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Just want to be with You – Chapter 44.1

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 44.1

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When Liang Yin woke up the next day, she felt sore all over yet she was being hugged tightly. Seeing the hand that encircled her, another burst of warmth rose in her heart again.

How much she yearned for love and how much she longed for a warm embrace.

She always slept huddled up, as if lacking the sense of security, but now she somehow felt at ease.

Just thinking about the absurdity of last night made her face flushed again.

“Awake?” The man’s hoarsely sonorous voice came to her ears again.

“En.” Liang Yin turned around and saw Zhou Jianchen opening his sleepy eyes. When he saw her looking over, he smiled softly.

He then gathered her into his arms again.

He woke up earlier. Seeing that she was still asleep, he kissed her hair then hugged her and went back to sleep again. He likes hugging her and is used to it right from the beginning. He had hugged her all night without letting go.

How difficult it has been to just be with her.

Leaning against him, Liang Yin felt a little embarrassed. Both of them had no clothes on so all the tactile feelings rose up again.

“Let’s get up.” Feeling his reaction, she nudged him and spoke again.

“Just sleep a little longer.” Zhou Jianchen hugged her, and kissed her lips again.

His lips were lingering and passionate, but Liang Yin dared not let him do what he wanted. She just responded to his kisses then broke away to take the night robe on the side and got out of bed.

Zhou Jianchen laughed in spite of himself seeing her subtleness. Fastening the belt, Liang Yin said, “I’m going to brush my teeth and wash up.” Saying that, she hurriedly walked away.

Got to take a shower again.

Taking the clothes and walking into the bathroom, which was in a mess. Liang Yin looked at it and blushed again.

Coming in to take shower after the first time last night, he started to fool around again. The pajamas, towels and bathrobes strewn all over the floor that she didn’t even have time to put on the slippers.

Liang Yin picked up the things one by one and threw them into the washing machine, then walked to the sink to brush her teeth and wash her face.

Just looking at herself in the mirror, her face turned red again.

The neck was full of red marks and presumably her body too.

Zhou Jianchen, however, walked in and hugged her from behind. He had the night robe on too.

Sensing his intention, Liang Yin snapped, “Stop teasing me. You look at this, there are marks all over.”

“You’re the one who teased me first.” Zhou Jianchen, however, was completely unreasonable and then said softly, “It doesn’t matter since you’re not filming anyway.”

Without doing anything, she is already the epitome of seduction.

Before Liang YIn could say anything more, the body leaned forward and the brows puckered up …

The temperature in the bathroom then quickly rose again …

Once everything quietened down again, unbeknownst how long had passed.

Looking at the time, it’s almost eleven o’clock.

Liang Yin simply couldn’t stand steadily. Drying her body, Zhou Jianchen merely smiled, “Want to take another nap?”

“No.” Liang Yin was angry but found it laughable too. Taking the towel in his hand, she just walked out.

The clothes and night robes just now were all soiled again.

Her steps were however staggered and sorely limped that Zhou Jianchen supported her and laughed with joy.

“You ah!” Liang Yin was bashfully annoyed and only hurried back to the room.

After getting dressed, Zhou Jianchen had already washed up and put the clothes into the washing machine to wash them. Liang Yin put last night’s change of clothes into the dirty laundry basket too, as well as the bedsheets she had just replaced.

There were too many soiled clothes to wash at once.

Liang Yin looked at Zhou Jianchen, full of indignation.

Zhou Jianchen just smiled and asked, “What’s for lunch?”

Liang Yin pondered for a moment, “We haven’t had yesterday’s pork rib soup and there are still frozen dumplings in the fridge.”

“Then I’ll do it, you go rest for a while.” Zhou Jianchen said as he supported her shoulders to make her sit on the sofa before going to the kitchen himself.

Liang Yin blushed and just let him be.

The sunlight today was very nice, making it especially warm pouring in through the French windows. Liang Yin turned on the TV, which was showing Ruona’s new drama. A few days ago, she would watch it when she had nothing to do.

Ruona is also looking for a breakthrough. This time, she was playing the character of a well-bred girl who married into a rich family, a love/war drama with the Republic of China’s context. Her husband was a military officer who ignored her at first and later went through life and death with her.

Ruona’s acting skills were very good with a compelling aura and her gaze at Shen Xinghe was full of disdain too.

Shen Xinghe, the male lead of the drama, is also Ruona’s nemesis. The two have been at odds for a long time but contrary, they are publicly known as the on-screen couple, and have even successively collaborated in three dramas.

