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Just want to be with You – Chapter 48.1

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 48.1

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The hand-holding photo of Zhou Jianchen soon swept across the internet and the whole network was bustling. Wang Lianhai had only exposed them, but the fact that he was now holding hands and leading the person away in public was akin to the confirmation of all the rumors. So is he really the third party involved? Did Film Empress Liang really have extramarital affairs? Hence, everyone thought so.

There is naturally also a huge crowd of fans who still don’t believe it. Debuting for more than 10 years, Zhou Jianchen’s temperament is not very good but he has always been candid and honorable; he likes whoever he likes and shuns those he dislikes; when did he ever involve as anyone’s third party!

Proud as he is, how could he be the other man!

Before the truth is revealed, they stand firmly by Zhou Jianchen’s side and rip apart those malicious slanderers.

And shortly after the release of the hand-holding photo, Sister Shao finally responded on Weibo:

– Ten years of waiting, good news at last.

An understatement, yet merely eight words.

Nevertheless it was a definitive conclusion.

Once it was issued, it also instantly evoked waves of shock.

– Ahhhhhhh, an official response! ! !

– So Brother Chen and Film Empress Liang are really together? ! ! !

– Heavens, even though I was ready, I was still shocked ahhhhhh! !

– But is Brother Chen the third party involved ah!

– Certainly not ah. If he really is, how can the official admit it!

– Precisely ah, it will simply be a lifetime blemish if he is really involved, how can he be so high-profile then!

– I’ve said that with Brother Chen’s character, how could he possibly be the third party involved! ! !

– Brother Chen is not the other man! ! ! Yuan Ruona posted on Weibo! ! ! !

– Everybody go take a look ah! Yuan Ruona denied it! ! !

– …..

At the same time when Sister Shao posted on Weibo, Ruona also responded to Weibo questioning Liang Yin’s infidelity.

Yuan Ruona: Nonsense talks!  Onlookers: Did Film Empress Liang really cheated with Zhou Jianchen?

At the same time, Rong Xin and Zhou Zuokang also shared Sister Shao’s Weibo.

Rong Xin: Ten years of waiting, good news at last. Good blessings to the two of them. @Shao Min, agent of StarLight Media: Ten years of waiting, good news at last.

Zhou Zuokang: Blessings across the air. @Shao Min, agent of StarLight Media: Ten years of waiting, good news at last.

Instantly, the whole network went frenzied again.

The woman’s close friend, Yuan Ruona denied the rumors of infidelity; the man’s close friend, Rong Xin expressed her blessings, and even the CEO of StarLight Media, Mr. Zhou had come forward, what else was not clearly explained.

Blatantly support the third party, do they still want their future!

– Heavens ah, what the hell is going on ah? How did Brother Chen get together with Film Empress Liang?

– What’s with this ten years waiting ah? Don’t tell me that Brother Chen has really waited ten years for Film Empress Liang?

– But Film Empress Liang has only divorced Zhong Mingzhen ah, so how is she with Brother Chen?

– Yes ah, yes ah, the Zhong/Liang CP fans[1] are expressing their disappointment ah!

– I’ve been hoping that Goddess Liang could get back together with Mr. Zhong!

– Please tell the truth ahhh!

– …..

Everyone wants to know what’s going on again. Film Empress Liang has obviously announced her divorce with Zhong Mingzhen not long ago, and Mr. Zhong is also trying to redeem himself. The 13-years of affection that Film Empress Liang felt for him was very touching, hence everyone was looking forward to their reunion. At that time, when the Weibo account ‘Take it Easy’ was exposed, there was even a screen full of ‘Seeking Reconciliation’ below. How long has that been and why is Film Empress Liang together with Brother Chen now in a blink of an eye?

Nobody understands and everyone is begging for the truth. They keep swiping Weibo, wanting to know the latest development, but apart from the blessings that have been forwarded by people in the entertainment circle, there is no more news. And the whereabouts of the two people involved were unknown again after they were photographed leaving in a car at the hotel entrance.

Brother Chen’s Weibo is surprisingly quiet and Film Empress Liang doesn’t have a Weibo account, so it’s even more difficult to find out about her.


The car sped all the way and Zhou Jianchen finally parked his car at Wanzhou Hotel.

Wanzhou Hotel, a five-star hotel that he used to stay in while filming here.

Ah Xian had stopped over too. Zhou Jianchen then pulled out a gold card and handed it over “Handle the check-in.”

Accepting it, Ah Xian hurriedly ran into the lobby.

