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Just want to be with You – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

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On the tenth day of the lunar month, Ah Xian and Ah Zhao came to report while Xiao Tian also came back on the eleventh day. Liang Yin originally wanted to go back to Jiayuan, but Zhou Jianchen wouldn’t let her.

Ah Zhao and Ah Xian were not surprised at all to see Liang Yin in Cuihu Villa, but Liang Yin felt rather embarrassed.

Sister Shao came over too and she was even more unperturbed seeing the two of them coming and going in pairs. 

The specific arrangements for [Rising Sun] have been settled and the shooting is tentatively scheduled to start three months later. At that time, the filming of [Winter] will be completed while StarLight Media will have coordinated and started the preliminary preparatory works with Tong Xiaonian.

Liang Yin has received many calls from him. Although Tong Xiaonian has all the decision-making power, he always wanted to ask for her opinions, whether it was filming or casting – Liang Yin is too important to him and an investment of 50 million is too difficult for him to assimilate for a while. Zhou Jianchen was so annoyed that he finally grabbed the phone and told him to solve his own problems, and if there are any, call him!

Hearing that, Tong Xiaonian dared not disturb again. He didn’t have the guts to call Brother Chen. Liang Yin did call him again when Zhou Jianchen was preoccupied and after giving some suggestions, she gave him some encouragement too. After Zhou Jianchen found out, he became jealous again and Liang Yin could only coax him.

Her reckoning of [Rising Sun] is one matter of course and she didn’t care much if it was only her own investment, but with StarLight Media’s involvement now, she wanted everything to be done well. StarLight Media doesn’t take a cent and only Zhou Jianchen invested 20 million, thus she can’t really let StarLight Media do a deficit business.

She is ambitious; [Rising Sun] will not only win awards, but must also be a box office hit.

The news of [Rising Sun]’s shooting was quickly spread out too. With the golden-signboard of StarLight Media, it attracted a lot of attention for a moment.

With the suggestions given by Liang Yin, Tong Xiaonian finally finalized several actors/actresses candidates. As for whether they agree or not, follow-up negotiations are indeed needed.

The name-list proposed by Liang Yin was after a lot of consideration since Zhou Jianchen had relentlessly revised it after browsing through.

“This person’s acting is limited”, “This person has a bad reputation, it will affect publicity”, “Put in that someone, he is suitable for this role” … – He said so while deleting the list.

Although Liang Yin has profound knowledge, she after all doesn’t know as much about the entertainment circle as he does.

But there was also disagreement with regard to the ‘child’s father’ who did not appear in the film until the end. Liang Yin wanted to tentatively appoint an actor, regardless of whether he needed to appear or not, she wanted to arrange one first, in case he would act with her when filming the reminiscence scenes. Zhou Jianchen nevertheless, responded with a “no need” and insisted without giving a reason, simply not knowing what he had in mind at all.

Liang Yin could only let it go in the end. Although this role is the thread that connects the entire film, his appearance is not necessary. She thought, at most, she can simply find a substitute when the moment comes.

Tong Xiaonian has no objection to this.

In the blink of an eye, the next day is the 16th day of the lunar month and the shooting of [Winter] will continue on the 18th, they will have to return to the shooting site tomorrow.

Liang Yin originally wanted to go back to Jiayuan to get things ready, but Zhou Jianchen just refused, so she had to let Xiao Tian do it for her. Seeing how clingy Zhou Jianchen is, Liang Yin vexed yet there was nothing she could do.

At night, Zhou Jianchen was tossing again and was even ineffably intense. Not daring to leave any marks on her neck, he left all over her body. She cried and demanded him to stop, only to have him block her mouth to prevent her from making any noise.

Whichever postures that she couldn’t put up with, he would willfully use those.

When it was over, Liang Yin’s whole person was just like being fished out of the water that even her fingers were numb. Once she recovered, she wanted to admonish but Zhou Jianchen merely hugged her and said, “We will be going back to the shooting site tomorrow.”

Back to the shooting site, they simply can’t be together anymore.

And, in a few days, they will be in a different group again.

His voice was dejectedly low.

Hearing that, Liang Yin couldn’t speak out at once and her heart just softened.

This man is always defiantly roguish, yet always gives rise to heart aches.

Although both of them are the male and female leads in the movie [Winter], they have limited screen-time together and are assigned to different groups. In that era, they too had their own missions.

