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Just want to be with You – Chapter 42.2

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 42.2

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Mother Zhou then spoke to the servants on the side, “You guys sit down too. Don’t just stand there. Let Ah Kang bustled about. The food is getting cold.”

During the festivals, they often sit down to eat together. The Zhou family has rules but not too strict. Mother Zhou is an easy-going person and Zhou Zuokang has always treated his family kindly. As for Zhou Jianchen, he doesn’t care about these matters at all.

The servants sat down after hearing that. Besides Zhou Zuokang, there were several other servants helping in the kitchen, so they were not needed.

Looking back and seeing that Liang Yin was not moving, Mother Zhou said to Zhou Jianchen, “Ah Chen, you let Ah Yin eat ah. Just pick whatever she likes.”

Zhou Jianchen was opening the wine and smiled when he heard the words, “I know.”

Looking down at Liang Yin, he then said, “Just pick whatever you like, make yourself at home.”

“I have never seen Ah Chen so well-behaved before.” The Uncle said with a smile.

Zhou Jianchen didn’t respond but his eyes were full of tender affection when he looked at Liang Yin.

He remembered that time he posted on Weibo. Coming home for dinner, he thought about when he could take her home with him and didn’t expect it to come true now.

Once the wine was opened, he poured one by one and asked when it was Liang Yin’s turn, “Do you want it?”

Liang Yin nodded and Zhou Jianchen poured her half a glass. Except for the child, everyone drank a little.

Sitting down, Zhou Jianchen held her hand again.

Liang Yin knew what he was thinking, so she just held his tightly.

The mood was joyous with happy laughter and cheerful voices without awkward silence during dinner. The Zhou family’s aunt and uncle are amiable while the cousin and her husband are brilliant conversationalists.

 Liang Yin didn’t eat much and Mother Zhou persistently urged her to eat more that Zhou Jianchen said, “Mom, leave her alone. She has me here.”

Would he even let her go hungry?

Saying that, he peeled a shrimp and put it on her plate.

The crowd laughed again at this.

No one has ever really seen Zhou Jianchen like this.

Zhou Zuokang happened to come over and said with a smile when he saw it, “Yo, Jianchen even peeled shrimp for someone ah, is the sun rising from the west?” Saying that, he pulled out the chair beside Rong Xin and sat down.

The dishes were basically on the table and only the soup was boiling in the kitchen.

Being teased by his brother, Zhou Jianchen was a little displeased that he immediately shot him a glance and said with a laugh, “I’m willing to do it.”

Zhou Zuokang laughed out loud too hearing that.

Liang Yin however was a little embarrassed that she hadn’t even reacted when Zhou Jianchen had already peeled a shrimp and put it on her plate. Watching helplessly that he was about to peel another, she hurriedly whispered, “I’ll do it myself.”

Zhou Jianchen glanced at her delicately fair fingers and merely said, “Don’t get your hands dirty.”

It was full of doting.

Seeing this, Mother Zhou’s face was full of smiles again. It’s so good to see her son liking someone so much.

On the side, Rong Xin felt discontented and said to Zhou Zuokang, “Why didn’t you ever peel shrimp for me?”

Zhou Zuokang hurriedly spinned the lazy-susan when he heard that, “Okay, I will peel as many as you want.”

“I don’t care.” Rong Xin pouted and picked a mushroom to eat.

Beside her, the cousin’s husband had silently picked a shrimp to peel it.

When the few elders saw this, they couldn’t help laughing.

Zhou Zuokang’s cooking is indeed pretty good that Liang Yin ate it contentedly.

After the dinner, the Spring Festival Evening Gala show had started. While a few servants cleaned up, Mother Zhou pulled Liang Yin to go play cards.

Since Liang Yin didn’t know how to play, Zhou Jianchen just said, “I’ll teach you.”

Liang Yin could only sit down. She sat next to Mother Zhou, along with the cousin and Rong Xin. Zhou Jianchen really moved a chair over and sat down behind her.

The other servants had also set up a card game too while the rest just gathered around to watch TV. There was nothing interesting on the Spring Festival Evening Gala show but they all still watched it with great pleasure.

Zhou Jianchen had performed at the Spring Festival Evening Gala before and he was invited these past two years which he declined.

Liang Yin really didn’t know how to play, and even more so this kind of leaf cards, not to mention making sense of it, she simply didn’t even know how to hold it. In the end, Zhou Jianchen simply taught her by holding her hands.

He wasn’t aware, but Liang Yin was blushing embarrassedly while everyone laughed surreptitiously.

When had Zhou Jianchen ever played these during the previous years, let alone having the patience to teach as such.

But they rarely played this in previous years as it was the busiest time of the year for the Zhou family where there were people constantly coming to visit and they had no leisure time to play cards. Knowing that Liang Yin was coming this year, they deliberately declined all the invitations.

Merely the family members celebrating the Lunar New Year together.

