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Just want to be with You – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

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In the Cuihu villa, with one hand slipped between Liang Yin’s beautiful hair while the other supporting her waist, Zhou Jianchen kissed her hard. There was inevitably so much sweetness in her mouth for him to savor. He sucked, bit and took possession of her tongue, not giving her any chance to catch her breath.

Clinging to his shoulder, Liang Yin was entirely dazed. Her waist-length long hair scattered on the mattress like seaweed and her body was covered with marks.

By the time Zhou Jianchen was done, Liang Yin was wet again and again.

Once the gasping slowed down, Zhou Jianchen pulled the quilt over and gathered her into his arms. With a flushed face, Liang Yin wrapped her arms around his waist and sought after his lips.

Zhou Jianchen responded to her kiss bit by bit and spoke with a smile, “Happy?”

Liang Yin blushed yet still nodded, “En.” She bit his lip and kissed him spontaneously as she acknowledged.

Although she was still a little bashful, she was captivated by him more and more. He always tried his best to satisfy her, giving her the ultimate pleasure over and over again, either tenderly or intensely without wanting to stop.

His body fascinated her more and more too. It was originally sturdy enough but after eleven-month of filming, it became even more strapping. It was a Republican era’s action movie and he played the role of a martial arts master. In order to play this role well, he learned Baguazhang for three months from a master and became a downright sturdier.

The more sturdy he is, the more spell-bound he is.

Hearing her word, Zhou Jianchen’s eyes curved as he kissed her lips then nibbled her ear and spoke softly, “I really want to bed you to death … “

While she is fascinated by him, how could he not desire her too.

Her body is so soft and hot, and he can’t get enough of her. He really wishes he could be with her all the time.

And no matter how composed she has become, at moments like this, she is always bashful.

Liang Yin tingled instantly and seeing that he was about to kiss her again, she quickly pushed him away and said, “Get up now.”

“It’s late if we don’t get up now.”

He always likes to bite her there, but that’s where she can’t bear the most. She becomes limp the moment he touches her, not to mention others.

The tactile feeling that he left just now has yet to subside.

Seeing her dodging again, Zhou Jianchen couldn’t help laughing, but he didn’t really grab her. He merely lifted the quilt and took the clothes on the side to put it on, “What do you want to eat, I’ll go make it.”

It’s almost 9.30 now. She wanted to get up at 7.30 but was stopped by him until now.

– No, I’m hungry.

That was what she said earlier.

– Then eat me first.

He, however, just answered that.

It’s getting late and there is an annual meeting in the afternoon.

“Just eat the steamed buns. Aunt Chen’s steamed buns are delicious.” Liang Yin said after mulling over.

Worried that they will be hungry, Mother Zhou always prepared a lot of stuff for them and there are now quite a few kinds of breakfast alone in the refrigerator.

“Then you brush your teeth and wash up first. I’ll steam it.” Saying that, Zhou Jianchen leaned over to kiss her and then smiled as he tied his nightgown and walked out.

The two of them have been living in Cuihu Villa since they got married. Wanting a romantic couple’s world, Zhou Jianchen didn’t hire any maid, except for the part-timer who comes to clean every other day and oftentimes, he prefers to do it himself.

Nowadays, it’s no longer a problem to cook dumplings and steamed buns.

Liang Yin watched him go out and got up to get dressed. The smile originally on her lips, gradually diminished.

She has been married to Zhou Jianchen for four months and still hasn’t conceived yet.

Her belly is still flat.

She didn’t take up any more jobs after she got married and just stayed home to rest, saying that she wanted to spend more time with Zhou Jianchen, but she actually wanted to welcome a new beginning.

During this time, she has been trying to conceive.

She knows that to conceive takes a long time, so she chose to ‘retire’ again after the success of [Rising Sun] and making history by winning the Film Empress title for the second time. At that time, her devotion to [Rising Sun] was actually for future planning too. She wanted to leave more time and energy to manage the next part of her life well.

She really, really wants a child.

In fact, after the filming of [Rising Sun], they didn’t take any measures yet still failed to have her wish fulfilled.

During those years she was married to Zhong Mingzhen, she never got pregnant either.

It was not that they didn’t try nor did they take any measures, yet she couldn’t all along.

She went for a medical checkup and the doctor said there was no problem, perhaps just the effects of the car accident …

Zhou Jianchen came back very soon and Liang Yin dared not reveal any inklings, thus just quickly dressed up and went to the bathroom.

Zhou Jianchen has never expressed the intention of wanting a child and he didn’t seem to want a child either, as if he just wanted to immerse in the romantic couple’s world and indulged in it. But she really wanted it.

She is thirty and will soon be thirty-one.


They had lunch outside. Since the two got married, Zhou Jianchen often took Liang Yin to dine in the restaurants outside, just like a normal couple. During this time, they naturally met numerous passers-by and had many photos taken.

