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Just want to be with You – Chapter 56.2

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Chapter 56.2

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“Not at all.” The director couldn’t help pinching his face but seeing that Zhou Jianchen was done soon, he quickly held back, “Uncle will leave first ah. Duan-duan play by yourself.”


The director left quietly and Duan-duan began to play with his little car on his own again.

Zhou Jianchen finally came over after he tidied up. The filming crew originally thought he was going to sit on the sofa again, but unexpectedly he walked straight to Duan-duan, patted his head and said, “Let’s go.”

Duan-duan looked up, at a little loss.

Where to? The filming crew was dumbfounded too.

Duan-duan still clambered up. Since Daddy said go, then he just followed

The father and son had already walked to the doorway to start changing their shoes. The director came over hurriedly to ask, “Brother Chen, where are you going?”

Zhou Jianchen swept him a glance while putting on his shoes, “Didn’t you ask me to bring him out to play yesterday?”

Yesterday … yesterday … the director recalled at once. Why don’t Brother Chen bring Duan-duan out for some fun and to buy some cookies or something … he said so yesterday.

But didn’t he already reject it at that time!

Zhou Jianchen took the car keys and went out with Duan-duan. Seeing that, the filming crew hastily followed suit.

Damn! It was just a casual remark at that time, purely because he was afraid the father and son would be too bored, but he never thought Brother Chen would really go out! Even if you really wanted to go, shouldn’t you have informed in advance!

Just gone out so rashly, what’s to be done if there is any commotion!

Thinking about it, the director hurriedly summoned several staff members in the monitoring room, “Let’s go together!” What if disturbance arises at that time and they have no safeguard from their side.

After fastening Duan-duan’s safety car seat belt, Zhou Jianchen went forward to drive out while followed closely by the two filming crew’s cars.

Brother Chen didn’t say where he was going, thus they could only act according to circumstances.

There are scripts in variety shows and even other groups have general plans, but here, how could they dare to arrange specific arrangements for Brother Chen ah, it would be a wonder if nobody quit!

It was said that he was extremely reluctant to accept this variety show at the beginning …

Zhou Jianchen drove for 20 minutes and stopped at a large shopping mall. When he got off, he put on a cap and a face mask.

Duan-duan also wore a blue baseball cap on his head, making him look even more exquisitely delicate.

He seemed a little excited, not expecting Daddy to bring him here.

This is the first time Daddy has taken him out for fun by himself …

Although he didn’t mention it yesterday, it was indeed boring staying at home the whole day.

The father and son walked in together, and the filming crew followed with their equipment – not daring to be too conspicuous, they all held small-size recording gear.

Fortunately, this was an upscale mall and there was no sign of crowds. There were not many people along the way as it was still early, merely 9 a.m. Yet they still attracted some attention. Although Zhou Jianchen was under disguise, with his height, he was simply a captivating sight wherever he stood, not to mention there was still a particularly pristine and beautiful child next to him.

What a heartwarming combination of a Daddy and a cute child.

However, the Daddy had an unapproachable aura and he was unrecognizable without close scrutiny, thus no one came over by just a glance.

Zhou Jianchen already pushed a cart on the escalator to the second floor while Duan-duan gripped his clothes and followed by his side. All the way, he walked by himself and didn’t ask to be carried.

The filming crew was trailing behind. They were extremely tense along the way.

The supermarket was on the second floor. Zhou Jianchen brought his child straight to the snack section. As Zhou Jianchen picked snacks that children could eat and put all into the cart, Duan-duan looked at the colorful merchandise on the shelves with his head tilted and his eyes dazzled.

He knew these were all food, but he didn’t know what it was.

He is still too young and can’t eat a lot of stuff.

And Mommy had never brought him to this area before.

Some people noticed them and wanted to come forward to ask questions, but the filming crew rushed forward to stop them, and after some interaction, they did not come forward again.

It was merely two or three people which did not cause any disturbance.

The supermarket was very big, and Zhou Jianchen seemed to have deliberately avoided the crowded places too.

Zhou Jianchen picked as he walked and the cart was soon half full. Seeing the fruit section was exactly in front, he then just walked over.

As Duan-duan’s gaze was set on the toy shelf by the side and momentarily unable to look away, he didn’t know that his father had left.

He thought that his father was picking stuff and was just by his side.

