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Just want to be with You – Chapter 42.1

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Chapter 42.1

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All the way to Zhou’s family home, Liang Yin spoke very little.

She responded to Zhou Zuokang’s request because she too knew that if she didn’t go, Zhou Jianchen would have really stayed at her place and refused to go home. She never thought of going home with him. Everything was just too sudden since she had only been with Zhou Jianchen for a very short time.

She felt impetuous and was afraid that the Zhou family was not really welcoming.

The profound intention of Zhou Zuokang’s invitation was unclear and she didn’t know what she was about to face.

But she didn’t cower either; it’s all a matter of time.

She was just a little nervous, so she rubbed her fingers unconsciously to assuage herself.

Zhou Jianchen however pulled the car over unexpectedly.

Liang Yin was a little confused, but Zhou Jianchen had unfastened his seat belt and hugged her again, “You really don’t need to be nervous, I’m here.” He whispered in her ear, but with a different kind of certainty.

So how could he not notice her nervousness?

“En.” Being hugged by him, Liang Yin felt a burst of warmth. She smiled and nodded, drawing all the strength she could. The Zhou family was an unfamiliar place to her and she could only really rely on Zhou Jianchen alone.

Stroking her back for a while, Zhou Jianchen then held her shoulders and rested his forehead against hers, “My family will like you, I promise.”

He has never made any promises before and this was the first time, so Liang Yin nodded again, “En.”

Caressing her face, Zhou Jianchen then said, “Shall I continue driving then?”


Zhou Jianchen glanced at her with a smile before fastening his seat belt and immediately started the car again.

Liang Yin had deliberately changed her clothes and put on makeup just now. Though she was nervous, she still took it seriously.

Driving all the way to Zhou’s family home, the sky had turned dark. It was a classical and stylish detached mansion which was inconspicuous and surrounded by lush woods.

Liang Yin was a little surprised as she didn’t expect Zhou Jianchen to live here. It’s low-key and the location is too special. Not to mention land is extremely costly now and it has long been impossible to purchase even for the rich.

“This house was from my father’s time.” Zhou Jianchen explained seeing her thoughts, “Someone in my grandfather’s generation was an official.”

He then laughed and said, “Next time I’ll bring you to where I live.” He doesn’t usually stay here.

The Zhou family’s ancestors were also prominent who later retired valiantly before their descendants each fanned out. Some went into politics, some into trades while their branch invested into the then newly emerging entertainment industry.

Hong Kong and Taiwan were dominant at that time, while the mainland was not much yet. Who knew that the Old Master Zhou’s decision ultimately made their branch the leader of the entire entertainment industry today. Now who in the entertainment circle doesn’t know StarLight Media.

Except only a few people know about this now.

Now that Old Master Zhou has passed away, StarLight Media is still going strong with Zhou Zuokang in-charge of everything while Zhou Jianchen, the young master dotted by the Zhou family, is the hands-off leader.

__ The nickname of ‘Young Master’ in the entertainment industry at that time was not casually called out.

The car had stopped in the garage where the lights were brightly lit and people were waiting at the door.

Zhou Jianchen got out of the car first, opened the door for her, took the things in the trunk and then came over to hold her hand.

Liang Yin was a little embarrassed and wanted to loosen the hand, but Zhou Jianchen just held it tightly.

“Let’s go.” He looked at her with full tenderness.

Liang Yin could only let him lead along.

Walking over, the people standing at the door had come forward too. About ten or so people, led by a smiling old lady while Rong Xin was there too.

When they approached closer, Zhou Jianchen introduced them, “This is my mother.”

He then introduced her, “This is Liang Yin.”

“Hello Auntie.” Liang Yin called out, with a little nervous smile on her face. She felt somewhat surprised too as she didn’t expect Mother Zhou would come out personally to welcome her.

“Hi, Hi.” Mother Zhou responded twice and looked at Liang YIn with satisfaction in her eyes.

Looking at her smile, Liang Yin somehow felt slightly relieved. She could feel Zhou Jianchen’s mother’s sincerity.

Zhou Jianchen then introduced the others, “This is my paternal aunt, this is my uncle, you know Rong Xin, this is my cousin, my cousin’s husband, this is Tian-tian, their daughter who called me uncle.”

Old Master Zhou has only a son and a daughter. Father Zhou died early while the sister-in-law (Mother Zhou) and his sister (paternal aunt) had a profound relationship, and the two families often got together for the Spring Festival.

“This is Uncle Guan, this is Aunt Liu, this is Ah Cheng, this is Xiao Jiao … “ Zhou Jianchen introduced again.

Liang Yin greeted each of them and everyone responded with a smile.

“Hello, Miss Liang.” The servants called out in unison and they were all cheerful.

At this moment, the young girl named Tian-tian suddenly spoke up, “Little Aunt, you are even better looking than on the screen.” A fifteen/sixteen years old junior high school student who looks particularly beautiful with big eyes and appears cheerfully bubbly.

Liang Yin froze and immediately blushed.

Little Aunt …

Her heart however understands that the Zhou family members perhaps have known about her beforehand.