Ah Zhao and Xiao Tian had also followed along, “Brother Chen, no one is following.” Ah Zhao said after looking around.

Zhou Jianchen drove away from the countryside’s shooting site by himself. Worrying about him, Ah Zhao and Ah Xian naturally followed. After escorting the two of them into the car at the hotel entrance just now, Ah Xian also got into the car and followed. Afraid that Xiao Tian would get lost, Ah Zhao just got into her car.

Hands on the steering wheel, Zhou Jianchen didn’t utter a word and his face remained collectively calm. The scene just now really upset him.

This was the first time he really hated those reporters so much.

They couldn’t find him, so they came to intercept her.

Fortunately he came in time, otherwise he really didn’t know how it would develop.

Ah Xian hurried back after he was done with the check-in process. Taking a deep breath, Zhou Jianchen took the face mask on the side and got out of the car.

He opened the back seat door, pulled Liang Yin out of the car and put on the face mask for her. His gaze landed on her face and still lingered with fear.

She had her head down, her face was pale and her body was visibly tense.

She has never been good at dealing with this.

Putting on the mask for her and pulling up her down-jacket hood, “Let’s go in.” The voice has softened.

Liang Yin nodded and didn’t say anything.

Zhou Jianchen took her hand and tightened his grip.

At the cusp of the storm, she could no longer stay at the previous hotel and he couldn’t return to his hotel too, so they could only find another place.

The party of five took the elevator from the side entrance to the top floor where nobody caught sight of them. Standing in the middle, Liang Yin was totally obscured.

After swiping the room card to open the door, it was a luxury suite inside.

“I’ll go get some dinner.” Ah Xian stood at the door and did not go in. Ah Zhao and Xiao Tian merely halted outside.

The incident was so sudden that none of them bothered to eat.

Zhou Jianchen responded in acknowledgement, then Ah Xian closed the door and walked away.

Only two people left in the huge room.

Zhou Jianchen turned around and gathered Liang Yin in his arms again, “Okay, it’s alright.”

No one noticed them here and they won’t be disturb again.

His voice was especially gentle.

Leaning against his shoulder, the rims of Liang Yin’s eyes instantly reddened. She wrapped her arms around Zhou Jianchen’s waist and held her breath to keep the tears from trickling down.

All along she has worried about the speculation of being the ‘third party’ that he has to bear for no reason, but he is only worrying about her.

“Don’t back out, understand?” Zhou Jianchen let go of her and said while holding her shoulders. His gaze was particularly serious.

Liang Yin didn’t say anything, so he added, “It will be fine, trust me.”

“En.” Liang Yin finally nodded her head.

What reason does she still have to back out? In front of so many people, he just took her away without the slightest care about the ‘third party’ rumors.

Hearing her response, Zhou Jianchen finally felt relief. Embracing her in his arms again, he said softly with a smile, “It’s not that likely for you to run away after you’ve bedded me.”

Liang Yin was about to cry, but hearing him start talking nonsense again, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After a long while, her heart was squishy soft again.

He is always like this, childish, mischievous, talk nonsense and rambunctious, but all these are to make her happy.

Ah Xian came back with a dining cart soon, while Ah Zhao and Xiao Tian also brought the belongings of the two people from the car.

Looking at the exquisite dinner, Liang Yin had no appetite. Although Zhou Jianchen said it was all right, how could she feel at ease?


That night, the two of them didn’t do anything. Zhou Jianchen merely hugged her to sleep the whole night.

Liang Yin didn’t sleep well. She constantly worried about those matters on the internet and woke up again after a short nap.

She didn’t know what the development on the internet was and what impact it would have on Zhou Jianchen under the overwhelming public opinions.

She wanted to take out her cellphone for a look, but Zhou Jianchen had put her phone away.

He wouldn’t let her pay heed to those matters on the internet anymore and only told her to stay with him without worrying about anything.

Every time she woke up, Zhou Jianchen would wake up too and then pat her on the back to comfort her. Hence, she knew Zhou Jianchen had not fallen asleep either.

Although he reassured her that everything would be fine, he himself did not feel completely at ease too.

He just acted as if nothing had happened in order to reassure her.

Just looking at his man, she wondered how could he be so good; shielding her from the wind and rain, and only protecting her under his wings.

Waking up once, she saw he was not in bed but standing outside the balcony making a phone call …



[1] CP fans (CP粉) – CP is an abbreviation for couple, which originated from Korean entertainment industry where fans fantasized their favorite onscreen/celebrity pairs.