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Just want to be with You – Chapter 56.1

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Chapter 56.1

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When Zhou Jianchen saw this, his heart felt somewhat constricted for a moment and he soon held out his hand, “Come.”

Duan-duan grabbed his hand anxiously to go in and his blanket fell before he picked it up again. He then stumbled to the side before climbing onto the bed and got under the quilt.

Zhou Jianchen’s intention just now was agreeing to let him sleep with him.

Zhou Jianchen got into the bed too. Duan-duan then wrapped his arms tightly around his neck and buried himself in his arms.

His son’s body is very small yet his embrace was particularly strong. Hugging him, Zhou Jianchen’s heart somehow softened again.

He has really never slept with him before.

The thunders were still rumbling and the acute lightning seemingly trashing everything apart. Zhou Jianchen couldn’t help but to cover his ears and spoke soothingly, “It’s okay. It will be fine soon, don’t be afraid.”

Duan-duan, who originally was still sobbing, burst into tears hearing that, “I’m not courageous. Duan-duan is not courageous!”

Mommy asked him to be a courageous man, but he’s still afraid!

“Wuwuwu … “ Duan-duan was sad and remorseful, choking with sobs.

Looking at his son’s face full of tears, Zhou Jianchen’s heart tightened. His arms were still clutching the small blanket tightly. He took it away to wipe the tears off his face and hugged him tight, “It’s alright. It’s okay to be a little bit scared.”

Duan-duan cried even more sadly.

He actually hasn’t been asleep at all. Mommy is not here, his Aunty Nanny is not here and there are only unfamiliar aunties and uncles at home. He feels scared and insecure.

Daddy is here, but Daddy won’t sleep with him.

He didn’t dare to disturb his Daddy, so just shut his eyes tightly, but it was raining pitter-patter outside and even thunderbolts, which got louder and louder, and were very frightening.

Previously Grandma and Aunt Nanny would come to accompany him whenever there were thunderbolts, but no one is here now.

The sound of thunderbolt got louder and louder, lighting up the room. He dared not sleep anymore, so he picked up his small blanket, opened the door and walked out.

There was no one in the house. He wanted to look for his Daddy, but he stopped once he reached the front of the next door.

Daddy doesn’t ‘like’ him and never wanted to sleep with him. He was not happy whenever Mommy wanted him to sleep with her. He was afraid that he wouldn’t want to sleep with him again.

As he was too scared, he wanted to look for the person he could most rely on, but he was afraid of rejection. There was frightful thunder and lightning in the room, thus he dared not go back and just stood at the door with the blanket in his arms.

Helpless and at a loss, like a child who nobody wants.

Luckily Daddy finally opened the door and then let him in …

The thundering sound outside gradually lessened and the lightning faded away. Duan-duan soon stopped crying yet still sobbed from time to time.

With the blanket taken away, there was no gap between the two people. Sensing the strength and warmth from his Daddy, Duan-duan felt at ease and a little startled too. He leaned tightly against his chest and did not dare to move a bit.

He was afraid that if he moved, his Daddy wouldn’t want him again.

“Go to sleep.” Zhou Jianchen felt his son’s tenseness and just patted his little head as he spoke.

Sensing that his Daddy would be unlikely to make him leave, Duan-duan nodded his head hastily before resting on his arm and closed his eyes.

“En.” His mouth was still pursed.

Tears trickled down and he quickly reached out to wipe it away.

Seeing this, Zhou Jianchen couldn’t help but smile and sigh out a breath.

This is his child ah!

The lights in the room had long been switched off. Hugging his son, Zhou Jianchen’s heart eventually softened into a puddle.

His son’s body is small, soft, with warmness, all the way into his heart. The kind of bloodline and inseparable relations are poundingly overflowing, making him feel remorseful yet also at peace.

He has been fatherless since childhood and he doesn’t know how to play the role of a father. Although his eldest brother is like a father, he has long been subversive during his rebellious youth.

He was unprepared for the sudden arrival of a child and he didn’t know how to deal with it either. He thought of being a ‘Strict Father’, and just played the role of one.


At five o’clock the next morning, the director and a group of cameramen came to Cuihu Villa again. Due to filming demand, the production crew had the spare key and they walked into the villa soundlessly.