“Tian-tian, don’t scare your Little Aunt … “ Seeing her blushing, Cousin Zhou Zixin was afraid that she would be embarrassed and wanted to reprimand her daughter, yet she too said the wrong words and didn’t know how to make it up, so she just reproached with a red face, “Tian-tian, you are being mischievous again … “

“How am I mischievous.” The young girl pouted her lips in defiance.

“It’s okay to call Little Aunt.” Zhou Jianchen, however, spoke at the side.

You’ll be callingl that sooner or later anyway.

He turned to look at Liang Yin with eyes that were bright and playful.

Looking at him, Liang YIn’s face turned even redder.

Everyone else laughed. They have never seen Zhou Jianchen looking so shameless.

Likewise, they have never seen him bring anyone home or even hold hands in front of so many people.

The young girl just spoke proudly again, “You guys look, I told you I didn’t call out wrongly.”

“Okay, okay, let’s all go in to eat first. Don’t catch a cold. The meal is almost ready.” On the side, Rong Xin also laughed and opened her mouth. Each and everyone here didn’t even feel cold looking at the ‘new daughter-in-law’.

She knew how much the Zhou family was looking forward to Liang Yin’s arrival and how nervous they were when they found out she would be coming this afternoon.

“Yes, yes, go in to eat first, go in to eat first.” Mother Zhou regained her reverie and spoke hurriedly.

She really likes this ‘little daughter-in-law’. The more she looks at her, she feels even more pleased. She is really much prettier than on the screen. Once she heard that Zhou Jianchen was together with her, she had someone look for all her movies to watch, which she even watched over and over again. At that time she thought, how could there be such a doting girl. Now she feels even more pleased, Liang Yin is stirringly beautiful, gentle and refined, and standing there, there’s really nothing bad about her.

Moreover, her son likes her very much.

She has really been looking forward to her youngest son bringing his girlfriend home for years.

“Liang Yin bought these for you guys.” Zhou Jianchen then remembered he still had something in his hand and handed it over.

“Just come, why still buy anything.” Mother Zhou took and handed them to the servant before taking Liang Yin’s hand to walk forward together, “Come, go in with Auntie.”

Hand being gripped unexpectedly, Liang Yin subconsciously looked back at Zhou Jianchen, who was following behind her. He just looked at her with a smile and nodded gently. Seeing that, Liang Yin retracted her gaze only to follow Mother Zhou into the house.

The house inside was cozy and festive with colorful lanterns and decorations. The Zhou family has an ardent festive ambiance of Spring Festival. Though they seemingly live in a mansion, they are extremely traditional and Liang Yin even saw a very big blessing () character glued on the wall.

The house is huge and appears to be filled up.

Two tables had been set up in the living room and the servants were bustling about. When they saw her, they called out “Miss Liang” with a smile.

Liang Yin responded smilingly.

“Come, come, come. Everyone sit down.” Mother Zhou called everyone to take their seats.

After taking off Liang Yin’s coat and handing it to the servant, Zhou Jianchen then took her hand and sat on Mother Zhou’s left side.

Rong Xin sat down right next to Liang Yin. It was a big round table and the paternal aunt’s family were seated opposite.

Zhou Jianchen handed her a hot towel to wipe her hands. Liang Yin however felt a little surprised she hadn’t seen Zhou Zuokang yet.

Father Zhou has long since passed away and Zhou Zuokang is now considered the pillar of the Zhou family.

Thinking about it, Zhou Zuokang’s voice came over, “The dishes are here, everyone please give way ah.”

Liang Yin looked up and was stunned. Zhou Zuokang just came over with two hot dishes in his hands and put them on the table. His sleeves were rolled up revealing his arms as he smiled happily, his body covered with cooked food scent.

Where is still that composedly upright and not easily approachable CEO Zhou of StarLight Media.

Rong Xin who was right next to him, couldn’t help but glare at him, “I’ve never seen you so diligent.”

Zhou Zuokang laughed and said, “Isn’t this my sister-in-law’s coming.” Saying that, he glanced at Liang Yin and nodded his head as a greeting before using the back of his hand to caress Rong Xin’s cheek and lowered his head to speak, “If you want, I can cook for you every day.”

“I’ll thank you then.” Rong Xin turned her head and wiped her face as she nevertheless laughed.

She wasn’t really angry.

They lived together before, but she moved out recently because she was unhappy and this person is trying to get her to move back again.

“You guys eat first. There are still a few dishes left which will be ready soon.” Zhou Zuokang looked up to notify and went back towards the kitchen again.

“Come, come, let’s all eat first.” Mother Zhou called out, then turned her head and explained to Liang Yin, “Knowing you were coming, his big brother specially cooked it himself. He used to prepare the Chinese New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, but it has been a long time now since he cooked.”

The table was full of dishes that feast the eyes when the servants took off the dish lids.

Which clearly could see the forethought.

“Hurry up and taste it. Your big brother’s skill is very good.” Mother Zhou added again.

“En.” Liang Yin nodded and picked up her chopsticks.

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