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Just want to be with You – Chapter 43.1

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 43.1

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Liang Yin was incited by the kiss too. With flushed cheeks and misted eyes, sensing his reaction, she still pushed him away to look at him and shook her head gently.

Her chest however was heaving with irregular breathing.

She couldn’t.

Coming to visit someone’s house for the first time, she couldn’t be like this.

There are so many people here that she is afraid of being heard too.

Looking at her with a steady regretful gaze, how could Zhou Jianchen not know her thoughts and felt a little helpless but he eventually kissed her lips again.

Even if he can’t, he still wants to kiss and linger with her more; even if his restraint had reached the point of going crazy or just to quench his thirst.

Being spurred, Liang Yin was incited again and responded by wrapping her arms around his neck. Zhou Jianchen then hugged her tighter to get more intimate with her.

The intimacy was too pronounced as Liang Yin called out his name while Zhou Jianchen only hugged her more tightly, as if simply not willing to be parted.

It was eventually Liang Yin who pushed Zhou Jianchen away, “The water is still flowing.” She spoke breathlessly.

Releasing her, Zhou Jianchen took a deep breath and smiled, “I’ll turn it off.” Saying that, he glanced at her reluctantly before turning around.

Liang Yin looked down at her hand and smiled again. She was still holding her toothbrush. The grip just now was so intense that fingernail marks had embedded in her palm.

When she thought about the absurdity just now, she felt a little embarrassed as she turned around to rinse her mouth and put the toothbrush away. Once she looked up, the person in the mirror was blushing full of tenderness.

Liang Yin looked down abashedly; when did she ever look like this.

Zhou Jianchen had already walked back. Tying up her hair, Liang Yin saw him standing there again and spoke right away, “I’m going to take a bath.”

“I want to watch.” Zhou Jianchen leaned against the wall and smiled.

LIang Yin quickly replied, “No.”

“Then do you want me to help you undress?” Zhou Jianchen said again, with the appearance of providing comprehensive service.

Liang Yin didn’t know whether to laugh or be annoyed looking at his teasing look, hence she just stepped forward to push him out of the door, “I don’t need it. Thank you Mr. Zhou!”

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Zhou!” Holding on to the door frame, Zhou Jianchen merely spoke with a smile.

The ‘Mr.’ to counter the ‘Mrs.’, Liang Yin couldn’t help laughing out loud, he’s really too roguish!

Zhou Jianchen stopped teasing her then, “I’ve placed the towels on the side for you. The shower gel and shampoo are there too. Use it if you need it.”

“En.” Liang Yin replied.

“Then I’ll go take a shower first and see you later.” Zhou Jianchen said again.

Seeing that Liang Yin didn’t say anything, he scratched her nose and smiled before closing the door and turned to go out.

He really needed a shower to calm down.

Once he left, the bathroom was quiet again. Liang Yin took off her fishtail skirt and couldn’t help but laugh again.

Hearing the sound of the door closing outside, Zhou Jianchen had already left.

Once all the clothes were taken off, a beautiful body was undoubtedly revealed. Liang Yin is already willowy graceful with clothes on but she is even more gorgeous without any on.

Lean and slender with jade-like fair skin that is exquisitely appealing.

A beauty who doesn’t know it herself.

Liang Yin merely submerged herself into the bathtub and feeling the right water temperature, ripples surged up in her heart.

This was still the first time she took a bath in a man’s room, and the person was even Zhou Jianchen.

Everything was strange, yet somehow, it wasn’t that strange.

Putting on the pajamas after the bath, she tidied up, opened the door and walked out. The curtains had been drawn and Zhou Jianchen had also turned on the bedside lamp for her. Under the soft lighting, the room was quiet and tranquil.

The decorations all around are full of Zhou Jianchen’s traces. There are photos, figurines, and various rolled up posters placed in a vine box on the table. Knowing that he would come later, Liang Yin didn’t dare go to bed immediately and just looked around casually.

Soon, there was a knock on the door. Once Liang Yin responded, Zhou Jianchen pushed the door and walked in again. He had a glass of water in his hand and when he saw her still standing, he said softly, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

He had just taken a shower and changed into pajamas too. Since the house was well heated, he merely wore a set of azure blue silk pajamas and draped a robe of the same color with a belt around his waist, looking rather languid.

“Didn’t you say you are coming over?” Liang Yin spoke with downcast eyes as she had never seen him in pajamas before.

Dressed in pajamas, his shoulders were wide with narrow waist, casual yet appealingly sexy.

When had Zhou Jianchen ever seen her like this before too. Her figure was originally good but it was even more evident dressed in the silk pajamas.

