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Just want to be with You – Chapter 45.2

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 45.2

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StarLight Media, what an unattainable existence.

Tong Xiaonian looked at Zhou Jianchen, but Zhou Jianchen was just playing with his phone and didn’t even look at him.

But such an attitude already said it all.

Tong Xiaonian’s heart couldn’t help but be somewhat moved. These days, he didn’t know how much cynicism and scorn he had suffered. In order to get Liang Yin to participate in his film, he had spent the whole Spring Festival shuttling to draw investment. For the sake of not ‘grievance’ Liang Yin, he even looked for those big investors, but no one paid him any heeds. They either rejected or declined his appointment, no one was optimistic about him.

Now, Liang Yin actually wanted to invest in him and the investment was even 50 million.

Although 20 million was still from Zhou Jianchen, how would he not know that this was because of Liang Yin looking at his attitude.

Brother Chen and Film Empress Liang have a very good relationship. Though Tong Xiaonian devotes in the script, he does pay close attention to matters on Weibo.

He is already extremely grateful that Liang Yin will act in his film, and now she even wanted to be his investor too, hence he didn’t know what to say anymore.

50 million, such great confidence.

“It won’t need that much, won’t need that much.” He simply said.

He could have made this movie given only 10 million. When he made [Mercy], he only spent 5 million.

Liang Yin merely smiled again, “It’s okay. You just go ahead and shoot it.”

After a pause, she added, “I believe in you.”

10 million may be able to make a film, but 50 million is nevertheless enough to make all the expectations come true. A story with only a framework is incomparable to a story full of flesh and blood.

What’s more, a strong publicity is enough to fully promote the film’s excellence that otherwise might be annihilated in front of the public.

How many ideals are restrained by reality and Liang Yin is willing to give him enough space to display his artistry talent and ambition.

So moved that Tong Xiaonian was rendered speechless. That one sentence ‘I believe in you’ could let him die without regret.

However, Zhou Jianchen kicked Liang Yin’s chair heavily.

Getting startled, Liang Yin turned around and caught sight of Zhou Jianchen’s displeased face.

What had you said? !

I believe in you …. Nauseating or not? He’s even still here and she appeared appreciative of others’ talent ….

Perceiving his intention, Liang Yin sulked and finally just glared at him again – stop it.

Zhou Jianchen retracted his gaze too, but still appeared displeased.

Tong Xiaonian was long dumbfounded seeing this. He originally thought Brother Chen and Goddess Liang are merely friends, but now it seems not that simple at all ah!

Although he lacks interpersonal aspects, he is very susceptible to emotional subtleties.

Zhou Jianchen then turned to speak to him again, “Okay, since it’s all settled, there’s no need to dawdle anymore. I’ll have someone contact you in due time. Hurry up and eat.” Scram after the meal. A face full of impatience.

If he wasn’t here, he would have ‘dealt with her’ long ago.

How the contracts are signed and how to implement the detailed arrangements would naturally be arranged by the specific person-in-charge.

Out of his stupor, Tong Xiaonian stood up quickly, “Yes, yes, I’ll call the waiter.” He of course would treat them to this meal.

The waiter was just outside and came in quickly. Zhou Jianchen was all the while aloof as he ordered, but he would ask whether it was spicy or not for every order.

Tong Xiaonian dared not speak, yet he could also fathom that Zhou Jianchen was showing consideration for Liang Yin.

They finished the meal in less than half an hour.

During the meal, Tong Xiaonian watched Zhou Jianchen sit next to Liang Yin, seemingly eating casually, but from time to time he would shift the dishes to her, “This dish is good, this one is okay.”

Goddess Liang, on the other hand, would blush and wished she could bury her head in the bowl.

At that moment, Tong Xiaonian finally understood. This is not the producers coming together ah, this is the wife of StarLight Media’s boss who came over to talk with him and StarLight Media’s boss came along too.

He was having a particularly hard time enjoying this meal.

After the meal, the three of them then took the elevator down.

It was noon. There were already many people in the restaurant and the parking lot was also full of cars.

Tong Xiaonian parked quite close and got into the car first after bidding his farewell. Zhou Jianchen walked to his car, only to open the door for Liang Yin first.

Liang Yin glanced at him helplessly, yet she still got on. With a smile at the corners of his lips, Zhou Jianchen then walked over to get into the driver’s seat.

