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Just want to be with You – Chapter 51.2

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Chapter 51.2

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At that time, the topic of sending them blessings on Weibo was also frenziedly sought-after.

The reason for not deliberately publicizing was also fear of being too high profile.

There were a lot of discourses on the domestic internet and it was very lively. After the Hailey Film Festival, the rest of the crew returned to China while Liang Yin and Zhou Jianchen went to Italy.

While chatting with others at the film festival, they learned that Christie’s auction house founded in Rome will soon be auctioning a series of masterpieces, including a sapphire necklace from Madame Lapeyre’s collection and the two decided to check it out.

Two of them have never gone sightseeing since they got together, so they took this opportunity to do so.

The large hall was already full of people. After completing the bidding procedures and getting their number placard, the two found the relevant seats and sat down. 

The location was close to the front and surrounded by strangers.

When the sapphire necklace was put on display, Zhou Jianchen sat upright a little.

The necklace known as ‘Eternal Heart’ was gifted to the Duchess of Lapeyre by the Duke of Lapeyre. After the death of the Duke of Lapeyre, his wife passed away with grief too. Their male offspring chose to auction it off in order to pay off his debt crisis.

Twenty-six white small diamonds fully set off a 25-carat heart-shaped sapphire, which was exquisite beyond compare.

The starting price was 6 million dollars.

Zhou Jianchen came here precisely for this necklace and he wanted to bid it for her.

The bidding soon began and Zhou Jianchen raised his placard frequently. Liang Yin wanted to stop him after knowing his intention, but he just took her hand and smiled, insisting on having his own way.

Since they got together, he always loved to give her things, as if fearing of treating her shabbily. Just this diamond ring on her hand cost 20 million at that time.

The price soon increased to $10 million and the number of bidders gradually dwindled. And by the time the price reached 13 million, there were only three people left.

When the price increased to 15 million, another person opted out.

Zhou Jianchen raised his placard again.

“16 million!” shouted the auctioneer.

The placard over there was quickly raised too.

“17 million!” the auctioneer shouted again.

Liang Yin was a little flabbergasted. Zhou Jianchen was already crazy enough, who else was as crazy as him. Although this necklace is precious, more than 15 million is a bit too much.

Instinctively wanting to see who it was, she looked in the direction of that placard and was stunned for a moment.

The man was sitting in the row to her right, across the aisle and separated by a dozen or over twenty people. Leaning against the back of the seat, he stared straight ahead and sat upright.

His clothes were orderly with a high nose bridge and the side profile was so familiar.

Liang Yin’s heart constricted all of a sudden.

Sensing her gaze, Zhong Mingzhen turned to look too then paused at once, seemingly not expecting her to be here.

And when he saw Zhou Jianchen beside her, he understood at once.

“17 million once!”

“17 million twice!”

“17 million thrice! Deal!”

Zhou Jianchen saw him too, and withdrew the placard he originally wanted to raise.

Zhong Mingzhen wanted to stop bidding, but the auction had already ended. Lowering his eyes, all the emotions in his eyes imperceptibly disappeared again in silence.

Liang Yin retracted her gaze, and her heart unknowingly felt a little ache.

She remembered that year, when she and he went to a jewelry company in Geneva, she fell in love with a sapphire necklace but it was already reserved by someone else and she could only go home with disappointment.

For the past two years, Zhong Mingzhen has always been alone.

What Little Uncle said at that time reverberated in her ears – “He actually loves you too … “

Seeing her being out-of-sorts for a moment, Zhou Jianchen just gripped her hand again.

How could he not know about Zhong Mingzhen’s situation.

Men are more susceptible towards men. He has long noticed many things that Liang Yin never awares of.

He knows that Zhong Mingzhen loves her too and he is also willing to let her fulfill her thirteen-year relationship with him, but he is not willing to let go.

All he could do was give up the other things that he (ZMZ) wanted.

The auction ended soon and Zhong Mingzhen did not stay. He stood up and left first. Liang Yin deliberately slowed down her step while Zhong Mingzhen did not look back.

The ‘Eternal Heart’ will be delivered to him, but he can’t give it away anymore.

That thing which should have been given as their wedding gift …

That night, in the luxurious classical hotel of this ancient city, Zhou Jianchen just wanted it slow.

Wave after wave, yet boundless pleasure.

When Liang Yin reached climax once again, he clasped her fingers tightly and said in her ear, “Yinyin, let’s get married.”

He could understand, but ultimately still felt a little jealous.

Although they have gotten their marriage certificates, the wedding ceremony has been delayed. At that time, she was busy and he was occupied too, hence it could only be put on hold. And now, they both have free time.

With a heaving chest, Liang Yin only smiled and raised her head to kiss his lips.

“En.” She replied.

She is not busy anymore, after bustling for so long.

She can finally set aside the time to marry him.

Hearing this, Zhou Jianchen then smiled and kissed her back passionately.


On July 30th, [Rising Sun] premiered in China and the box office record exceeded 200 million on the first day.

With the participation of the film festival award-winners, Director Tong Xiaonian, Film Empress Liang and even the unexpected appearance of Zhou Jianchen, attracted everyone’s attention.