Not daring to look, he just placed the glass on the bedside table and said, “Afraid that you might get thirsty, I poured you a glass of water.”

He then took her hand and lifted the quilt and said, “Go to sleep, it’s almost 2 o’clock.” His brows furrowed.

Liang Yin got into the bed obediently and Zhou Jianchen covered her with the quilt again while she just smiled at him with her face half covered.

Zhou Jianchen originally looked restrained, but felt amused seeing her like this that his eyes softened again as he stroked her hair and urged her, “Sleep early, I’ll wake you up tomorrow. If you are thirsty, drink the water and give me a call if you need anything. I’ll be in the room by the stairs.”

“En.” Liang Yin nodded her head repeatedly.

Zhou Jianchen looked at her for a while and then said, “I’m leaving then?”

“En.” Liang Yin nodded again.

“I’m really leaving ah?” Zhou Jianchen, however, said that again.

Liang Yin still nodded her head.

With a smile in his eyes, Zhou Jianchen gathered the quilt for her and really stood up intending to leave.

“Zhou Jianchen.” But Liang Yin called out to him at this moment.

Turning around, Zhou Jianchen saw her sitting up again and the quilt that covered her face was pulled down as she just looked up at him with a smile on her face.

Zhou Jianchen smiled again. Taking a step forward immediately, he leaned down to kiss her lips again. Liang Yin gave him a kiss too.

The kiss was brief. It was just a good night kiss and the two quickly let go again.

“Good night.” Liang Yin said.

“Good night.” Zhou Jianchen responded too. He rubbed her head and said, “Go to bed early.”

Liang Yin indeed lay down again. Seeing this, Zhou Jianchen turned off the light then glanced at her with a smile and turned around to walk out.

The sound of door closing soon came from the threshold and the room was once again silent and dark. Burying herself under the quilt, Liang Yin pulled the quilt up. The bed was soft and her heart was particularly at ease.

In the corridor, Zhou Jianchen closed the door and exhaled deeply.

Having taken a shower just now, he almost couldn’t restrain himself again.

She is truly able to entice people to insanity without even a word nor do anything.

“Yo, aren’t you sleeping together?” At this moment, a voice unexpectedly came from the side.

Raising his head, Zhou Jianchen saw his big brother appear in the corridor at some point.

It was already very late and everyone had gone to bed.

Looking at his teasing face, he looked somewhat annoyed and cast him a verse, “Why do you care”, and then headed for the guest room by the stairway.

He simply didn’t want to talk nonsense with him.

Zhou Zuokang just laughed seeing this.

This younger brother of his, is indeed born to defy him.

The smile on his face eased again just thinking about how happy he looked tonight.

Their father died early. At the age of ten, he still had the recollection but Zhou Jianchen simply had no memory since he was still a baby. The Zhou family’s Old Master was said to be formidable, but he had a widowed mother and a younger brother, hence he headed the family at an early age.

Afterwards, the big brother was like a father.

His mother is happy when he is happy and the whole family is happy too.

Thinking about it, he smiled then pushed open the door of his room and walked in.

In the room, Rong Xin had fallen asleep while his hand was holding the sanitary pads she asked for.

Her period came suddenly while she was eating dumplings. Since there was no such thing at home, she asked him to go buy it.

She didn’t want this, didn’t want that and only wanted the flex-foam sanitary pad. Thus, he drove for a long time as many shops were closed on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

He knew she was tormenting him on purpose and he was fine as long as she was happy.

“Rong Xin, get up to change.” He spoke while switching on the bedside lamp.

Lying on her side, Rong Xin was soundly asleep. She wore nothing below, except a towel.

Seeing that she didn’t wake up, Zhou Zuokang merely took her panties, tore open the sanitary pad package and put it on for her.

Rong Xin rolled over and seemed a little unwell. With brows knitted tightly, she huddled up and muttered, “Zhou Zuokang, my stomach hurts.”

Zhou Zuokang then laid down beside her, rubbed his hands and put one arm around her. Lifting her clothes, he covered her stomach with the other hand.

“It won’t hurt anymore ah.” He coaxed softly while kneading it gently.

He knew she has menstrual cramps and has not been able to get it treated for a long time. She wanted a child but had difficulty because of it.

It was he who owed her. At that time, he thought she was too young and refused to accept her. Hence, she just filmed relentlessly and soaked in the water during winter which she later got conferred the Film Empress title and broke free of ‘just a pretty face’ label with this act, but also sustained this ailment as a result.

“Rong Xin ah, let’s get married.” He spoke once again.

But Rong Xin did not answer. Except there was a streak of tears on the face that was buried on his waist.


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