On the shelf were Shaun the Sheep, PAW Patrol and also Thomas the Train … Previously, Grandma took him to play at Xiaohu’s house and he had a set of Thomas the Train …

After he had looked enough, he noticed something unusual and quickly shifted his line of sight.

There was nobody where Daddy was standing just now.

His expression sank with his eyes widened and he ran forward in panic to look for him. But he was too tiny and the supermarket was too big. All he could see were rows of shelves and unfamiliar faces.

With no sign of Daddy at all.

There was panic all over his face.

Running back and forth, he still couldn’t find him. Mouth pursed, tears were already swirling.

Seeing the cameraman hiding behind the shelf, it was as if seeing a savior. He ran over hurriedly as he wiped the tears with the back of his hands and spoke sobbingly, “Uncle, I’ve lost Daddy. Can you help me call 110?”

Duan-duan has always been an independent child, a little introvert but rather cheerful and he often has a smile at the corners of his lips. He had never seen him crying like this. Originally, the filming crew still had the intention of ‘watching with folded arms’ in order to increase the conflict plot, but seeing him crying now, everyone’s heart turned extremely soft.

Squatting down quickly, he pointed to a figure not far away and spoke reassuringly, “Don’t cry, Duan-duan. Daddy is over there.”

Duan-duan looked around in the direction and indeed saw his Daddy standing there. Wiping his tears away, he then quickly ran over there.

Once he got to Zhou Jianchen’s side, he just pulled his clothes again and wiped away the trickling tears with the back of his hand.

Zhou Jianchen was picking cherries and he felt movement. Looking down, he saw his son standing by his legs with one hand tightly grasping the front of his shirt.

He was wiping his eyes with the back of his hand and his tiny shoulders were somewhat quivering.

– Liang Yin likes cherries and she will be back tomorrow, so he plans to get her some first. The cart was already full of oranges, kiwis and avocados packets.

Not knowing what was going on, he placed the cherries into the cart and looked at the cameraman who followed closely.

The cameraman hurriedly replied, “You left Duan-duan behind just now and he cried when he couldn’t find you.”

“ ….. “

Zhou Jianchen pondered for a moment, it seemed he really didn’t take much notice of his son just now. He had been following him all along without him spending much effort, thus he then assumed he would follow suit. Moreover, he eventually thought there were still the filming crew …

After wiping his tears dry, Duan-duan raised his head. His eyes were still a little red, his face was full of tear stains yet he restrained himself from sobbing again.

Looking pitiful, his pair of clear bright eyes looked at him with full of lingering fear.

Zhou Jianchen pulled down his face mask, took a packet of grapes and asked him, “Do you want grapes?”

“En.” Duan-duan nodded with his mouth pursed.

Zhou Jianchen placed a few packets inside then picked him up, “Let’s go.”

Duan-duan didn’t expect that Daddy would still carry him and he couldn’t react for a moment. But he soon leaned on his shoulders and wrapped his arms tightly around his neck.

– “Get down and walk by yourself. You’re already so big.”

Daddy often said that when Mommy carried him, so he never dared to ask him to carry him.

Carrying the child with one hand, Zhou Jianchen pushed the cart to checkout with the other. After a few steps, he suddenly stopped and turned around.

The cameraman stepped forward quickly.

“Snip that earlier part off.” He dropped the words before turning and walking away.

The cameraman paused but almost laughed out loud soon after.

This is afraid of being beaten to death by Sister Yin, or afraid of being scolded to death by the audience.

Almost losing the child on the second day of tending the child, which is a very big negligence ah …

But he eventually felt it was impossible to delete this part …

After settling the payment, Zhou Jianchen left the cart to the filming crew and walked away with Duan-duan in his arms. The father and son were wearing the same color clothes, and they both were good-looking. As there were many people at the exit, they attracted a lot of attention.

Someone recognized him and called out “Zhou Jianchen” and “Duan-duan”. Zhou Jianchen paid no heed, but Duan-duan actually raised his head which caused some shrieking. Fortunately, there were not too many people, otherwise it would have caused a sensation.

Zhou Jianchen was used to it and didn’t care about it. Duan-duan more or less had experienced it too and knew what was going on. Except for his initial instinctive reaction, he was very calm too.

People who wanted to follow were already stopped by the staff and after some explanation, everyone expressed their understanding once they heard that the father and son were shooting a variety show.

