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Just want to be with You – Chapter 42.3

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 42.3

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Zhou Jianchen ran back again with a face full of smiles. Seeing Liang Yin covering her ears, he reached out to cover them for her, “Is it nice?”

Liang Yin nodded, “En.”

“Then come every year to watch it hereafter, okay?” Zhou Jianchen said again.

Liang Yin didn’t speak.

 Zhou Jianchen had already pulled open his coat to wrap her up from behind, “I’ll accompany you to watch from now on.”

Liang Yin was a little cold at first, but she felt warm once again being hugged by him.

Her heart palpitated a little which she quickly held back.

The fireworks were still blooming dazzlingly. Zhou Jianchen standing there quietly with his coat drawn back and wrapped around Liang Yin was a different kind of scenery.   

On the side, Rong Xin couldn’t help but take a few steps back to take a photo of them.

Under the dazzling fireworks and the dimmed light, the two embracing people were romantically warm.

At this moment, she really wanted to post it on Weibo.

The fireworks lasted for half an hour and once all were settled, the countdown began.




“ ….. “





“Happy New Year!” Tian-tian shouted first and each fireworks in the distance were in full bloom too.

“Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year!” The others expressed their good wishes to everyone.

“Happy New Year.” Zhou Jianchen hugged Liang Yin tightly and whispered in her ear.

“Happy New Year.” Liang Yin turned around and wished him softly too.

Both of them were rather happy as this was the first Lunar New Year they spent together.

“Hurry up and get inside the house!” Moher Zhou called out from inside.

Hearing that, the others hastily went into the house.

Mother Zhou handed out red packets to everyone impartially.

“Happy New Year with good luck and great prosperity.” She expressed her good wishes.

When it was Liang Yin’s turn, she then said, “Ah Yin, I hope you will come here often.”

Feeling touched, Liang Yin nodded and “thanked” her.

After the supper, Rong Xin went upstairs first. She was tired from being out all day today and the paternal aunt’s family had gone upstairs to rest too.

It was getting late.

Only Mother Zhou, Liang Yin, Zhou Jianchen and two servants remained downstairs.

After Liang Yin finished eating the dumplings, Zhou Jianchen brought the bowl to the kitchen.

Mother Zhou took her hand again and said, “Good child, treat this place as your home from now on. Come back for a visit if you have nothing to do. I won’t go anywhere and will just wait for you guys to come home.”

She then said, “Ah Chen’s temper is not good, so you have to be more tolerant.”

She had wanted to speak to her but there were always people around.

Looking at her guileless gaze, Liang Yin responded, “En.”

Zhou Jianchen came back very soon and Mother Zhou just said, “Ah Chen, take Ah Yin to bed quickly and don’t tire out.”

“We will go right away. Mom, you too go to bed early.” Saying that, Zhou Jianchen picked up Liang Yin’s coat and stretched out his hand, “I’ll take you to rest ah.”

Liang Yin stood up and took his hand again before turning back and said, “Auntie, then I’ll go to bed first.”

“Go, go, go to bed early and get up to have breakfast together tomorrow.” Mother Zhou said with a smile.

“En.” Liang Yin smiled and followed Zhou Jianchen upstairs.

Walking all the way to the second floor, Zhou Jianchen pushed open a door and turned on the light, “You stay in my room tonight ah.”

“I can just sleep in the guest room.” Liang Yin replied.

Zhou Jianchen however disagreed, “Didn’t you let me sleep in your room when I was at your place.” He said, then pushed her into the room.

His room is very large with thick carpet and a lot of things inside, a pronounced imprint of life.

Sensing this place is a part of ‘Zhou Jianchen’, Liang Yin’s heart fluttered again.

Zhou Jianchen had already closed the door. Hesitated for a while, she then went forward to wrap around his neck.

“Zhou Jianchen, why are you being so kind to me.” She said in a low voice.

These words, she has been holding back the whole night.

All the events today, she had seen with her eyes.

Zhou family members had come out to welcome her earnestly, Zhou Zuokang had personally prepared a meal despite his status, Mother Zhou’s partiality towards her and everyone treated her warmly … and the phrases ‘Little Aunt’, ‘Sister-in-law’ …..

They were afraid of her feeling ill at ease and created a warm home for her; having not married over yet, they however treated her like a member of the Zhou family.

How long has it been since she felt the warmth of a home?

And all this was from Zhou Jianchen.

They love him and knowing that he loves her, they love her just as much.

Liang Yin knew she shouldn’t cry, but as she hugged Zhou Jianchen’s neck, her eyes still couldn’t help but redden.

Sensing her mood, Zhou Jianchen merely responded “Silly”.

He immediately supported her body and said, “I’ll go prepare your bath.” Standing outside for so long just now, she should be cold.

Liang Yin nodded with a smile and Zhou Jianchen led her into the bathroom.

The bathroom is large and decorated modernly. Zhou Jianchen took out a clean toothbrush and a cup, squeezed the toothpaste and filled it with water, then said, “You brush your teeth first.”

“I can do it myself.” Liang Yin wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Zhou Jianchen said with a smile, “I’m delighted to do it.” Saying that, he went to prepare the bath.

Of course he was delighted to do it. Seeing her willingness to come home with him and watching her sleeping in his room, he was really delighted to do anything.

Seeing this, Liang Yin could only brush her teeth.

Zhou Jianchen came back quickly and did not leave but stood on the side to watch her brushing her teeth.

Liang Yin was embarrassed by his glance and couldn’t help but say, “What’s there to watch.”

This was the first time she brushed her teeth in front of others.

“It’s nice to watch.” Zhou Jianchen merely replied with a smile.

As he said that, he suddenly stepped forward to wrap his arms around her waist and kissed her lips.

“Hmm.” Liang Yin was startled and fell backwards, “I haven’t rinsed my mouth yet.” She had just rinsed a little.

But Zhou Jianchen merely put down the cup in her hand, “It’s okay, I’ll help you rinse.” Saying that, he kissed more intensely.

Liang Yin’s body went limp at once.

Zhou Jianchen’s kiss was particularly lingering. Sucking her lips and entangling her tongue, he nipped and bit, as if wanting to swallow her up.

Liang Yin soon became dizzy and couldn’t breathe. She was unable to stand and merely propped herself against the vanity unit with both hands while her whole body leaned on him.

Her waist was so slender and soft that Zhou Jianchen was set aflame again.

“Yinyin, I want you.” He kissed her lips again as he spoke hoarsely.

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