When Ruona took this drama, she once called her and said, “Why is this bastard Shen Xinghe always haunting me ah, I have to play the role of a couple with him again!”

Though she complained, she eventually didn’t reject it.

“I just do it for the sake of money!” She said so.

At that time, she just smiled when she heard it. But now watching the two acting in the drama, her smile was profound.

She saw a hearsay before that Shen Xinghe had a requirement when he took the role in this drama, the female lead must be Yuan Ruona otherwise he wouldn’t accept it. She showed it to Ruona at that time, but Ruona just didn’t believe it and said: What a joke!

 But then she said: Even if it’s true, he just wants to piss me off!

Some romantic love, perhaps happened when the two people are ignorant.

Thinking about Ruona’s in-love look, Liang Yin couldn’t help laughing and then took out a script from the drawer.

The script was written by Tong Xiaonian, called [Rising Sun], which she had read several times already.

She told Tong Xiaonian she wanted to go back and think over it, and has really been thinking about it.

Tong Xiaonian had also paid her a Lunar New Year call and he didn’t forget to earnestly plead during the call.

The script was really good and she was indeed interested too.

“Let’s eat.” In the dining room, Zhou Jianchen called out as he put the dishes on the table.

“Coming.” Liang Yin walked over after putting down the script.

Looking at him setting up the tableware, she felt laughable. Standing sideways, he looked like a pampered young master yet he was doing such a thing.

When she saw the plate of dumplings, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“What are you laughing at?” Zhou Jianchen glanced at her, a little discontented yet also a little embarrassed.

He had overcooked the plate of dumplings on the table.

Wasn’t it a very simple task, how could it be so difficult to handle. Did you need to use a spatula to prod and prod them?

“I didn’t laugh.” Liang Yin held back her laughter and pulled out a chair to sit down. His cooking skills were bad while hers was sparse, so no one should laugh at anyone.

Seeing his movement a moment later, she looked up and asked, “What are you doing?”

Zhou Jianchen took out his cellphone and took a picture of the dishes on the table.

“It’s rare to cook dumplings once, so I certainly have to post on Weibo.” Saying that, Zhou Jianchen handed her his cellphone for her to see.

Liang Yin stood up to look at it. The plate of overcooked dumplings on the table had indeed been posted on Weibo, with a few words attached:

__ Being regarded with disdain.

Within a few seconds, there were already comments below.

__ Brother Chen cooked it himself?

__ Brother Chen actually cooked dumplings himself!

__ Indeed should be disdained 23333. (233 means LOL)

__ Truly disdained 1 2333333.

__ …..

“When did I disdain it!” Liang Yin spoke hurriedly when she saw it.

“Still said you didn’t disdain it.” Zhou Jianchen said, yet he leaned over again to kiss her on the face.

Liang Yin covered her face instinctively, but Zhou Jianchen lowered his head and picked out the none misshapen dumplings with a smile and a look of triumph on his face.

“I’ve just tasted it. Thoroughly cooked at least. I’ll eat the misshapen ones and give you the intact ones.” Saying that, he handed a bowl over.

Liang Yin was about to get angry just now but felt warm again when she saw those several dumplings with intact wrappers in the bowl.

She merely handed his phone back and sat down to eat.

“Let’s not cook tonight, we can go out to eat.” Zhou Jianchen also pulled out the chair and sat down. He would never cook again. As for her, she cooks deliciously ah, but how could he be willing to let her do it.

“That won’t do.” Liang Yin hastily replied hearing that. They will be seen if they go out.

“Then go home?” Zhou Jianchen asked again.

“No!” Liang Yin was even more anxious.

Seeing this, Zhou Jianchen laughed at once.

Liang Yin was embarrassed again that her thoughts were seen through.

If they really go home for dinner now, they will definitely be laughed at again.

“Okay, okay, okay. I will go get takeaways tonight.” Zhou Jianchen finally compromised with a smile.

Glancing at Weibo, “Yuan Ruona gave me a like.”

On Weibo, Yuan Ruona gave him a like one minute ago, which instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Liang Yin’s face immediately became hot again once she heard that.

The cellphone soon rang. One glance and it was Ruona’s video chat.

Liang Yin glanced helplessly at Zhou Jianchen and just accepted the call. On the screen, Ruona soon appeared with a secretive smile.

“Yinyin __ “ She deliberately dragged her voice, “The tablecloth on that photo looks familiar oh~”

A quick look at the photo just now, she immediately made out where it was.

Liang Yin knew what she meant and her face only turned redder.

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