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Just want to be with You – Chapter 51.1

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Chapter 51.1

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Liang Yin didn’t accept any more filming after she finished shooting [Rising Sun], though she constantly received filming invitations after she won the Golden Flower Award.

She merely fine-tuned the post-production of [Rising Sun] with Tong Xiaonian, striving for excellence.

With their joint work, [Rising Sun] has far exceeded everyone’s expectations. What was once thought to be a small-budget film with a profound plot but confined style had now become a magnificent blockbuster. It was still a literary film, but the artistry and storytelling were no longer comparable.

And all of this was what Tong Xiaonian wanted most from the beginning.

Amidst the remote boundless mountains, a woman walked out and the soul-stirring background music played. Contrast with that distant vast mountains was the woman’s melancholy but persevering eyes, just one glance was enough to arouse emotional stirring.  

In order to make the film perfect, Liang Yin made a personal call to Pang Song, the country’s top composer. Pang Song specializes in classical music, hence the perfect combination of violin, piano and the storyline let the entire film set off the greatest pulling force.

Over the years, Liang Yin has learned a lot about film-related knowledge and soundtrack is one of the aspects.

After four months of editing and four months of post-production, the entire film was finally completed a year later.

And by the end of next July, the 68th Hailey International Film Festival is about to set in motion.

Onboard the plane, Zhou Jianchen opened his eyes as he woke up, only to see Liang Yin still reviewing the content of the film on the computer.

Her expression was so focused that she didn’t even notice the person next to her had woken up.

[Rising Sun] was shortlisted for the 68th Hailey Awards of Best Film, Best Actress and Best Music, the three top awards and their trip was precisely to attend the festival’s award ceremony.

It was Liang Yin who proposed to have the film participate in this film festival. She had attended the 59th Hailey Film Festival and had also learned about it afterwards thus she knew the objective of Hailey’s film selection.

Zhou Jianchen was not part of the production team, but he has the film producer’s status.

Liang Yin was naturally the main producer.

Zhou Jianchen liked to see her focused look the most, which has a different kind of beauty that is inevitably hard to ignore.

She was particularly busy this year, devoting herself with the production of [Rising Sun] and even didn’t have time to attend to him. He had also accepted one filming which then was filmed for a full eleven months.

But this year she seems to have undergone a transformation, becoming calmer and even more charming, as if a budding flower has finally bloomed.

She has never been one who originally intended to live dependent on others. She used to be Mrs. Zhong and buried everything, but now she is finally doing what she wants to do. Becoming more focused, more composed; and the more composed she is, the more charming she becomes.

This year, she is 30 years old.

Zhou Jianchen couldn’t help wrapping his arms around her waist again. Leaning his head on her waist, he muttered softly, “Yinyin ….. “ He suddenly felt a bit reluctant to part with her for even a moment or a second.

This is the first class double suite and they are staying together.

Looking down to see him awake, Liang Yin smiled softly, “Awake?”

“En.” Zhou Jianchen hummed in acknowledgement, his voice was somewhat low.

Liang Yin stroked his hair and felt a little apologetic, “I’m almost done.” How did she not know his feelings.

But she is really almost done soon.


On July 12th, the 68th Hailey International Film Festival Awards Ceremony officially began too.

The Hailey International Film Festival, one of the four major film festivals in Europe, is low-key yet dignified, and the judging process is particularly strict.

After two weeks of selection, all the results have been finalized.

In the huge National Theater, filmmakers from all over the world had already taken their seats. The organizers and panel of jury delivered speeches, and then the awards were announced.

The production teams of [Rising Sun] were seated together, and Tong Xiaonian was particularly nervous. This 32 year-old man is still pure and guileless. He never thought he would be able to come here to be on this world-class stage which was a great honor for him.

And when the guest presenter announced that [Rising Sun] was the winner of the Best Film at the 68th Hailey International Film Festival, tears instantly brimmed the rims of his eyes.

This talented director has given us a peerlessly splendid and evocative story, and we thank him as we look forward to him bringing us more and better works too – so said in the award presenter’s speech.

Talented director, the appraisal they gave him.

Years of perseverance have finally paid off.

Hugging Liang Yin, Tong Xiaonian was already choking with sobs. Liang Yin comforted him while the thunderous applause sounded from the side and Zhou Jianchen seated beside him was applauding too.

He once underestimated Tong Xiaonian, but when he showed the finished film, he had to admit that he is really a genius.

Tong Xiaonian had already walked up to the podium, and the ‘Golden Stone Award’ was already in his hand. He was very thin and he appeared particularly small on this vast stage, but he had already calmed down.

Raising his head, he spoke slowly, “Able to win this award, the person I want to thank most is my good friend, Liang Yin. Without her, this work of art would not exist. Thank you … “ He looked at Liang Yin, who was seated, and the rims of his eyes were wet again.

She gave him a stage, and he showed himself to the fullest.

It was she who helped achieve his accomplishment.

Liang Yin smiled and clapped vigorously, the rims of her eyes slightly reddened too.

She knew it wasn’t easy for him, and this achievement was what he deserved.

Over this past year, the two have become friends.

Zhou Jianchen was a little jealous. Glancing at her, he just continued to smile and applaud along.

After the best film was awarded, it was the Jury Award, Best Director and others, until the Best Actor was awarded, it would be the Best Actress.

The guest presenter was Liang Yin’s old acquaintance, the world-class film master Antonio, who presented her the 59th Best Actress Award that year.

After that, they have been in contact, and Antonio had even invited her to act in his film, but she had married into the Zhong family at that time, so she just graciously declined. She has also consulted him with lots of questions and one year when he was giving a film lecture in the neighboring country, she even specially attended it.

