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Just want to be with You – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

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On the eleventh day of the first lunar month, the group then came to the hospital. Although there were two lines shown on the home pregnancy test kit, specific check-ups were still needed.

This is a private hospital. Walking along the VIP passage with hats and face-masks, Ah Zhao and others were enclosed throughout the whole process.

Ultrasound scan, blood tests and a series of examinations.

Once the report came out, the doctor smiled and just said, “Congratulations.”

Liang Yin’s heart finally settled.

Looking at Zhou Jianchen, who was still somewhat dazed, as he looked at the test report in his hand.

He was startled awake by Liang Yin’s words in the morning and still unable to get out of his daze till now. What anterior uterus, what progesterone, what bilateral appendages, he couldn’t make sense at all and what he could just understand was ‘early intrauterine pregnancy, about six weeks in size’.

Six weeks … forty-two days … he already has a bun in the oven for so long …

Gazing at the little shadow in the photo, Zhou Jianchen merely felt at a loss.

Returning in the car, Ah Xian drove with a face full of smile while Zhou Jianchen leaned against the back of the seat as he stroked the corners of his mouth with his left hand and was still silent.

He was still unable to react.

Liang Yin glanced back without uttering a word and just smiled to herself. The doctor said her baby is doing fine and developing as expected, hence she is very happy.

She simply didn’t expect it to have arrived for so long. Being thin and experiencing a car accident, her menses is quite irregular and late every month. Once it was overdue for half a month, she tested and found that she was not pregnant, hence she stopped thinking about it but she didn’t expect it to have long arrived unknowingly.

Her lower belly is still flat and she wanted to caress it, but felt somewhat embarrassed, so she just looked and greeted it silently, “How are you? My little baby.”

Once the car stopped when they arrived at the Zhou family, Mother Zhou had come out to greet them.

Zhou Jianchen got out first. Seeing that he didn’t reply, she hurriedly looked at Liang Yin who got off later.

Liang Yin knew what she meant and nodded with a smile, “En.” She actually didn’t hide when she went out this morning.

Mother Zhou laughed out immediately, “Thank God.” Tears trickled down again.

As she spoke, she then slapped Zhou Jianchen on the arm, “Why didn’t you lousy brat even smile a little that I thought what’s it all about?” She was almost startled when she caught sight of his serious appearance.

Zhou Jianchen was a little confused by the slap, yet Mother Zhou had already pulled Liang Yin to go inside, “Come, come, come, let’s get inside. It’s windy outside, don’t catch a cold.” Her face was full of smiles.

Liang Yin glanced back at Zhou Jianchen and just followed Mother Zhou into the villa with a smile.

Accepting it, Zhou Jianchen followed them too.

Seeing the smile on Mother Zhou’s face, the servants already knew what was going on and they congratulated while some went to get drinks and cushions, and everyone was extremely happy. How could they not know they had just gone to the hospital for a checkup.

Liang Yin was embarrassed to have inconvenienced so many people that she just asked them not to be troubled, but Mother Zhou took her hand and made her sit down, “They should, they should.”

After so many years their Zhou family finally has such good news and they can’t be much happier.

Heavens knows how long she has been looking forward to this!

Looking at her younger son who was sitting on the side with a scowl, she was still worried that she took Liang Yin’s hand and spoke to them, “I tell you, just give birth since you are pregnant and don’t mess around foolishly. I know both of you still want to film but you guys are not young anymore. If not now, it’s hard to say when it is. Don’t be like your elder brother and sister-in-law, do you hear me?” She was serious, deadpan serious.

Previously, she had hoped that her eldest son would get married early but he didn’t even have a serious girlfriend when he reached thirty. Later she was told that he was with Rong Xin yet they simply didn’t get married after so many years and inevitably had no children. At first she thought the two of them were busy with their careers hence she felt embarrassed to urge them. Actresses in the entertainment circles all married and gave birth late. And being a Film Empress too, it is naturally difficult to just ask her to get pregnant. Later she learned that the two of them did not reject having children, rather it was Rong Xin whose health was previously ruined couldn’t conceive all along.

Afraid that Rong Xin would be sad, she never mentioned it but she still hoped the Zhou family could have a child earlier so that she could be a grandmother sooner and carry the child in her arms as soon as possible.

She couldn’t count on her eldest son, hence she merely started to put faith in her younger son. As a result, her younger son didn’t even get a girlfriend until he turned thirty and almost killed her with anxiety. Now he finally married Liang Yin and is even pregnant with a child, how could she not be excited.

“If you don’t heed me, don’t come back in the future.” Afraid what she said earlier was inefficacy, she added and her eyes reddened too. She worried they would only care about themselves and didn’t even want children.

Seeing that the Old Lady was so agitated and aggrieved as such, Liang Yin hurriedly said, “Mom, I want it.”

How could she not want it, she has been waiting for a long time. She already loves it so much even before its birth.

Mother Zhou broke into tears and smiled hearing her words. Caressing her face, she said, “It’s still Ah Yin who is the most obedient.”