Without doubt, the spare key was taken from Sister Yin.

The day was dawning and the corridor lights were on. The house was silent and the people inside had not woken up yet. The crews entered the monitoring room and the cameramen quietly test-run the equipment.

The director glanced subconsciously when he walked into the child’s room and froze.

Where is the person?

The door was open and there was no one on the bed except a small pillow and a dinosaur toy.

Brother Chen’s room was precisely next door, which was tightly shut and he dared not knock. At this moment, someone peeked out from the monitoring room and waved to him, and the director came hurriedly over.

A room in the villa was specially vacated for them to put their equipment. Oftentimes, a dozen or so staff would all crowd inside and at this moment, they were watching the screen.

In order to film the entire show, there was also a camera in Brother Chen’s room, which they had turned off when they left at night. Turning it on now, the screen simply showed Zhou Jianchen and Duan-duan sleeping together.

Sleeping separately, both were one each side. Duan-duan was lying flat and sleeping properly under the quilt with his head uncovered while Zhou Jiancehn was also lying flat with one arm pillowing his head.

The eyes of the female staff were full of infatuation; Brother Chen looks so handsome even while he is sleeping!

The group of male staff looked at each other – wasn’t it cleared that they would sleep separately?

Playing the video back hastily, they were all melted with cuteness again watching it.

“Daddy, I’m scared … “

There were also cameras in the hallway and everything that happened last night was recorded.

“Awwww, why is Little Duan-duan so cute!”

“OMG, Brother Chen actually let him in!”

“Save it quickly, save it quickly, this part is essential!”

It was already retained automatically once the camera recorded it, but the director still reminded repeatedly, in case it’s lost then it will certainly be tragic!

Such a spectacular scene, how could he let it pass!


The group of staff began to get busy again, not daring to disturb the peacefully sleeping father and son, and all their movements were extra cautious. Seriously, Brother Chen is notoriously known for having morning irritability and if they wake him up, he will even flip heaven!

But no matter how cautious one was, there were inevitably accidental moments. With a ‘bang’, a strap caught the handle of a storage box and it dropped to the floor as the cameraman who changed the lens was about to leave.

Everyone in the monitoring room was panic-stricken. In the room, Zhou Jianchen heard the commotion, knitted his brows and woke up.

The monitoring room was just two rooms away from his bedroom.

The camera on the wall moved, and he knew at once that the filming crew had arrived.

On the side, his son was still asleep very serenely. Glancing at him, Zhou Jianchen then lifted the quilt and got up.

His expression was profoundly cold.

Hugging his son to sleep together last night, he then lay him flat after a while. He wasn’t used to hugging him to sleep for the first time and it felt totally different from hugging Yin-yin.

Zhou Jianchen misses his wife a little.

Seeing this in the monitoring room, the group of filming crew dared not even breathe heavily.

The door was soon pushed open and Zhou Jianchen walked in. He glanced at them and said “Help me keep an eye”, before closing the door and walked out.

Keep an eye on what? Naturally on his son!

As for the key, he knew where they got it from even without asking.

The group of filming crew nodded hurriedly.

Zhou Jianchen went upstairs and started to wash up.

Downstairs, the group of filming crew felt nervous and couldn’t help discussing, “How about calling Sister Yin to have her call Brother Chen?” To appease him?

“Not good. It’s not even half past six … “Sister Yin wouldn’t have woken up so early, ” the choreographer said.

Looking at each other, they just concede.

Forget it. If Brother Chen knew they disturbed Sister Yin, perhaps they would die more miserably. It’s better to bear until Brother Chen’s morning irritability has dispersed on its own …

Zhou Jianchen soon came down and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. His expression was still indiscernible. As a matter of fact, he had just called Liang Yin, questioning her about giving the key to others casually and also to admonish her, “See how I’ll deal with you when you get back.”

He was in a really good mood at this moment.

Boiling the millet porridge, as well as steaming a basket of steamed buns.

But he didn’t watch it all the time. He just spoke to the cameraman who followed him, “Help me to watch it.” And then he walked away.

How could the cameraman refuse. Standing in front of the casserole, he just kept watching through the camera lens out of habit.

As if shooting a delicacy show.