Zhou Jianchen doesn’t care and he can even wave in acknowledgement when he’s in a good mood, but he never accepts group photos. He knew Liang Yin was not used to it, so he would refuse beforehand.

Liang Yin just let him be.

They will always hold hands whenever they go out and when the photos are uploaded online, they naturally lead to heated discourses.

After lunch, they returned to the company and the annual meeting was already in preparation.

When everyone sees them, they call out “Brother Chen”, “Sister Yin” or just “Boss” and “Lady Boss”.

Now everyone in the company knows there are two people who are really in charge of StarLight Media; one is the eldest President Zhou and the other is the younger lady boss, Liang Yin.

Brother Chen is also in charge, but the lady boss has the final say between the two of them.

If the eldest President Zhou is busy, they will just look for her first.

Zhou Zuokang has transferred 7% of StarLight Media’s shares to her as the betrothal gift for marrying into the Zhou family. Zhou Jianchen is naturally clear about this.

In fact, another 7% of the shares belonged to Rong Xin, but Rong Xin never accepted it.

Rong Xin is still not married to Zhou Zuokang yet.

Previously, Liang Yin’s [Rising Sun] had also brought hundreds of millions in bonuses to StarLight Media, which StarLight Media originally chose not to take a penny, but how could Liang Yin let them suffer losses. The 20 million invested by Zhou Jianchen and the production support provided by StarLight Media were all converted into equity shares as the final profit sharing.

Although Liang Yin no longer accepted any filming, she involved herself in various jobs of StarLight Media.

The annual meeting began at three o’clock. Besides the company’s general employees, the rest were precisely the company’s contracted artists. Of course, there were some who couldn’t attend, but most would come to support. There was no shortage of top celebrities amongst them.

Liang Yin attended last year and was long familiar with all this. Except she was still the ‘girlfriend’ status last year and this year, she has become the lady boss.

Everyone is especially friendly to her and she responded with a smile. She would not refuse the requests for group photos either.

There was a lucky-draw from three to five and the banquet began at six where everyone dressed grandly enough. Dressing up with her hair coiled up, Liang Yin wore a black fishtail dress. She was poisedly mature yet enough to captivate the audience.

Those who took group photos posted it on Weibo after abiding by the consent and they couldn’t help but add a sentence – My Goddess is so beautiful!

Liang Yin is flawless, no matter at which angle.

Her elegance and calmness have long fused in the marrow of her bones.


Only one person can see those coquettishness and bashfulness.


Zhou Zuokang, however, did not attend.


The two naturally returned to the Zhou family during the Lunar New Year.

Zhou Zuokang was still not there.

Rong Xin had gone abroad and suggested breaking up, hence Zhou Zuokang dropped everything and went to look for her.

After eleven years of entanglement, Rong Xin finally chose to end it.

Zhou Jianchen and Liang Yin were well aware of this matter, but they hid it from Mother Zhou and told her that they were just going abroad for fun.

Mother Zhou was vivid and scolded the two for being heartless as it was in vain for her to prepare so much delicious food for them.

However, this Lunar New Year was not only their family alone. Zhou Jianchen and Liang Yin were newly married and almost all the Zhou family members had rushed back. After catching up on old times, they then agreed to get together again during the Spring Festival.

Hence, Liang Yin spent almost the entire Spring Festival paying New Year visits to various places.

She naturally was repeatedly asked about her pregnancy.

Their Zhou family still has no offspring up to now and the elderly are anxious for them.

Zhou Jianchen wasn’t concerned and just said he was not in a hurry, Liang Yin was nevertheless speechless.

All the family gatherings finally concluded by the tenth day of the Lunar New Year and the group of people was really tired.

While Zhou Jianchen was still asleep this morning, Liang Yin felt a pang of nausea and she just went to the bathroom.

After a bout of dry retching, she suddenly realized something and hurriedly pulled out a home pregnancy test kit from her bag.

Her menstruation was late previously and she suspected she was pregnant, so she bought a few back for home-testing.

Once the test result appeared, Liang Yin stood frozen on the spot in the bathroom.

After a long while, tears appeared in her eyes and a smile revealed at the corners of her lips.

Zhou Jianchen was still asleep when she got back into bed. Sensing her instantly, he merely gathered her into his arms.

“Why took such a long time.” He spoke vaguely.

He asked her where she was going just now and she merely responded with, “To the bathroom.”

His eyes were still closed and full of sleepiness. Burying into his embrace, Liang Yin looked at him with a profound smile in her eyes.

She finally spoke after a long while, “Zhou Jianchen, looks like I’m pregnant.”

Zhou Jianchen did not respond.

Three seconds later, he became clear-headed all of a sudden. 

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