They had lunch at Zhou family again the next day and set out after the meals.

Zhou Jianchen pulled Liang Yin into the same vehicle again and Liang Yin did not refuse either. While Ah Xian drove, Ah Zhao and Xiao Tian each drove one car.

The journey was long and it was a restless night yesterday, so Liang Yin just fell asleep leaning against Zhou Jianchen. Zhou Jianchen didn’t sleep but he didn’t move either. Merely playing the cellphone with his left hand while his right arm was around her shoulder to keep her in place and did not feel any weariness.

Ah Xian watched from the rearview mirror and couldn’t help but reveal a smile at the corners of his mouth.

At that time, he always made him drive to Film Empress Liang’s shooting site and now, he finally has his beloved in his arms all the way.

This kind of feeling is very beautiful. Ah Xian has gone through the ups and downs of worldly affairs yet he is still moved by this moment.

They arrived at the hotel entrance at 6 pm. When they were close-by, Liang Yin wanted to change cars, but Zhou Jianchen just held her hand again without letting go, hence Liang Yin could only follow him to the underground parking lot and then got into the elevator together.

They did meet people from the same production team, who didn’t ask anything but just said hello. There after all weren’t many who could chat with Zhou Jianchen and as for Liang Yin, even fewer would approach her.

Film Empress Liang has always been aloof, not to mention there is still an influential family’s backup.

After the Lunar New Year, all the news seemingly became old articles, but when the person appeared in front of them again, everything was readdressed again.

Dinner was with several main production team members. Du Yafu arrived in the afternoon and was the most high-spirited one. He would wish “Happy New Year” to everyone and since he won a lot of money during the Lunar New Year, he treated everyone’s dinner.

Zhou Jianchen was indolent and dispirited during the meal. Though Liang Yin was just sitting next to him, there were many people around them.

Once they got back to the hotel, they went to rest separately. Xiao Tian has already unpacked her luggage. After the phone call with Zhou Jianchen, Liang Yin took a shower and was ready to sleep.

It was already 10 o’clock and they had to get up early tomorrow.

Afraid of oversleeping, she deliberately set the alarm clock.

Except at some point, the phone rang again.

One glance, it was Zhou Jianchen calling.

“What’s wrong?” She asked softly.

“I can’t sleep.” On the phone, he said in a low voice, “I can’t sleep without you in my arms.”

Liang Yin smiled as she listened.

“I want to come over.” Zhou Jianchen added.

“No.” She replied.

A sigh was soon heard on the other end of the phone and he just said, “Then you go to sleep first, I’ll find something to look at.” The voice was dejectedly low.

Liang Yin could only hum in response, bid him “Good night” and hung up the phone.

Looking at the time on the phone, she smiled helplessly.

It was already 11 pm.

He was not the only one who couldn’t sleep, she too couldn’t fall asleep without his embrace.

Some habits have long been formed unknowingly.


In the next few days, it was intense shooting again and everything seemed to have returned to before the Lunar New Year. Zhou Jianchen didn’t ‘overstep’ anymore. The two people maintained normalcy and everyone was clueless. Except that Zhou Jianchen was obviously a little downcast.

It was not a temper tantrum, nor was he in a bad mood. He was just not very talkative.

Du Yafu said jokingly, “How come Jianchen talks even less after the New Year?”

Zhou Jianchen just smiled and didn’t say anything.

What could he say, they will be parted soon.

He will be going to shoot the war scene in the countryside soon, while Liang Yin will move to the ‘North’ to continue her ‘infiltration’ work. Their next screen-time together will be after the winding up. Although they are still in the same place, they are far apart and not even staying in the same hotel.

The shooting is extremely important and even if he wants to come over, he may not have the time.

Chen Hua’en intended to present [Winter] as the holiday debut, thus he compressed the shooting period to three months.

Seeing that the regrouping date was approaching, he talked even less and couldn’t even keep his spirits up when he called after returning to the hotel during the night.

Not knowing what to do, Liang Yin could just coax and pacify him.

Zhou Jianchen finished his scenes here early February and really packed up to go to the next shooting site.

Just before parting, he really wanted to ask Liang Yin out to meet but Liang Yin had an intense shooting schedule and there were inevitably people around, hence unable to find the time at all.

Zhou Jianchen was very depressed, yet he could only accept it.

