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Just want to be with You – Chapter 48.2

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 48.2

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Waking up the next day, there was nobody on the other side of the bed. The curtains were drawn and the room was dark. Looking at the bedside clock, it was already eight o’clock.

Zhou Jianchen was not around, not on the balcony nor in the bathroom. Liang Yin thought he probably had something to do and left briefly.

Thinking of the cellphone that he put away, she searched for it again. Under the pillow, in the closet, in the drawer … entirely not there, and she finally found it on the bathroom towel rack.

Thinking of how he hid it so well, she felt a burst of helplessness and mulling over the matters on the internet, she just turned on the phone again.

Afraid that she would be troubled last night, he simply switched off her phone.

As soon as the cellphone was turned on, a lot of messages popped up. Liang Yin couldn’t pay attention to it, and just tapped onto Weibo.

On the hot search, it was all there. She originally thought it would be a brutal storm, but she was stunned looking at it.

The words ‘infidelity’ and ‘third party involvement’ have all disappeared, rather only replaced by ‘please don’t forsaken’ …


At six o’clock last night, Sister Shao posted the ‘Ten years of waiting, good news at last’, followed by Yuan Ruona, Rong Xin and Zhou Zuokang responses, another video was uploaded shortly after.

Although Liang Yin and Zhou Jianchen had left, the reporters did not disband. Once they saw the return of Chen Hua’en and the others, they flocked around again.

“Director Chen, Director Chen, do you know about Liang Yin and Zhou Jianchen’s romantic affairs?”

“Director Chen, is Zhou Jianchen really involved in Film Empress Liang’s marriage?”

Director Chen, do you know when Film Empress Liang got together with Brother Chen?”

The reporters asked as such.

They couldn’t interview Liang Yin and Zhou Jianchen, they thought they could always get some answers from Chen Hua’en, who is the chief director of the movie they are filming and who has quite a good relationship with the both of them. 

Chen Hua’en did really respond and it was nevertheless as brief as ever. As he walked towards the hotel, he replied indifferently, “As far as I know, there is no infidelity.” It was as mediocre as if he was responding to the question, ‘What did you eat today’.

Brief, indifferent, yet affirmative enough too.

As a result, the rumors of ‘infidelity’ and ‘third party involvement’ were completely crushed.

Previously, those friends and relatives like Yuan Ruona were still being questioned, but once Chen Hua’en spoke up, no one doubted anymore.

Although Chen Hua’en is close to them, as decent and prudent as he is, how could he possibly deceive.

So, the whole topic reached an unprecedented level of fervor again.

Everyone started looking for the truth about how Film Empress Liang and Brother Chen got together, but no one responded. Sister Shao’s ‘Ten years of waiting’ became the key to all the questions.

Ten years of waiting, what kind of ten years of waiting after all?

And by 10 pm, six hours after the whole occurrence, someone finally found out the answer.

– I, I, I probably know what’s going on.

One long-standing fan of more than ten years replied.

She then listed out on Weibo the ten-years she had spent three hours to consolidate about Zhou Jianchen.

Ten years ago, Goddess Liang was 19 years old when she started filming her second movie [Ming Yao]; Brother Chen was 21 and was already the top actor with a promising future in the entertainment industry. At that time, Brother Chen had posted many contents about Goddess Liang on Weibo, her movies, her posters and even the news of her being conferred the Film Empress overseas.

Eight years ago, Goddess Liang was 21 years old while Brother Chen was 23, they started to collaborate on their first movie – [Spring]. And on the day of the opening ceremony ritual, Brother Chen posted a photo of them together on Weibo. That photo had turned up previously and on it, Brother Chen smiled brightly like never before. Brother Chen was most active on Weibo that year and that was the year Brother Chen and Goddess Liang were in the same production team. Under careful scrutiny, many contents were related to Goddess Liang.

The following year, the second photo of them together was exposed again. On the seat, Brother Chen looked at Goddess Liang with brightly gentle eyes. At that time, everyone suspected if there was something between Brother Chen and Goddess Liang. Later, facing the reporter’s interview, Brother Chen also publicly admitted that Goddess Liang was the actress he ‘liked’. For so many years, Brother Chen has never used the word ‘like’ on anyone.

But then, Goddess Liang responded that ‘He is a very outstanding actor’, and soon afterwards, it was precisely Goddess Liang’s abrupt retirement and rumors of a car accident circling around …

Then, what happened afterwards?

Goddess Liang just disappeared and Brother Chen quieted down at once.

Brother Chen formerly accepted many scripts every day, he attended scores of events and participated in numerous activities, but since that year, he gradually faded from the public and the movies he acted became lesser, until last year, he simply didn’t accept any at all.

He no longer posted on Weibo again. Once he was engrossed with Weibo, but all of a sudden, he seemed to be weary of it.

At that time, many people wondered why, but what could it be?