The two had met before the award ceremony and Antonio even teased her: That young girl back then has grown into a charming lady.

“In this film, she meticulously played the role of a naive, persistent and pathos woman who was in search of love, ideals and the truth. There is a Chinese saying that said ‘Fine drops drench, yet makes no sound at all’, and I felt the intense and stirring force in her exquisite way of expression. Nine years ago, I presented her this award here and nine years later, I am honored to still be able to give it to her. Congratulations, you are the only person in the history of Hailey Awards to win the ‘Best Actress Award’ for the second time. The winner of the Best Actress at the 68th Hailey International Film Festival, the actress who played the lead role in [Rising Sun]: Liang Yin.”

As soon as Antonio’s words faltered, “Whoa – “, the audience instantly burst into thunderous applause.

When the shortlist was announced, there was speculation about whether this young Film Empress from China could win for the second time and make history, but they did not expect to witness it themselves.

In the history of the Hailey Awards, no one has ever won the same award twice.

And the last time she won the award, she made history as the youngest Film Empress of the Hailey Awards.

“Congratulations!” On the side, people kept coming over to congratulate. Many people had already seen [Rising Sun] when it premiered at the Film Festival and she deserved to be crowned the Film Empress again.

After Liang Yin hugged Zhou Jianchen and Tong Xiaonian, she hugged others one after another, before walking towards the podium.

She then became the focal point of the stage again after receiving the golden trophy from Antonio.

Zhou Jianchen looked at her with infatuation in his eyes again. This time, she wore a long black dress and her whole person was gracefully elegant, and extremely charming.

Her English is still as fluent as always.

At that time, he watched her in a video, and now he was able to come to the scene and accompany her in person.

“I would like to thank my director, Tong Xiaonian, for inviting me to play the role so that I could have the honor of winning this award again … “ She helped him achieve his accomplishment and how could he not help to achieve hers too.

“At the same time, I would also like to thank my husband for his constant support and love … “ Liang Yin’s gaze fell on him too.

Listening, Zhou Jianchen lowered his eyes and smiled. He then raised his head again and applauded with bright eyes and a face full of smiles.

The spotlight shone on him and he too became the focus of the crowd. On the side, there was already enthusiastic applause.

And on his hand, a ring glittered.

In March of this year, they had already obtained their marriage certificates.

Zhou/Liang’s ‘couple’ has long become the genuine Zhou/Liang’s husband and wife.

Liang Yin also has a diamond ring on her hand.

The production team of [Rising Sun] won three awards and became the major award winner of the 68th Hailey International Film Festival. It has also caused a sensation in China.

Although the Hailey Awards was once one of the four major European film festivals, because of its low profile and lack of publicity, it was only known to the industry and most people in China were not familiar with it. But because of Liang Yin this time, there was already a ‘Hailey’s trend’ in China.

The production crews of [Rising Sun] did not publicize, but the netizens couldn’t resist letting it out themselves. After learning that the production team of [Rising Sun] was shortlisted and Goddess Liang was expected to win the Hailey Film Festival again, they had long made it known. As a result, although there was no domestic live broadcast of the Hailey Film Festival, overseas or perhaps neighboring groups had already intercepted and posted parts of the overseas live broadcast on the internet non-stop.

On Weibo, one post after another and it had long been lively.

Goddess Liang made history again by winning the Hailey Film Festival for the second time, how awesome!

She had just acquired the most esteemed ‘Golden Flower’s Film Empress’ in China last year, and this year she won the ‘Hailey’s Film Empress’ again, how awesome!

And her public phrase “my husband” was really explosively sweet!

– I feel that my Brother Chen can listen to this part of the video a hundred times over. I’ll stop here, I will download and send it to my Brother Chen immediately! !

– Brother Chen’s smile is extremely gentle! !

– Ahhhhhhhhh how can this pair of them be so sweet! ! ! Do they consume honey every day? ! ! ! !

There are also people who talk about the contrast between the present and the previous Liang Yin.

– Ahhhhhh I even saw my Sister Yin wearing a black dress for the first time! ! !

– My Goddess is really elegant and graceful! ! ! ! How can she be so charming! ! !

– But why does the Goddess never make an appearance! ! ! Not even a chance to admire her countenance ah! ! !

– Let’s just beg Brother Chen for more. Expecting Sister Yin to post on her own, it’s better to expect Brother Chen who can’t help but to post and share his wife’s hahahaha …

– Hahahaha …

More than a year later, although there were more than twenty to thirty posts on Liang Yin’s Weibo, she never posted nor shared anything related to her own life, instead Zhou Jianchen couldn’t help but upload two and then posted two more at the request of the fans.

There were also people who mentioned Zhou Jianchen.

– Have you all noticed that Brother Chen has also become more and more composed? He just sat there applauding, so downright manly!

– I am inexplicably reminded of [The Godfather] ah, Brother Chen now has the aura of ‘Godfather’ ah! I loved his charming face when I was young, but now I love his calm demeanor in handling complicated matters with ease!

– Is Brother Chen really going to be the man supporting Sister Yin and go behind the scenes? I really hope he shoots more works ah …

Naturally, there was also talk about their marriage.

– I now hope that Brother Chen and Sister Yin hurriedly have their wedding ceremony! Getting their marriage certificates since March, they haven’t even planned their wedding ceremony yet aw aw aw!

They went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get their marriage certificates in March, and coincidentally were photographed. The two of them didn’t shy away and just smiled at the camera.

Afterwards, the two did not publicize on Weibo yet Zhou Jianchen took a photo of Liang Yin reading in the courtyard who had her face covered with a book when she noticed him and it was uploaded on Weibo. In the photo, Liang Yin had a ring on her hand, which confirmed the netizen’s speculation.

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