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Just want to be with You – Chapter 45.1

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 45.1

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The [Rising Sun]’s matter was quickly settled. Liang Yin personally invested 30 million yuan while Zhou Jianchen added 20 million yuan and StarLight Media would handle the whole process which all matters to be decided by Liang Yin.

Liang Yin said she wanted to inject the fund herself, but how could Zhou Jianchen really stand aside and do nothing.

Liang Yin didn’t refuse. She has enough funds, but she doesn’t know much about contracts and the procedures. Since StarLight Media specializes in this, it is indeed more appropriate to let them handle it.

Except it’s obviously the first time for StarLight Media to do this. They still retained a certain decision-making power investing in [Winter], but when it came to her, all was relinquished.

Knowing Zhou Jianchen’s intentions, Liang Yin didn’t know how to thank him, so she just hugged him tightly.

Discussions with Tong Xiaonian were scheduled on the eighth of the first lunar month. Liang Yin didn’t elaborate much on the phone. Although she had a consensus with Zhou Jianchen, she still needed to discuss in detail with Tong Xiaonian.

In the following days, Liang Yin and Zhou Jianchen had stayed together. Zhou Jianchen was so clingy that he kept close to her. Liang Yin was annoyed yet was utterly helpless and could only let him be.

They didn’t stay in the Jiayuan apartment all the time. She almost got discovered when she went out of the elevator, hence Zhou Jianchen brought her to his Cuihu Villa. It happened to be raining, the washed soiled bed sheets and bedspread couldn’t dry in time, so Liang Yin could only agree.

She is sensitive, and Zhou Jianchen always tosses about that the bed was always messed up.

Zhou Jianchen did tell her not to wash it, but how could she ignore when it was so clammy.

Once she arrived at Cuihu Villa, she learned more about Zhou Jianchen.

Zhou Jianchen bought Cuihu Villa several years ago which is located in the core area that overlooks the lake and is worth hundreds of millions. It’s a single household compound where there’s no worries of being disturbed. It’s modernly designed with indoor and outdoor pools, and also a large indoor gym.

Zhou Jianchen looks slender with clothes on but muscular without, and that strong strapping abs were trained here.

Apart from this, the wardrobe is enough to bedazzle others. Liang Yin already has many clothes, but compared to him, it’s not worth mentioning at all. Three large rooms were all opened up, which all hung full with clothes.

A superb collection that is worth a showcase.

There are also some photos of him on the walls and a huge photo even covers half a wall.

In the garage, there are more than a dozen expensive sports cars …

He is just ordinary in Jiayuan and merely a young master in the Zhou family, but here, he is precisely out and out a superstar.

When Liang Yin first entered his private domain, she was somewhat astounded, but Zhou Jianchen’s stance was like welcoming the household’s mistress.  

He has many assets that are beyond other’s imagination and such property, he has more than one.

Being with him for so many days, Liang Yin indeed almost forgot what he should be like.

As the most prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Zhou Jianchen has always been star-studded and highly sought after. Only at her place that all decorum were dispensed and he looked as if easily taken care of.

Just like he originally was fond of liveliness and was constantly involved with activities, but in order to accompany her this year, he just stayed at home and turned down all invitations. His phone calls were ringing non-stop these few days which he set to mute and didn’t want to be constantly disturbed.

 Liang Yin actually felt somewhat apologetic.

In the blink of an eye, it was the eighth day of the Lunar New Year.

Today is precisely the day to meet up with Tong Xiaonian.

Tong Xiaonian called to ask again early in the morning yet Liang Yin hesitatingly postponed it to 10 o’clock.

They originally scheduled for 9 o’clock, but with Zhou Jianchne here, she overslept once again.

Since living with Zhou Jianchen, her biological clock is completely disrupted and she has not woken up early at all.

In the bathroom, Liang Yin hurriedly washed up yet Zhou Jianchen just hugged her from behind and spoke leisurely, “What’s the hurry, let him wait.”

He still hasn’t worn his clothes with only a pair of loose pajama pants on. His broad shoulders and slender waist was even more evident.

Sensing the temperature of his chest, Liang Yin was only helpless, “You don’t respect others again.”

Everything is good about Zhou Jianchen, yet at times, he doesn’t care much about others.