Only because Goddess Liang had left and Brother Chen has always liked her. With her around, he livened up; when she was not around, he lost all interest.

As such, five years have simply passed.

Goddess Liang’s whereabouts was all along unknown and it became increasingly difficult to see Brother Chen again.

Until five months ago, everything had changed again.

Five months ago, Brother Chen posted on Weibo – ‘Ah’. At that time, everyone thought he was responding to Xu Lili, but was he really? He had not posted on Weibo for more than half a year at that time. As proud and arrogant as he is, how could he make an exception for one Xu Lili?

Later, it was discovered that Goddess Liang appeared at the airport at the same time as him, and he acknowledged that they were indeed on the same flight too, so the ‘Ah’ was probably just for her.

That was naturally the first time he met her after five years of absence, so he couldn’t help but post on Weibo after a gap of more than half a year.

He has always liked her, and has not changed since the beginning. When she left, he seemed to have lost his soul, and once she returned, he was completely alive again.

Five years ago, he posted one Weibo after another for her, and five years later, he’s back to being himself again with her reappearance.

Ah, long time no see.

Ah, you are finally back.

That ‘Ah’ sounded like a mockery, but more than that, it was a bitterness towards himself.

Later, he took on the role for the filming of [Winter]. After a year and a half, the female lead is however Goddess Liang.

Was it a coincidence?

Perhaps it was just intentional.

After that, Brother Chen’s Weibo welcomed its peak again. Those plausible words and those absurd photos that no one could make sense of, they were so similar to the past.

Once upon a time, he had posted on Weibo like this too.

He posted when he was happy; when he was unhappy, he would post another Weibo. No one knew why, but could clearly sense his happiness, anger, grief and joy.

He couldn’t talk explicitly who he was trying to tell, so he could only vent it out himself and let others speculate.

And at that time, he was shooting the same movie with Goddess Liang.

Still remember that Weibo Brother Chen shared Ye Cen’s song and the lyrics of which were – he really likes you, but never mentioned it … At that time, he probably just wanted to say something to someone.

Brother Chen is very proud, and has never liked anyone. Once he does, it will be for a long long time. Ten years ago he liked Goddess Liang, so whether she was around or had left, he liked her all along.

His exuberance is for her, his gloominess is for her, all his joy, anger, grief and joy are for her.

And when did Brother Chen get together with Goddess Liang? In fact, all of it is traceable too.

Remember that photo in the hospital? Brother Chen smiled brightly and tenderly for the camera. At that time, everyone was wondering why Brother Chen was smiling so happily and who was the person who took that photo, now, everything has an answer.

Brother Chen has never smiled so happily in front of a person, and Brother Chen has never looked at a person with such a gentle gaze, except for Goddess Liang and no one else.

It was years ago and still is years later.

Perhaps the only reason why he smiled so happily was because Goddess Liang agreed to be with him.

Ten years later, Brother Chen finally waited for Goddess Liang to be with him, how could he not be happy.

Goddess Liang had loved Mr. Zhong for 13 years, but Brother Chen had also waited ten years for Goddess Liang. Ten years of waiting, good news at last. That’s not just a simple eight words.

Now that the two people have finally come together, I only hope that all beautiful affections can gain amiable treatment and all sincerity are not forsaken …


This Weibo was posted at ten o’clock and then quickly blew up. All of the above were listed too clearly and justifiable, and no one could refute it.

For so many years, all these happened right before their eyes, yet no one took notice of it, and all the truth could be revealed by connecting them together.

Brother Chen, really loved Film Empress Liang for 10 years.

Ten years, is it a long time? It’s not long, but it transformed a lively person to become reticent. At that time they didn’t know why Brother Chen suddenly became quiet and knowing it now, what’s left was only heartaches.

– No wonder Goddess Liang is with my Brother Chen. My Brother Chen is really too good, Goddess Chen deserves it and Brother Chen also warrants it! Please cherish and don’t forsaken!

– Feeling sorry for my Brother Chen, please don’t let me down! QAQ

– Goddess Liang, please don’t forsaken my Brother Chen!

– Don’t forsaken! QAQ

– Goddess Liang, please stay with my Brother Chen happily, my Brother Chen is not easy at all ah!

– Really don’t forsaken ah! QAQ …

– …..

Under Weibo were all such comments.

Liang Yin looked at them one by one and felt very sad.

She finally understood what Zhou Jianchen was doing all night.

He stripped and presented nakedly his ten-years in front of everyone, just to tell others how much he loved her.

She is with him only if he loves her enough.

He didn’t get it easily.

Although it was a long-standing fan’s Weibo, how could she not know who was manipulating it.

He helped her fulfill her 13-year relationship, cleared up all the suspicions, and then held her to the top.

However, he is Zhou Jianchen ah.

The rims of Liang Yin’s eyes teared up again. This man made her feel at ease and he really took care of everything.