In this film, the person to play the role of the ‘child’s father’ who only appeared in the memory was ultimately not arranged. When shooting this scene, Zhou Jianchen just stood up from his chair and said: No need to find anyone else, I’ll play it, which is nothing but just the back.

At that time, Tong Xiaonian was completely shocked and Liang Yin merely laughed in spite of herself. How could she not guess what he was thinking, at that time he had turned into a ‘jealousy ghost’. He was jealous of Tong Xiaonian and even envious of the role of the ‘child’s father’ in this film.

– Who can be the father of the child? Of course it’s me.

He precisely had this intention in the first place.

Nobody expected the impressive Film Emperor would be willing to play a three-minute insignificant role in a film without even having his face shown. Hence many people went to the theater to watch how their Brother Chen actually acted the scene with his back.

The result was totally convincing. Even only the back without showing his face, his gestures clearly presented all the character’s innermost being.

And those who originally just came to join the fun were all stunned by this film in the end. In [Winter], Xu Mengbai was breathtaking and piqued admiration. In [Rising Sun], she amply aroused distressed and triggered memorable lasting melancholy.

Film Empress Liang’s acting skills are really excessively amazing.

When they finally found out that Liang Yin was the main producer shown on the film’s credits, everyone was even more surprised.

In an exclusive interview, Tong Xiaonian said that the script of the entire film was indeed written by him, but Liang Yin participated in all the other aspects. This includes the choreography, the soundtrack and even the shooting.

As a result, everyone was astonished.

And after this wave, the number of Liang Yin’s Weibo followers exceeded 100 million.

Many fans began to worry that Film Empress Liang will also move behind the scenes and will no longer appear in front of the silver screen in the future.

By the time the film was taken down, [Rising Sun] had earned a total of 3 billion box office, leading the entire summer season. It also ranked second on all box office charts, just below last year’s release of [Winter].

Liang Yin and StarLight Media became the biggest winners.


In the blink of an eye, it’s October again.

October 2nd, is the wedding date set by Zhou Jianchen and Liang Yin.

After half a year since getting their marriage certificates in March, they were finally holding their wedding. It was not publicized on Weibo yet was leaked out secretly. So everyone knew that their Brother Chen and Goddess Liang were finally going to hold their wedding.

The number of likes entreating for a live broadcast of the wedding had almost exceeded 10 million and many famous brands expressed their sponsorship for the whole process, but the two people just rejected.

It was a five-star hotel’s garden style wedding. Walking to the terrace was precisely the night sky view over the river, which was extraordinarily romantic. The invited guests included almost half of the entertainment circle. Debuted for so many years, Zhou Jianchen has countless friends, not to mention with such a powerful backer of StarLight Media. The Zhou family’s relatives are many too. The youngest son of the Zhou family is getting married and everyone rushed back from afar.

They merely declined all interviews and reports.

Chen Hua’en, Yuan Ruona, Tong Xiaonian and others played the part of the bride’s family and friends. The information of Liang Yin’s parents has long been exposed and everyone feels heartache other than admiration.

There are also public welfare organizations that reported, even though Mr. and Mrs. Liang died due to this, Film Empress Liang has always financially supported the children in the mountains after so many years.

The money she contributed over the years amounted to tens of millions.

Her kindness is all there.


In the hotel room, Liang Yin had already put on her wedding dress. Ruona held her hand with eyes full of happiness, “Yinyin, you are getting married.”

“En.” Liang Yin nodded and her eyes were full of smiles too.

She has earned herself a dowry and is finally ready to get married.

There was wetness in her eyes.

The rims of Ruona’s eyes reddened and seeing her being so happy, she felt sincerely joyous for her.

“You too should hurry up and settle down.” Liang Yin caressed her face and added.

“En.” Ruona nodded her head. She and Shen Xinghe have also begun their courtship.

The wedding ceremony soon started.

Along the way, there were tears in Liang Yin’s eyes, but the corners of her mouth were always curled up. Chen Hua’en walked up the red carpet with her on her father’s behalf and the dream-like hall was decorated fully with fresh flowers.

All the guests were smiling and Zhou Jianchen had long been standing in front waiting.

He was slender and handsome in the black formal attire, looking at Liang Yin with eyes full of smiles.

Dressed in a wedding gown, Liang Yin was elegant and slim, with countless splints of dazzling diamonds under the light and there were countless radiance on her body.

Liang Yin walked up to him. Taking her hand, he held it tightly.

His eyes were wet too.

“Yinyin – “ He couldn’t stop calling out.

“En.” Liang Yin replied and the rims of her eyes reddened.

Zhou Jianchen smiled and stepped forward to kiss her lips.

Liang Yin kissed him back, suppressing all of her tears and happiness.

– Thank you for giving me a lifetime of joy.


On Weibo, the exclusive photo of the two holding hands and mutually kissing has been posted, which immediately seethes with countless excitement.

The two had declined all media coverage but ultimately couldn’t bear to reject so many fans and with their support all along, they ought to reciprocate.  

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