Obedient and gentle, who wouldn’t cause others to worry at all. Her calling out “Mom” was also sweet and soft, directly touching others’ hearts.

If she had a daughter, she should have been like this.

Getting stroked on the face, Liang Yin felt warm and she had not called anyone “Mom” for a long time too.

Mother Zhong was also very genial but always kept a distance while she was with the Zhong family. They seldom met and she just called her “Mother” whenever they met.

But Mother Zhou always cared about her meticulously, just like her own mother.

Saying that, Mother Zhou looked at her son again.

Ah Yin has already committed herself, what about you?

His face was tense when he came back and didn’t know what he wanted to do.

Mother Zhou glared at him, with eyes full of censure.

Zhou Jianchen had regained his reverie now and was entirely speechless looking at his Old Lady’s eyes. Knowing she was still waiting for her reply, he put down his long legs and spoke casually, “Just want it then, what else can be done since it’s already here?”

Is it still possible to send it back?

No matter what he still felt quite displeased.

He really never thought of having a child so soon, or rather, never thought of having a child at all. All he just wanted was to be with Liang Yin, just the two of them without anyone’s intrusion. Unexpectedly, someone just appeared out of nowhere.

Saying he didn’t want this child would be harmful to her health yet he was still unwilling.

Now this forty-two day-old brat has just become an intruder, forcing him to make concessions.

Zhou Jianchen is not ‘hostile’ to his little brat, but he eventually wasn’t really welcoming.

Overlooking all his expressions, Liang Yin merely smiled inwardly.

Mother Zhou soon worried about the lunch. Her younger daughter-in-law is pregnant, so everything has to be more notable.

Seeing that she had left, Liang Yin just sat next to Zhou Jianchen again. Leaning her head under his, she said with a smile, “Whether you’re happy or not, I’m very happy anyway.”

She knew he didn’t want a child so soon, but she really couldn’t help it. Looking up with a smile, a layer of radiance seemed to veil her face and her eyes were shining.

Glancing at her, Zhou Jianchen couldn’t help but roll his eyes, then held her face and rubbed it hard as he held back a smile and said, “Okay, as long as you are happy!”

Saying that, he gathered her into his arms.

What else can he do, so long as she is happy.

At worst, just cast it at home and let the Old Lady raise it later.


They naturally spent the night at the Zhou family again in the evening.

Liang Yin returned to the bedroom after taking folic acid and showered. Just as she was about to put her hair up for a good sleep, Zhou Jianchen got into bed and hugged her waist before kissing her lips again. The Old Lady had called her out just now, causing him to wait long for her return.

His kiss was lingering and intense, and the temperature rose again. They were busy with Spring Festival’s visitations the past two days and had been staying at the elders’ homes, thus having abstinence and when they returned last night, she was too sleepy. Seeing her curves once she came out in a nightgown, he was really itching for her. What’s more, her slender long neck was revealed when she raised her arms to put her hair up.

Pulling down the strap of her pajamas to kiss her neck again, Zhou Jianchen sucked and stroked, “Yinyin … “

Liang Yin’s face flushed red, but she quickly pushed him away, “Cannot … “

The eyes were dazed yet firm.

Zhou Jianchen was rather startled.

“The doctor said no sex during the first three months.” Liang Yin explained in a low voice smilingly.

“ ….. “ Zhou Jianchen was instantly dumbfounded. Indeed, the doctor seemed to have warned them in the hospital.

A moment of exasperation, yet following which he kissed her lips and at the same time pulled her hand down, “Then tell me, what I should do?”

Kissing him back, Liang Yin merely said with a smile, “You bear with it first ah. It will be fine after three months.”

Zhou Jianchen became even unhappy hearing that.

He originally thought it would be done by just casting it to someone else directly after its birth, but unexpectedly it is so bothersome now.


Though Zhou Jianchen and Liang Yin tried to keep it from the public, they were indeed too famous that no matter how closely they safeguard, they were still recognized. So not long after, they were found out to have gone to the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department with the news of suspected pregnancy.

For a while, it attracted a lot of attention. Since their marriage, many fans have begun to look forward to them having a baby and there are even some who simulated the appearance of their future child. Everyone wants to know what their baby will look like. Hence once the news broke out, Zhou Jianchen’s Weibo was swamped again.

Now everyone knows that Goddess Liang doesn’t post much on Weibo. Just go look for Brother Chen if there’s any matter, so everyone just asked him – Brother Chen, Brother Chen, are you going to be a father?

Zhou Jianchen naturally saw it, but he didn’t respond.

It’s not good to announce it before the first three months, and he too doesn’t want to be a father at all.

The little brat is growing bigger and bigger, and there are more and more matters where Liang Yin simply won’t attend to him now.

She has severe symptoms. Vomiting every day that her whole person didn’t put on weight instead getting thinner, causing him distress.

But after three months, he had to respond on Weibo. So many people had asked with blessings that he could not remain silent after all.