How could Zhou Jianchen be fond of Tong Xiaonian? Calling in the early morning and disturbing others’ dreams.

Still want to come pick her up? Is it even his entitlement!

“I don’t care, I’m going with you anyway.” Resting his chin on her shoulder, he muttered.

Liang Yin felt somewhat helpless hearing that.

She originally thought she would first talk to Tong Xiaonian and then StarLight Media would take over, but Zhou Jianchen just wanted to go with her.

What if the two of them are seen? What will Tong Xiaonian think just appearing in front of him?

Hence, she did not agree.

Who thought that from last night until now, Zhou Jianchen simply insisted.

“I don’t want you to be alone with another man.” He put his arm around her shoulder and added.

Listening to his vague jealousy, Liang Yin laughed in spite of herself and finally just said, “Then what if someone sees us?” There was a softening of attitude.

She, after all, could not bear to reject him too much.

Sensing it, Zhou Jianchen pursed the corners of his mouth and merely spoke nonchalantly, “Just be seen then. In any case, I’m also the producer. What’s up with us going together?”

A pretext was eventually found.

Liang Yin glanced at him, pondering for a while then squeezed the toothpaste and put the toothbrush in his hand, smiled, “Then quickly brush your teeth and wash your face!”

She finally agreed.

He was simply being unreasonable too.

The meeting place was where they ate together last time, in a secluded restaurant.

At 9.50, there were not many people in the restaurant. After getting out of the car, the two of them did not walk separately but merely half a step apart.

Being the producer, he was very much blatant. What’s the need to hide – Zhou Jianchen thought so.

Unable to talk him through, Liang Yin just let him be.

Contrary he didn’t continue to hold hands. Zhou Jianchen instinctively wanted to hold at first, but Liang Yin let go, thus he just put his hands in his pockets dejectedly.

All the way to the private room, Tong Xiaonian has been waiting for a long while. In his twenties or thirties, his eyes still retain simplicity and utter sincerity. Seeing Liang Yin enter, he quickly stood up and instantly smiled, but the smile immediately ceased when he saw Zhou Jianchen followed behind soon after and his standing up posture halted too.

How could he expect Zhou Jianchen to appear here.

Such a personage like Zhou Jianchen has always been an unattainable existence for him.

Sensing his astonishment, Liang Yin just apologized, “Sorry that I’m late.”

She then introduced, “This is Zhou Jianchen and this is Director Tong Xiaonian.”

“Brother Chen.” Tong Xiaonian called out with some astonishment still in his eyes.

He is about the same age as Zhou Jianchen, hence unable to tell who’s older or younger. Calling out ‘Brother Chen’ was a matter of habit.

Zhou Jianchen’s status in the entertainment industry is too special.

“En.” Zhou Jianchen glanced at him, then just pulled out a chair next to him and sat down.

A look of indifference again.

Knowing Zhou Jianchen’s temperament and afraid that Tong Xiaonian would feel awkward, Liang Yin hurriedly pulled a chair out and said, “Let’s get down to business first.” It’s impossible to expect Zhou Jianchen to be more conciliatory.

“Yes, yes. “ Tong Xiaonian glanced at Zhou Jianchen. Seeing Liang Yin sit down, he followed suit too.

Zhou Jianchen’s aura was too repressive. He by nature is not someone who is good at words, thus became even more constrained at this moment.

At the round table, Tong Xiaonian was facing Liang Yin while Zhou Jianchen sat with his legs crossed on the side, obviously looking like an outsider yet others could not ignore him.

Liang Yin quickly made clear his purpose here when Tong Xiaonian froze on the spot after hearing that.

“Investing in me?” He looked incredulous.

Liang Yin smiled and nodded, “Yes, I’ll invest 30 million, Zhou Jianchen will invest 20 million, while the rest will be handed over to StarLight Media. Without doubt, the decision-making power is still in your hands.”

Tong Xiaonian blinked, still in disbelief.

In other words, he will only be concerned about filming and doesn’t need to worry about other pre-production and post-publicity. He doesn’t even need to worry about the funding aspects, but just shoots according to his heart’s content.

This is what he yearns for.

Those who said they wanted to invest in him before; who in fact wouldn’t want to tamper with his script, or simply wanted to take advantage of his momentary fame to boost their own people to make money. None of them really wanted to support his filming artistry.

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