The rain outside had stopped with the sun out and Zhou Jianchen had already walked out. Not knowing where he was going, the director asked the cameraman to follow hastily.

“Where are you going, Brother Chen?” The cameraman asked while holding up the camera.

“Jogging.” Zhou Jianchen spoke concisely.

Cameraman, “ ….. “

Zhou Jianchen has a habit of working out every day, but it’s all in the gym, as for today …

Cuihu Villa is surrounded by lakes and mountains, with beautiful scenery and boulevard circle is even better for cycling and jogging. The neighborhood is full of the rich and famous, and there are also many people jogging in the early morning who greet each other whenever they meet.

Reaching his hand up in response, Zhou Jianchen was perfectly composed with the cameraman catching up exhaustedly.

The physical fitness of cameramen like them is good, but he couldn’t match Brother Chen who kept running lap after lap and seemingly unaffected while he almost collapsed with exhaustion and the hand holding the camera was about to break.

By the time Brother Chen finally returned, he was like a dead dog.

Inside the villa was still as before. Forty minutes had passed and the millet porridge was not fully cooked yet, and the flame had actually been lowered. Once the cameraman realized, he no longer held the camera and only stood by the side to keep an eye while occasionally stirring it a few times.

Everyone turned their gazes successively when they saw him coming back. Zhou Jianchen shot them a glance before going upstairs to take a shower.

It was half past seven when he came down and Duan-duan was finally awake.

The moment Zhou Jianchen knew it, he pushed the door in.

Sitting on the bed, Duan-duan was rubbing his eyes and looked confused. When he saw his father walk in, he looked up and called out, “Daddy.”

“En. You are awake.” Zhou Jianchen responded and changed the clothes he had just taken for him.

There was some warmth in his eyes.

The clothes were a small blue shirt and a pair of white shorts, which was very refreshing on him.

It was similar to the one he was wearing.

Dressed also in a cornflower blue linen shirt and a pair of beige slacks, it made Zhou Jianchen appear composed and laid back.

Seeing the cameraman standing at the door, Duan-duan called out, “Good morning, Uncle.”

Not daring to speak, the cameraman only nodded his head abruptly.

Zhou Jianchen then led him into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. He even specifically asked which he wanted when he squeezed the toothpaste. Who would have thought Duan-duan would look up with a smile and say, it’s okay.

As long as it’s Daddy who squeezes it, it’s okay.

There was a smile in Zhou Jianchen’s eyes and he just squeezed the grape-flavored one for him.

They then started having breakfast. Afraid of what happened again yesterday, the filming crew picked up a bag of bread to tell Duan-duan that they had already eaten. Seeing that, Duan-duan felt relieved too.

After breakfast, Zhou Jianchen went to wash the dishes and Duan-duan ran over to play with his toys.

The filming crew was ready to begin yesterday’s reenactment.

Waiting for a while, the director came over to squat down beside Duan-duan and asked quietly, “Duan-duan, did you sleep with Daddy last night ah?”

The scene in the corridor last night was recorded, but nothing in the room was documented! What happened after that was not known at all and his heart was jittery like a scratchy cat!

And now, seeing that Zhou Jianchen was not here, he came over hurriedly to ask.

Raising his head, Duan-duan looked at him for a moment and nodded, “En.” He was already acquainted with this director.

He added after a while, “I’m afraid of the thunderbolts … “

“Thunderbolts is okay. Uncle is afraid too.” The director was smiling beamingly, “Then did Daddy hug you ah?”

Duan-duan turned around to look at Zhou Jianchen and felt a little embarrassed, “En.”

“Then does Duan-duan like Daddy’s hug ah?” The director asked again.

Duan-duan lowered his gaze and pushed the little car, “Like it.” His face turned a little red.

“Oh – “ The director exclaimed in his heart. Why is he so cute!

“Then did Daddy say anything to Duan-duan last night?” The director seemed to ask furtively.

Duan-duan thought for a moment before replying, “Daddy told me not to be afraid. It’s okay to be a little bit scared.”

“En, en! It’s okay to be a little bit scared! Duan-duan is already very brave!” The director nodded furiously.

Duan-duan looked at him for a moment and smiled again, “Thank you, Uncle.”

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