remembered that day when he sent Liang Yin back to the hotel, he proposed to remarry which Liang Yin refused and then got out of the car in a hurry.

At that time, Zhou Jianchen seemed to be walking ahead.

He was aware of it at that time.

Mingzhen, bring Yinyin back to celebrate Lunar New Year’s Eve together — Old Madam Zhong told him so.

Zhou Jianchen’s car had already passed by in front. Zhong Mingzhen lowered his eyes and the light in his eyes gradually dimmed.

She will not spend New Year with him anymore.

After spending 13 years.

On the front passenger seat was the gift he bought for her, the New Year’s gift that he purchases every year.

Zhong Mingzhen’s eyes were a little moist. Lowering his head, it soon faded …

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