When he arrived at the countryside, he just immersed into shooting, hoping that everything would go smoothly and all the tasks could be completed early.

Whenever he had free time, he would not forget to send messages to Liang Yin either and there was no shortage of phone calls during the night.

Just one day of not seeing is akin to three autumns. After half a month passed, he was about to go crazy.

Hence that night, he couldn’t endure but say, “Yinyin, find a chance for us to see each other.”

He was really missing her like crazy.

Liang Yin thought about it and said, “Then I’ll finish up work early tomorrow night and we’ll have dinner together.”

Sensing his unhappiness, she dared not disagree. He had already put up with it for so many days.

Afternoon the next day, Liang Yin really took a leave of absence from Chen Hua’en, saying she had something to do tonight and might have to finish work early. Chen Hua’en didn’t say anything, merely looked at the schedule, nodded his head and said ‘Okay.”

The war scenes on Zhou Jianchen’s side were handled by the martial arts director and an assistant director, while he was solely responsible for the psychological and emotional scenes on this side. He was in fact the busiest in the entire production team.

When evening came, Liang Yin tidied up and took the car to the clubhouse where they had meals before.

Zhou Jianchen was rather far away and hadn’t arrived yet. The clubhouse’s owner came to meet her personally. Sensing his enthusiasm, Liang Yin felt a little awkward.

Xiao Tian kept her company in the private room. Afraid that she would be hungry, Liang Yin ordered something for her to eat first while she waited for Zhou Jianchen.

The door was pushed open at almost 7 o’clock and Zhou Jianchen finally walked in.

Liang Yin stood up. Seeing Ah Zhao outside the door, Xiao Tian greeted him and simply went out with the clothes.

The door was quickly closed. Just a glance, Zhou Jianchen trotted forward to hug and kiss her. Standing on tiptoe, Liang Yin wrapped her arms around his neck and reciprocated.

While he misses her, how could she not miss him too.

When the passionate kiss ended, Zhou Jianchen released her and a smile finally appeared on his face that had been expressionless for days. His countenance was gentle and his eyes on Liang Yin’s face were full of sweetness and tenderness.

It was merely half a month, he obviously lost some weight again and there was a short layer of stubble on his jaw.

Liang Yin touched it, and felt a little prick yet novel too.

She has never seen Zhou Jianchen with stubble in real life.

“The assistant director asked me to keep it, saying that Zhou Zhaozong is busy fighting in the battlefield, how could he have time to shave … “ Zhou Jianchen explained again, lest she would find him unattractive.

“You look good.” Liang Yin knew what was in his mind and hastily added, “You look good no matter what.”

Indeed, without the stubble, Zhou Jianchen is clean and smart, with a short layer of stubble, he is rakishly masculine.

“Really?” Hearing this, Zhou Jianchen’s eyes were full of smiles.

Liang Yin just smiled and nodded.

The waiter then knocked on the door to serve the food and the two of them sat down. Zhou Jianchen sat over again once all the dishes were served and the two people chatted while they ate.

“I’ve been surrounded with the sound of firearms these days, which all are realistic and my ears are somewhat rattled deaf. After a day, my whole body is covered in dust and I still have to carry the heavy machine gun, da da da da, so damn tired … “ Zhou Jianchen said, while complaining.

He has actually shot many scenes more laborious than this, but he just wanted to talk about it to her.

He simply wants her to feel heart ache for him and think about him.

Liang Yin indeed felt distressed. She knew how significant Zhou Jianchen’s role was in the movie, and how difficult it was for him to find the time to come out this once.

Just as he kept talking to her now, exhaustion was still difficult to conceal amid his forehead.

For the sake of visual effect, it was not impossible for their group to shoot from 4 am to the next 4 am.

She also knew that he didn’t have to actually work so hard. He could leave many things to others, but he just wanted to do it himself. The reason why Zhou Jianchen has been able to flourish unfailingly is not only because he is the boss of StarLight Media, but also due to his superb acting skills and his dedication which has not depleted despite being a Film Emperor.

Liang Yin touched his ear and merely comforted him again, “Just hold on a while longer. The filming will be over soon.”

Holding her hand, Zhou Jianchen just kissed it again and the corners of his mouth smiled too.

He was indeed very tired, but being able to see her now, everything seemed not tiring again.

He then asked, “What about you, are you tired, have you eaten well.” He complained, yet he always thought about her.

