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Just want to be with You – Chapter 44.2

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 44.2

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Zhou Jianchen, however, came over and took her cellphone, “No need to look familiar, it’s the same one.” Saying that, he kissed her face and put the cellphone back into her hand. The person then walked away again.

“Aiya!” Liang Yin was caught off guard and was annoyed with shame.

“Ahhhhhh you two! Can’t bear to see! Torturing the single dog to death ah!” Ruona in the video had yelled out.

Sitting back on the chair, Zhou Jianchen ate the dumplings again, smiling calmly.

Liang Yin really wanted to whack him to death. Sighing deeply, she said to Ruona with a flushed face, “You ignore him!”

“The distant single woof sends New Year’s wishes to you two and then bids goodbye! Ahhhhhh I really can’t take it anymore!” Seeing her happy face, Ruona only wailed for a while more before hurriedly hung up the video chat.

Really can’t stand it ah!

She definitely doesn’t want to be the light bulb.

Liang Yin didn’t manage to say anything when the other side hung up. She glanced at Zhou Jianchen exasperatedly, “Look at you!”

Zhou Jianchen merely looked at Weibo and said, “Now they are all asking me who disdained it. If you keep looking at me like this, I will reply to them ah?”

“No replying!” Hearing that, Liang Yin hurriedly went to snatch his cellphone over, not allowing him to post it.

Zhou Jianchen, however, wrapped his arms around her waist and placed her to sit on his laps.

Liang Yin tried to stand up, only to be held down by him.

Liang Yin was really giddy with annoyance yet she couldn’t break free, so she simply let him be  and just browsed through his Weibo.

Under Weibo, there were indeed a bunch of inquiries.

__ So, who is the one disdained Brother Chen?

__ Let go of that plate of dumplings and let me have it! I don’t disdain it!

__ If Brother Chen cooks it for me, let alone the overcooked dumplings, I can even eat this plate!

__ …..

Besides Ruona, Rong Xin also commented.

Rong Xin: Can this skill be any worse?

Zhou Zuokang also responded, but with such words.

__ Worthy of celebration.

Looking at these words, Liang Yin couldn’t help but laugh.

Big Brother Zhou is always so funny. His sarcasm is a 100 years more professional than Zhou Jianchen.

Seeing that, Zhou Jianchen pinched her waist again, “You’re still laughing.” He too just saw his brother’s comment but didn’t know how to respond after pondering for a long time, so he simply ignored it.

“This is called everything has its nemesis.” Feeling ticklish, Liang Yin tried to dodge him.

How could Zhou Jianchen let her go, “Everything has its nemesis, huh?” Saying that, he stretched his hand over again.

How could Liang Yin withstand it, and the dining table soon turned chaotic again …

Once the two people quieted down, Liang Yin was gasping again and her face was flushed.

“You ah!” The clothes were disarrayed again.

“What’s wrong with me?” Zhou Jianchen asked knowingly.

Liang Yin couldn’t answer and only said, “The dumplings had all turned cold!”

But Zhou Jianchen just smiled, “Dumplings are not as good as you.”

“ ….. “ Thinking of what he did just now, Liang Yin’s face was about to burn up.

“Okay, okay, I won’t tease you anymore. Let’s eat.” Zhou Jianchen couldn’t bear to keep bullying her either, so he scooped and handed her another bowl of soup. She hadn’t eaten anything all morning.

Glaring at him, Liang Yin ignored him and just spooned up the carrot in the soup to eat it.

“What were you looking at just now?” After a while, Zhou Jianchen thought of something and asked again. She was sitting on the sofa just now, as if reading some book. Although he was in the kitchen, his line of sight was always on her.

Recalling it for a moment, Liang Yin realized he was asking about the script she read just now and then said, “Reading a script.”

After a pause, she added, “Directed by Tong Xiaonian.” She hadn’t told him about it before.

“That [Rising Sun]?” Zhou Jianchen asked with raised eyebrows.

Liang Yin was a little surprised, not sure how he knew about it.

Zhou Jianchen then said, “Didn’t his [Mercy] win an award, many people paid close attention to him and also knew he still had [Rising Sun] to shoot. At first, many were interested, but this Tong Xiaonian is somewhat candid and unwilling to let others easily interfere with his works, so none negotiated successfully. Now all are capital-driven, how is it possible? My brother also contacted him at the beginning, but ended up with nothing definite. I heard he has very high requirements for the leading roles … he asked you to act?”