After finishing the meal just now, he said ‘let’s go’ then just hooked his arm around her shoulders and walked out, totally ignoring the wide-eyed Tong Xiaonian who was behind and who didn’t know what to do.

Without the least of elusion.

Zhou Jianchen’s sport car soon sped off, but the windows of a Mercedes-Benz rolled down in the parking lot.

“You were really right. There is really some ambiguity between Zhou Jianchen and Liang Yin.” The man sitting in the driver’s seat looked at the photos he took with his cell-phone just now and said.

In the photo, it was precisely the moment when Zhou Jianchen opened the car door for Liang Yin and the two looked at each other. Both had hats as cover up, but they could still be recognized at a glance under careful scrutiny.

After seeing them just now, they stopped instantly without getting out of the car immediately.

On the passenger seat sat another young and handsome man of twenty three or twenty four of age. It was Yu Qiao who had disappeared from the entertainment industry for some time.

“My intuition is never wrong.” He said with a sinister gaze.

“So what should we do now? Expose them?” His agent on the front passenger seat pointed to the photos on his phone and said.

“What’s so convincing with just these few photos, wasn’t Tong Xiaonian also with them just now? StarLight PR’s ability is so formidable that these photos don’t prove much at all.” Yu Qiao’s enthusiasm waned slightly.

“Then what to do?” The agent asked disappointedly.

Yu Qiao was silent for a long time, then raised his eyes and said, “Let’s sell it to Wang Lianhai, he should be very interested in this.”

Wang Lianhai, the number one paparazzi and the malignant tumor in the entertainment industry.

With him around, if there is really something fishy between Zhou Jianchen and Film Empress Liang, he will dig it out sooner or later.

“Okay!” The agent’s eyes brightened already.

There was also a smile at the corners of Yu Qiao’s lips and he added, “You can also disclose this to another person. I think she should be very interested.”

“Who?” The agent was curious.

“Who else could it be, that Qiao Shan.” Yu Qiao said with another sneer.

Half a year ago, he hit big being the male lead in a tv drama and became a huge celebrity who was highly sought after. But three months ago, everything about him was knocked back to before. 

The cause for this was he offended Zhou Jianchen.

After his big hit, his fans trampled on Zhou Jianchen who has long been a has-been while he was the topmost person in the industry. When they met by chance at the airport, Zhou Jianchen’s appearance instantly snatched his limelight and his dominance slapped his face. At that time, he still thought of lowering himself and went up to greet him, but Zhou Jianchen just walked ahead and ignored him.

After that, his career went downhill. It was fine if he was reduced to being the object of ridicule but those scripts that were almost settled fell through and the advertisements that were promised to be shot were given to others. There was no longer news of activities for those endorsements while those new ones were all junks.

The entertainment industry is extremely snobbish, customarily of praising the top while trampling the low and Zhou Jianchen’s attitude revealed it all. Behind him, there is after all StarLight Media.

It’s not that he doesn’t hate those fans of his, but in the end, he had to accept his own bad luck too. At that time, he indeed flaunted too. Without any work for a long time, so why couldn’t Zhou Jianchen just give way as the top search of the web-traffic.

But then again, he still felt unreconciled since he almost moved ahead as first-rank artist and now he is back to being third-rank who continues to stall and seemingly unable to turn his luck over again. He is still young, so how can he swallow this anger?

Since then, he has silently paid close attention to Zhou Jianchen. From his response to the matter of a chance encounter, to filming [Winter] together with Film Empress Liang, to his support on Weibo … he watched through everything and also pondered over all those Weibo.

He then realized, there seemed to be traces of abnormality between Zhou Jianchen and Film Empress Liang.

Everything that Zhou Jianchen did afterwards seemed to revolve around Film Empress Liang.

There was no evidence and all could only be shelved at that time, but now, there seemed to be proof for everything.

Pondering about the expressions and gazes between Zhou Jianchen and Film Empress Liang when they looked at each other just now, there was mockery in his eyes. It will be a wonder if there is nothing fishy between them.

Let’s just say it was so coincidental that they met at the airport. Then after Film Empress Liang has only divorced the head of the Zhong family, she gets together with him again and when the moment comes that the married Film Empress Liang was exposed to have an extramarital affair with Zhou Jianchen and Zhou Jianchen’s involvement as the third party, wouldn’t things be fun.

Knowing that Zhou Jianchen is a big tree that he can’t shake, he still wanted to try even if he couldn’t rattle it.

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