Liang Yin’s comprehension is excellent and she quickly understands it. Rong Xin complained that Zhou Jianchen was in the way and asked him to stay aside. With him here, Liang Yin was practically cheating since only she alone won.

Zhou Jianchen felt uneasy, but Liang Yin just asked him to go. She really felt embarrassed with him sitting here.

But once he left, Liang Yin quickly fell behind again.

Not a moment later, she started to win again.

Rong Xin soon noticed the inkling.

“Old Lady, you give your card to Yinyin again!” Rong Xin was adept at this and Mother Zhou was too obvious that she was caught once again.

Knowing what cards Liang Yin wanted, she threw out those cards intentionally which was indeed cheating openly.

“I’m really going to be jealous if you keep doing this ah.” She pushed the cards and spoke with puffed cheeks pretending to be angry.

Mother Zhou however ignored her, “I’ll give you the cards too when you call me Mom.” She didn’t mind getting caught at all.

Rong Xin is already a frequent visitor of the Zhou family and Mother Zhou has long regarded her as her own family member, thus she is not courteous to her at all.

She is now waiting for them to get married quickly and stop squandering the years away.

“Yinyin didn’t call you Mom either?” Annoyed yet found it laughable, Rong Xin was simply speechless but she grabbed the cards again.

“That’s not the same.” Mother Zhou glanced at Liang Yin and replied with a smile. The favoritism was even more obvious.

The cousin was already laughing out loud.

Rong Xin was dumbfounded, “Okay, okay, I’ll call you Mom, okay. Mom, Mom, Mom! You, Old Lady, hurry up and give me the cards too!”

“Ai!” Mother Zhou indeed responded and threw out another card, “Nine-circles, do you want it?”

“Who wants the nine-circles ah, I want the characters, okay?” Rong Xin said.

On the side, Liang Yin opened her mouth softly, “I want … “ After saying that, she took out the seven-circles and the eight-circles to ‘win’ it.

Rong Xin, “ ….. “

“Pfft.” The cousin couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Rong Xin spoke angrily, “Old Lady, do you have to be so partial!”

But Mother Zhou just laughed happily.

On the side, Zhou Jianchen was watching the Spring Festival Evening Gala on the sofa but his mind was on the card table next to him. Since Liang Yin’s back was to him, he couldn’t see her face and only saw them laughing happily, especially his mother.

He was rather baffled too, his mother surprisingly likes Liang Yin.

Zhou Zuokang, who came back after a phone call, saw his expression and guessed his thoughts at a glance. Sitting down beside him, he showed a photo on his cellphone.

Zhou Jianchen was uncertain of his intent, but he just zoomed in to look and his expression turned stern.

He glanced at Zhou Zuokang, who just nodded his head.

In the photo was a newspaper cutting from more than ten years ago, which reported the sacrifice of life to save people.

A landslide, in order to save the trapped children in a mountain school, the CEO and the wife of Liang’s company, who were doing geological surveys, along with his employees rushed bravely to save 21 teachers and student without thoughts of personal safety, but during the rescue of a last child, catastrophe struck and the two people were unfortunately killed …

“A girl from a good family.” Zhou Zuokang said as he patted him on the shoulder.

He knew Liang Yin’s parents had long passed away. He somewhat asked Chen Hua’en about it out of curiosity. As a result, Chen Hua’en found this photo for him.

He then showed it to his mother too.

Zhou Jianchen finally knew why his mother liked her so much. He felt a little heart ache as well as a little grateful.

Time passed very quickly and it was almost the wee hours with the happy laughters and cheerful voices.

“Let’s set off the fireworks!”

Someone shouted and Rong Xin pushed the cards, “Not playing anymore, let’s watch the fireworks.” Mother Zhou kept throwing the game for Liang Yin to win while she kept losing, which was both amusing and annoying.

Liang Yin felt a little puzzled when Zhou Jianchen came to drape a coat on her, “Come, let’s go watch the fireworks.”

Seeing everyone was heading out, Liang Yin also let him lead her out.

Many were already standing in the courtyard and the open space in front was piled with fireworks and sparklers. Zhou Zuokang and the few male guests were there preparing to light them up.

“We set them off every year to liven up.” Mother Zhou said with a smile. It was rare to stay up late until now, yet she was not tired at all.

Their family spends millions on fireworks every year, both for themselves to watch and for others too.

“You stand here, I’ll go light it up.” Zhou Jianchen spoke in her ears.

Liang Yin nodded when Zhou Jianchen quickly trotted over.

The weather was a little cold but everyone was seemingly not aware.

“Boom __ “ the first fireworks bloom. Liang Yin was startled and immediately after, all the fireworks burst forth.

“Boom, boom, boom __ “

“Boom, boom, boom __ “

The night sky was a dazzling scene at once.

“Wow __ it’s nice ah.” Tian-tian exclaimed.

Watching such a view, Liang Yin was in awe too.

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