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Just want to be with You – Chapter 43.2

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Chapter 43.2

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The next day, Liang Yin got up early. Her biological clock has always been early. She used to get up at 6.30 for a morning run and yoga. When she was filming afterwards, she woke up earlier at 5.30. Now that she was in someone else’s home, she didn’t allow herself to laze in bed.

When she went downstairs, Mother Zhou was already up and a few other servants were preparing breakfast while others were not up yet.

Mother Zhou was very happy to see her, “Yinyin is up.”

She then asked, “Why don’t you sleep a while more. It’s not even dawn yet.”

Liang Yin just smiled and said, “I couldn’t sleep anymore.”

Seeing that they were making glutinous rice balls, she said, “I’ll help you make some too.”

Mother Zhou was naturally happy and seeing that she was fully dressed, she personally tied an apron for her, “Don’t get your clothes dirty.”

“En.” Affected by Mother Zhou’s doting, Liang Yin responded. She then just followed Chen Ma and the others to go make the glutinous rice balls together.

Taking advantage of the lack of attention, Mother Zhou secretly went upstairs. She pushed open the guest room’s door and shoved to wake her sleeping son, “Don’t sleep anymore, Ah Yin has already woken up.”

Zhou Jianchen was still a little annoyed at being woken up, but once he heard Liang Yin’s name, he became clear-headed and took a look at the time. It was only half past six, “Why did she get up so early.” He set the alarm for 6.50 and intended to wake her up at 7.00.

“You think everyone is like you ah. Get up quickly.” Mother Zhou urged again.

“I know.” Hearing that, Zhou Jianchen really lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Looking at her tall and handsome son, Mother Zhou couldn’t help but feel a gush of satisfaction, “My son is so handsome and really well-matched standing next to the person.”

Zhou Jianchen was rather amused by his old mother that he leaned on her shoulder to push her out of the door, “Now your son needs to brush his teeth and wash up while you better go downstairs quickly to spend time with your daughter-in-law first.”

“You even call her my daughter-in-law, why didn’t you guys sleep together?” Getting shoved out, Mother Zhou muttered.

Zhou Jianchen felt a headache and immediately said perfunctorily, “Soon, soon, very soon.”

Hearing that, Mother Zhou paused and turned around to say, “Let me tell you, you are not allowed to imitate your elder brother and sister-in-law. You mustn’t use any kind of contraception ah, give me grandchildren as soon as possible.” God knows how long she has wanted to hold her grandchildren.

Zhou Jianchen was almost won over, “I can’t make a decision on this matter alone. All right, go downstairs hastily and don’t dawdle.” He didn’t want to talk to her anymore, so he pushed her out of the door and closed the door again.

It was the first time the person came to visit and she already thought about having children. His old mother was really too anxious.

As for giving birth to a child, he simply didn’t even think about it now.

Mother Zhou smiled and scolded ‘stinky brat’, yet quickly went downstairs.

She wanted to talk to Liang Yin about having babies but she, after all, still didn’t dare. Liang Yin is indeed thin-skinned and it’s too early to talk about these topics.

When Zhou Jianchen came down, what he saw was precisely Liang Yin standing in the kitchen making glutinous rice balls with his old mother, Chen Ma and the others.

There was also an apron around her waist.

Watching as she made it, she was obviously a little clumsy. Her eyes shone brightly when she saw him coming down yet felt a little embarrassed.

“How’s it?” He then went over and asked.

“Not very good.” Liang Yin looked at the row of balls she had made herself and said.

The glutinous rice balls were quite round but not smooth and a few still looked ‘oozed out’.

“Miss Liang has done very well. When I first made it, I couldn’t make it round.” Chen Ma said with a smile.

Zhou Jianchen actually didn’t give her any credit, but spoke truthfully, “It’s indeed not very good.”

But then he added, “But it’s okay. I’ll eat it once it’s cooked later.”

Hearing that, Liang Yin blushed again, “Aiya … “ She wanted to admonish Zhou Jianchen, but there were too many people around.

Zhou Jianchen just laughed happily while Mother Zhou and the others laughed out too.

This young couple is really sweeter than honey.

When the glutinous rice balls were all done, the people upstairs gradually came down too. Zhou Jianchen, after all, couldn’t eat all of Liang Yin’s glutinous rice balls, hence Zhou Zuokang scooped half of it from his bowl after hearing it was personally made by Liang Yin.

He had to try the glutinous rice balls that were made by his sister-in-law.


Liang Yin originally thought of leaving after breakfast, but Mother Zhou kept her until noon. After lunch, Mother Zhou dragged her to continue playing leaf cards when it was evening again.

By the time dinner was over, Liang Yin really had to leave.

“I’m going back.” She said. Mother Zhou was kind enough urging her to stay, but she really couldn’t keep staying.

“You just stay for two more days.” Mother Zhou said as she was reluctant to part.

“I can come back again.” Liang Yin merely said.

Seeing her insistence, Mother Zhou couldn’t force her anymore.

Upstairs, Zhou Jianchen had packed his things and came down again.

“I’ll send her back.” He took the car keys and spoke to the crowd.

Looking at the things in his hand, Zhou Zuokang only said, “Are you still coming back?”