“En.” Liang Yin admitted.

“I remember, he is your fan?” Zhou Jianchen asked again when he thought of something.

He remembered after being awarded for [Mercy], Tong Xiaonian was interviewed and the reporter asked him which actor he would like to work with the most, he just answered back two words without even thinking: Liang Yin.

Soon after that, he regretfully said: Unfortunately, she has already retired.

According to wild speculations, the main lead of [Rising Sun] was written in line with her too.

Liang Yin nodded again.

Zhou Jianchen then stood up to walk over and took the script. He flipped through a few pages and frowned, “Are you going to accept this movie? This is quite a tiring movie to shoot ah … “

Not physically tired, but mentally.

During the cultural revolution era in the mountainous countryside, a pregnant girl named Xiaoqiu whose child’s father returned home and promised that he would come back to marry her, but there was no news after two years of waiting. Xiaoqiu didn’t believe it was a lie, so she swaddled the baby to go look for him, but failed to find the child’s father all along.

They said there was no such person.

And till the end, the child’s father never appeared.

The whole journey was cruel and in despair.

It’s mentally and physically exhausting to get into this movie’s character.

Zhou Jianchen’s professional ability cannot be doubted. He could see through the script’s crucial points at a glance.

“En.” Liang Yin couldn’t refute, so she could only respond.

“Are you going to accept it? If you do, I will ask my brother to inject funds.” Zhou Jianchen spoke again.

Tong Xiaonian was very popular after he just won the award, but was soon spurned. Although [Mercy] won the award, it was after all non-mainstream. The investors originally wanted to strike while the iron was hot, but he rejected, so they just wouldn’t wait for him. Now his situation is a bit awkward. His requirements are high, so he can’t find any investors and he is unwilling to lower the requirements, thus he is in a fix without solutions. If he uses the script to draw investors now, it will most likely fall through.

This script is quite ingenious and anything is possible if executed well, but what’s concerning is bad execution.

Zhou Jianchen doesn’t have much confidence in Tong Xiaonian. Although [Mercy] won the award, there were too many flaws in his eyes.

The cost of shooting this movie is not too high, not including the casts’ remunerations, 20 million is enough at the very most. If she really wants, he doesn’t mind throwing in several tens of millions for her to play with. With StarLight Media safeguarding behind, he believes this vessel would not capsize.

Although Zhou Jianchen was reluctant to let Liang Yin shoot such a tiring movie, he naturally would also support her if she was really interested. Filming is larger than the sky and everyone who is in their line of work understands this principle.

And it’s obvious that she is interested now.

Liang Yin was a little touched listening to his suggestion, but she still replied, “I do want to take up this movie, but I intend to inject my own funds.”

“En?” Zhou Jianchen was a little surprised.

Liang Yin was somewhat embarrassed. She had already learned about the financial problem Tong Xiaonian was facing during their conversation that day and she had been considering this matter for the past few days. She had no hesitation at all whether to accept this movie since the script was in fact too good. All she was considering about was whether to join as an investor too.

Tong Xiaonian naturally will draw some capital in, but too little funds will inevitably affect the quality of the film; while too scattered funds will likely lead to more conflicts, so she just thought if she should simply monopolize the entire investment and solve all the trouble.

As for this sum of money, it is simply not a problem for her at all.

But it was not easy for her to tell Zhou Jianchen about these matters, so she only added, “And I also intend to hand over all the jurisdiction to him. Tong Xiaonian is a very talented director and I am very optimistic about him.”

Although there were flaws in [Mercy] that couldn’t match the compelling aura, she saw the artistry and perseverance of a talented director in him, whom she is willing to give him such an opportunity.

Though StarLight Media’s capital injection is good, she is just afraid there will be restrictions. Tong Xiaonian is evidently a person who is unwilling to be kept within the boundary.

Seeing the determination in her eyes, Zhou Jianchen realized she had made up her mind, so he didn’t say anything more and just glanced at her as he added, “Mrs. Zhou! It’s not right for you to say you are optimistic about another man in front of your man!”

Don’t think he won’t feel jealous when they are talking about serious matters!

Liang Yin was pondering over these matters. How could she have thought he would say such words that she was at a loss for words and her face reddened immediately, “You ah!”

What Mrs.! What’s with your man! Truly!

“I’m talking business with you!”

Zhou Jianchen, however, went up to hug her again, “Okay ah, let’s talk about business then. When do you plan to spend your husband’s money?”

Isn’t it better to invest with his money? En? !

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