Zhou Jianchen had long walked outside the supermarket with Duan-duan in his arms. There was precisely an ice-cream shop next to it and seeing that, Duan-duan’s eyes were drooling too.

Zhou Jianchen asked when he saw it, “Do you want it?”

Duan-duan thought about it and replied, “Mommy said cannot eat too much.”

“Then we’ll just eat a little bit.” There was a soft luster in Zhou Jianchen’s eyes.

Duan-duan laughed, “En!”

Walking to the counter, Duan-duan picked the strawberry flavor. Seeing that it was Zhou Jianchen and Duan-duan, the cashier lady didn’t want any payment due to the excitement and merely said it’s her treat. Zhou Jianchen thanked her, yet still he asked the crew to pay.

Further outside was exactly the children’s playroom. Duan-duan looked at the room full of ocean balls, his gaze clung to it. He came to play before and it was very fun.

“Want to play?” Zhou Jianchen asked again, sensing his son’s thoughts.

Duan-duan nodded.

“Then finish the ice-cream first.”

“Okay.” Zhou Jianchen walked to the playroom, put the child down and started to get the card. The cashier was about to faint with excitement.

Duan-duan quickly took off his shoes and went in to play. He soon played with two children too. Zhou Jianchen just found a corner to sit down. Browsing his cellphone for a moment, he looked at his son again.

After watching for a while, he suddenly took a photo and uploaded it on Weibo.

It instantly caused another cry of exclamation.

– Brother Chen actually posted Duan-duan’s photo again! ! !

In the photo, Duan-duan slid down the slide with his mouth wide open and was very happy.

Lunch was naturally eaten in the restaurant upstairs. The filming crew watched both the father and son sitting in the corner and eating mouthfuls at a time. There was a burst of grievances in the heart. It seemed impossible to ask Brother Chen to cook and it would be hopeless in this lifetime …

After a good lunch, it was naturally funtime again. It was already 3.30 p.m when they went home again.

Duan-duan woke up after a short nap. As a result of some ‘negotiations’, Zhou Jianchen’s car was now finally installed with a webcam and every action of the father and son inside was naturally filmed too.

Before Duan-duan fell asleep, he said, “Daddy, I’m going to sleep.”

Zhou Jianchen replied softly, “It’s alright. You can sleep. Daddy will wake you once we reach home.”

“En.” As soon as his word faltered, his little head lolled and he fell asleep.

Taking a look at the rearview mirror, Zhou Jianchen deliberately stopped the car to adjust his head.

Duan-duan woke up when they arrived home. He changed his shoes and drank some water before running off to play with the newly bought toys – when Zhou Jianchen turned around just now, he bought the whole set of Thomas the Train that he likes, as well as the full set of PAW Patrol figurines.

Duan-duan is very happy. He has a lot of toys, but these are the ones Daddy bought for him and he loves them so much. When the camera took a close-up shot, he deliberately held up to show them off with sparkling eyes and a face full of smiles.

The director then sneaked up again, “Duan-duan, do you love Daddy?”


“How much?”

“ ….. Very very much!” Duan-duan hesitated a little and replied.

“Then do you think Daddy loves you?” The director vaguely asked again.

Duan-duan pursed his lips and smiled, “He loves me too.”

Incredibly sure.

The director was moved to tears. Your father treated you like that and you still think he loves you ah!

But after all, children can sense who loves them the most.

Zhou Jianchen came downstairs, swept a glance at the director who was chatting with his son and walked into the kitchen again.

It was almost four o’clock, so it was time to prepare dinner.

From the fridge, he took out the pieces of chicken, corn and mushrooms. He prepared some ginger slices and the cooking wine, before putting it into the pot to cook. He then took out the cod fish and broccoli to prepare on the side.

When the director saw this, he was dumbfounded. Is Brother Chen going to cook?

But why is this different from what he thought? !

Wasn’t he supposed to be hard-pressed and bewildered? What about the formidable backup team?

Brother Chen is methodical, as if he has long been used to it.

“Brother Chen … that … you can cook ah?” The director came over, not afraid of dying.

Zhou Jianchen swept him a glance and did not answer.

“How is it that you can cook … “ The director simply could not understand. He has never heard of it ah!

In the other groups, those daddies almost set the kitchen on fire when they cooked.

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