It was nevertheless perfunctory; liking an article of ‘Raising Children’ on Weibo, which was regarded as confirmation.

When the group of netizens excitedly asked how far along the pregnancy was or when’s the due date and how’s Sister Yin’s health, and if it’s a boy or a girl, he posted and replied with this.

– Sister Yin is very well. Thank you for your concerns (smile). The onlookers: How’s my Sister Yin’s health ah, Brother Chen?

– Perfunctory as always.

As for whether it’s a boy or girl?

Ah … see if I will beat him to death if it’s a son, if it’s a daughter … let it be …

There were also some who begged him to continue taking and uploading some of Goddess Liang’s photos. Liang Yin rarely goes out after her pregnancy and even no longer participates in any events, thus she hasn’t made any appearance for a very long time.

Zhou Jianchen disregarded it directly.

There were some who felt his perfunctory:

– Is Brother Chen not very happy ah? Could it be that you don’t like children?

Zhou Jianchen withheld from giving it a like.

But after seeing the following post, he immediately got up to look for Liang Yin to take photos.

– Don’t tell me there is a relationship crisis between Brother Chen and Film Empress Liang?

Saying that he doesn’t like children, he will just admit it, but mentioning that they are having a relationship crisis? Crisis your sister ah!

Hence Liang Yin was filmed again as she played with the relatives’ children in the garden. This time it was not even a photo, it was a video.

“Yinyin.” He shouted.

Raising her head, Liang Yin saw him holding up his cellphone again and covered her face hurriedly, “You’re taking my photos again!”

The video ended and was immediately uploaded on Weibo.

– Here’s your Goddess Liang.

Instantly, there was ‘Hahaha’ again.

– Didn’t expect Brother Chen to be so naughty!

– Ahhhhhh, didn’t expect my Goddess to be so cute in private!

– Goddess doesn’t look pregnant yet!

– Waiting for the baby to be born.

– Sweeten by surprise …..

In the video, Liang Yin, dressed in a white dress, was celestial and beautiful.

Yet she was lively and adorable.

It was already too late when Liang Yin wanted to stop him and wished she could unfollow him.

He always likes to take her photos secretly and upload them on Weibo without notifying her.


By the time summer is over, the due date is approaching too and the media has long waited for it.

After that, Liang Yin was photographed several times again when she went for check-ups. Seeing her bulging belly, many fans began to ask Zhou Jianchen about the baby’s due date again. Zhou Jianchen replied in September nonchalantly, hence the media were waiting for this day to arrive.

Baby Zhou/Liang has long attracted everyone’s attention and everyone is waiting for its birth.

On the day of September 19th, Liang Yin began to feel labor pains and asked the nanny to pack then head to the hospital. She has been waiting for this day for a long time and is ready for it.

Zhou Jianchen naturally accompanied her.

Everything was fine during the check-ups, so Liang Yin chose to give birth naturally and after three hours of labor pains, she gave birth to a baby boy.

“Congratulations, it’s a boy, 3.6kg and very healthy.” The doctor said with a smile.

Liang Yin was very tired, but looking at the swaddled baby, she couldn’t help revealing a smile.

The little baby just cried a few times before falling asleep again, with his eyes tightly closed and especially quiet.

Liang Yin’s heart softened as she looked at him.

The child was quickly carried out and handed over to Zhou Jianchen immediately.

Looking at him, Zhou Jianchen frowned, “Truly ugly.”

Red and wrinkled, this is his child.

Mother Zhou wanted to cry excitedly, but hearing him say that, she couldn’t help but hit him, “You rascal! Who’s ugly, he’s so good-looking ah. Look at this nose, this little mouth, it’s exactly the same as Ah Yin’s, and also this eyebrow, this feature, which is exactly the same as you!”

Exactly the same?

Zhou Jianchen took a closer look at the child in his arms again. Looking at it, he revealed a smile too.

Indeed, he does really look a bit like Liang Yin.

Hence a moment ago, he still felt him wrinkly red and extremely ugly and now he thought he was a little cute.

Liang Yin was soon pushed out and Zhou Jianchen couldn’t care less about his son. He just came to her side to hold her hand and said, “Tired? Does it hurt a lot?”

Looking at her damp hair, he felt a burst of unendurable.

Liang Yin looked at his deeply concerned appearance, just smiled and shook her head.


At noon that day, Zhou Jianchen took another photo of the little baby’s feet and uploaded it on Weibo.

– En, my family’s brat was born.

Instantly, there was seething excitement.


Zhou Duanming, pet-name Duan-Duan, the future national husband, was finally born.

Duan is upright, while Ming is the brightness after the rain. The name was personally suggested by the Zhou family’s elders.


And when Liang Yin was discharged from the hospital three days later, the hospital’s entrance was already surrounded by reporters.

Wearing the sunglasses, Zhou Jianchen was carrying the baby basket with the corners of his mouth slightly raised and walking beside him, Liang Yin was brimming with smiles and her eyes were full of radiance.

She is still in very good shape. Dressed in a long dress, she is beautiful and moving.

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