He was carrying a duffel bag, as if he was going on a trip.

Liang Yin didn’t expect him to bring so many things down and after realizing his intention, she blushed again. This is wanting to move over to live with her.

“Not coming back!” Zhou Jianchen was really fed up with his elder brother’s ‘teasing’. He didn’t want to pay him any heed, so he just admitted immediately.

Zhou Zuokang then laughed again.

Mother Zhou punched her eldest son and said to them, “Don’t listen to your big brother. Just come back tomorrow, come back together.”

“Goodbye Auntie, goodbye Big Brother … “ When they got into the car, Liang Yin bid farewell to everybody who responded one after another.

“Mom, we’re leaving.” Zhou Jianchen spoke too.

Mother Zhou was still worried and spoke again, “Remember ah, come home to eat if there’s nowhere to eat ah. Anytime is fine.”

Saying ‘come home’, she nevertheless was talking to Liang Yin who was in the front passenger seat. Liang Yin was rather touched and also a little bashful hearing that.

She knew the two of them can’t get anything to eat at home and even knew the matter of sending them food, the entire Zhou family most likely knew it too.

Perhaps they will be laughed at for a long time.

“En.” But in the end, she still responded.

After a few more words, the car quickly started and soon left the Zhou family’s gate.

Watching them, Zhou Zuokang sighed unexpectedly, “Other families marrying off daughters are like spilled water that couldn’t be retrieved, why do I feel that our family’s married out son is the spilled water that can’t be retrieved.”


Driving all the way, Zhou Jianchen would even turn to look from time to time with eyes full of affection.

Liang Yin was embarrassed by his gaze and could only ask him to drive carefully.

She, however, felt somewhat happy inwardly. On this reunion day, she originally thought she would spend it alone but she had someone to keep her company.

Going home now, she too has someone to come home with.

That residence was formerly just a place to live, but with two people, it seems to have really become a ‘home’.

Knowing that Zhou Jianchen would not go back, she just accepted it.

The car soon arrived at Jiayuan. Getting out of the car, Zhou Jianchen held her hand again. As if it has become a habit he has to hold her hand wherever they go.

Liang Yin, however, just let him have his way, as she somewhat yearned for it too. His hands are always warm and holding her hand is also like cradling her heart.

Once upstairs and with the lights turned on, the room was full of warmth.

Zhou Jianchen pulled out a pair of grey soft slippers from his duffel bag and said with bright eyes, “I brought the slippers.”

Liang Yin laughed in spite of herself and merely took out her own slippers to change. He was still somewhat reserved yesterday, yet was so conscientious today.

When she stood up, her waist was hugged again.

“I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.” Zhou Jianchen said with his head lowered and his eyes full of earnest expectation.

Looking at him, Liang Yin’s face turned a little hot yet she turned around and said, “Tidy up your things first.”

He brought a lot of things with him.

Zhou Jianchen smiled too when he saw her enter his room and took his duffel bag to follow her.

Pulling open the cabinet in the dressing room which was filled with her clothes, Liang Yin pushed aside a section and then said, “You hang your clothes here.”

Zhou Jianchen smiled happily. He took the hanger and hung up piece by piece. The filming will start on the 18th of the first lunar month, thus his stay is not short.

Seeing there were so many men’s clothes in the closet that belonged to herself, some ripples surged up in her heart. She felt abrupt yet accepted it immediately.

Zhou Jianchen, however, took out a bagful of neatly folded underwear and socks. Liang Yin blushed and could only find another storage box for him to keep them.

Seeing this, Zhou Jianchen then hugged her from behind again, “Yinyin … “ His voice was a little hoarse.

Liang Yin felt weak instantly. Sensing his body’s reaction, she turned around to push him away, “Go take a shower first.”

Raising her gaze, the eyes were already shining brightly.

Zhou Jianchen really couldn’t wait any longer, “Shower later.” Saying that, he just pressed her against the closet door and kissed her intensely.

Incited, Liang Yin wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips.

As the two bodies were leaning against each other, all the senses of contact became distinctive.

Standing on tiptoe, Liang Yin’s blouse was pulled up, revealing the delicate skin around her waist

When Zhou Jianchen touched it, it was like an electric shock.

Roaming around …

Unraveling about …

The room’s temperature was rising and the heat between the two people was surging too.

Zhou Jianchen kissed her ears again.

Liang Yin couldn’t help but tilt her head and called out his name softly, “Zhou Jianchen … “

Which part of her is not sensitive?

How could Zhou Jianchen stand to hear her calling out his name, hence he once again covered her lips more passionately.

“Yinyin … “ He responded too.

Entangling, he wished he could keep lingering like this forever.

Liang Yin, however, felt pain, “Zhou Jianchen, not here.”

With her back leaning against the closet door, her back hurt with the rubbing.

Hearing her cries, Zhou Jianchen smiled and merely gathered her up to walk towards the bed.

He then kissed her hard on the lips again.

Liang Yin was lost in lightheadedness with overflowing tears.

Looking at her, Zhou Jianchen smiled gently. His face was blushing too and he had reached the edge of losing control.


The night is still so long …

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