Liang Yin then smiled again, “I’m not tired. It’s just some espionage movie, not tiring.” She was actually tired too, but she was unwilling to say much.

But how could Zhou Jianchen not know? The shooting schedule for their side, he knew it all like the back of his hand.

He really wanted to tell Liang Yin not to act in the future as he can support her, but he also knew that Liang Yin would not agree.

She loves acting as much as he does.

It was 9 o’clock when they finished their meals.

They will be parting again soon.

Zhou Jianchen sighed again and was utterly reluctant to leave, but Liang Yin merely told him to go back. He still has a scene to shoot at 5 am tomorrow morning. If he gets back late, he won’t have enough time to rest.

“Then I’ll send you back?” Zhou Jianchen was nevertheless reluctant to leave.

Liang Yin shook his head, “It’s too far.”

They were both on the north and south sides, it would take several hours to come and go.

Zhou Jianchen, however, refused, “Just a portion.” It’s too painful to just part like this.

Looking at his frowning face, Liang Yin felt a burst of overpowering and finally just said, “Then I’ll send you.” Hers was closer than his and she could go back quickly.

She also doesn’t need to start filming at five in the morning.

Zhou Jianchen then hugged her tightly again.

When they got to the parking lot, Zhou Jianchen merely let Ah Zhao drive Liang Yin’s car while he took her with him. Seeing his weary appearance, Liang Yin wanted to say let her drive but she finally just gave up after looking at the front of the car.

It was already dark but the street lights were bright. Although Zhou Jianchen was tired, he still drove steadily. And after driving for a while, he didn’t dare to continue anymore.

Though Liang Yin wanted to send him off, he didn’t want her to go too far.

He stopped at the corner side of the road and merely said, “Just drop off here.”

“En.” Liang Yin nodded and was about to get off.

“Yinyin.” Zhou Jianchen, however, pulled her back again.

Knowing his intention, Liang Yin turned her head and leaned closer. Zhou Jianchen kissed her and his embrace got tighter.

He really didn’t want to be parted at all.

Liang Yin, however, still pushed him away, “It’s very late, go back early.”

Having no choice, Zhou Jianchen could only let her go.

Liang Yin got out of the car while he followed too. Ah Zhao had already parked the car behind.

“I’m leaving.” Liang Yin turned around and said again.

Zhou Jianchen hugged her again, without saying a word and just buried his head in the crook of her neck.

“The days to come are still long.” Liang Yin then said soothingly again.

“But I just want it now.” Zhou Jianchen retorted aggrievedly.

Liang Yin laughed and after a while, she said, “Zhou Jianchen, I love you ah.”

These words came so abruptly that Zhou Jianchen stiffened for a moment.

He wanted to raise his head to look at her, but Liang Yin hugged him tightly, not letting him go and only said, “I love you, so you don’t have to worry. I will always be with you.”

This is the first time she said such a thing and she felt embarrassed.

She knew of his restlessness that he always wanted to seize every minute and second of the moment, but he really didn’t need to feel anxious.

Zhou Jianchen then hugged her even more tightly again and spoke after a long while, “Liang Yin, I love you too and very very much.” His voice seemed to quiver.

This is also the first time in his life to say the words, and it was what he had always wanted to say yet never voice it out either.

“I know.” Liang Yin nodded, with stars in her eyes but the rims of her eyes became unexpectedly damp.

Zhou Jianchen still let her go finally. The “I love you” phrase is enough to imbue his heart for a lifetime.

“Then go back and sleep early.” He touched her face and said.

Liang Yin nodded, “I’ll get in the car then.”

“En.” Zhou Jianchen agreed.

Liang Yin smiled, turned around to greet Ah Zhao before she really pulled open the car door and got into the car. When she opened the car door, she turned around and waved at Zhou Jianchen.

There was still some reluctance in Zhou Jianchen’s eyes, but he still waved goodbye in the end.

Xiao Tian soon drove the car away. In the rearview mirror, Zhou Jianchen stood for a long time before getting into the car.

Under the street light, his stature was tall and evoked nostalgia with hands stuffed in his pockets.

Zhou Jianchen’s car soon left quickly too and tranquility once again resumed under the street lights, as if nothing had happened.

Around the corner, a man revealed a satisfied smile as he looked at the photos in the camera.

After trailing for more than a month, there was finally fruition.

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