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Just want to be with You – Chapter 56.3

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 56.3

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The daddies were flustered while the children cried and screamed, it was chaotic and very sensational! 

“Don’t tell me he used to cook for Sister Yin?” The director suddenly came up with such a bold speculation.

Zhou Jianchen’s gaze swept over again and sensing it, the director kept quiet.

“Understand! Understand!” The director covered his mouth and stepped back hurriedly.

Recklessly he might have discovered Brother Chen’s secret!

Zhou Jianchen lowered the flame and a smile appeared in his eyes.

Can he cook?

It’ll be a wonder!

If it wasn’t because the two people formerly living together didn’t know how to cook, and she wasn’t happy to eat out, he just had to prepare the meal himself.

Of course she taught while he cooked.

Well, afterwards, it was she who still taught while he cooked …

After so many years, he finally mastered the general steps of making soup and steaming vegetables.

Stir-fry? That’s impossible to do.

Even the master could not master it, how could he, the apprentice, possibly know it.

He still remembered that one time when she tried to make braised pork and almost burnt out the pot …

Sigh, Zhou Jianchen started thinking about Liang Yin again.

He couldn’t help but call her again, “Come back early tomorrow.”


It was precisely bath after dinner and followed by bedtime.

It was already eight o’clock and it was time for Duan-duan to go to bed.

From the bathroom to Zhou Jianchen’s bedroom door, Duan-duan looked at his father with some hesitation.

He slept with Daddy last night because of the thunderbolts, but there was no thunderbolt today …

Zhou Jianchen smiled when he saw the expression in his son’s eyes, patted his head, “Go in!”

Hearing this, Duan-duan smiled at once. He walked into the room and reached the bedside before climbing onto it immediately.

“Daddy will go take a bath too and come to accompany you after washing up. Very quick.” Zhou Jianchen said.

“En.” Duan-duan obediently covered himself with the quilt and nodded again.

Zhou Jianchen stroked his head and headed out. The cameraman at the door was filming when Zhou Jianchen gave him a glance and just went upstairs again.

The cameraman understood and stood guard at the door where he could be seen by Duan-duan.

Ten minutes later, Zhou Jianchen really came in. Seeing Daddy come back, Duan-duan felt a burst of happiness. He got up and took the picture book on the bedside table and said, “Uncle Director brought it over, he said Daddy wants to tell me a story.”

Zhou Jianchen, “ ….. “ Looking up at the camera, his eyes were extremely lethal.

Very good, even mapped out for him.

But looking at his son’s expectant eyes, he still got into bed and took it. Gathering his son into his arms, he then opened the picture book and read it.

“Once upon a time, a long time ago, on a sunny day … “

His voice was very pleasant. After so many years of acting career, he has long trained his speech skills to the extreme. Holding the little picture book in his hand, he just immersed into it with just a glance.

The voice was full of emotion, gentle and meticulous.

Duan-duan listened as he looked up at him. Daddy was sometimes very fierce, but oftentimes was also very gentle.

Just like the T-Rex in the story.

He likes it when Mommy tells him stories, but he is just as happy when Daddy does so.

Zhou Jianchen’s voice became softer and softer as Duan-duan’s eyelids got heavier. When Zhou Jianchen tilted his head after finishing the second story, Duan-duan had already fallen asleep on his arm.

Looking at his little son who was sleeping peacefully, Zhou Jianchen’s eyes revealed tenderness  but he soon turned piercingly cold again when he looked at the camera.

Everyone behind the camera shrank back seeing it.

I didn’t do it! I have no idea! Everything was Director Wang’s idea! Everyone’s expression was shirking the responsibility!

Director Wang merely laughed on the side. Able to film this scene, it was worth it even if he was scolded to death!

When have they ever heard Brother Chen tell a story so gently? The moment it is broadcast, Brother Chen perhaps will gain a houseful of complimentary sons and daughters …

In fact, he would also really like to interview Brother Chen, asking him about his thoughts and experinces which other groups had this part too, but looking at Brother Chen’s mood … forget it … they should just dismiss this part …

The night was gradually quiet and the filming crew left Cuihu Villa again, leaving only the father and son sleeping peacefully in the house.

There was a sweet smile on Duan-duan’s face, unbeknownst what he was dreaming about.


Early in the morning of the third day, the filming crew rushed over early again. Today they would shoot another part and the first episode of season 1’s [I want Mommy] – ‘Zhou Jianchen’s Home’ would be concluded.

At 10.30 a.m, the door opened and the Mommy, who had left home for two days, finally returned.

Watching Liang Yin come in, Zhou Jianchen couldn’t help but go over to hug her.

Not seeing her a day was like three autumns.

What’s more, it’s already been seven autumns.

Feeling a little embarrassed in front of so many cameras, Liang Yin patted Zhou Jianchen to hint him that there were still so many people watching, but Zhou Jianchen just hugged her tightly.

The group of staff has long known how much their Brother Chen loves their Lady Boss, but they still felt a little abashed seeing them so loving.

They all averted their eyes, but smiles appeared on the corners of their lips.

The camera, however, faithfully recorded everything.

Besides him, Duan-duan watched Daddy and Mommy hugging each other, and his face was full of smiles too.

In their family, it is always Daddy who hugs Mommy first, and then Mommy will hug him, so he was not in a hurry at all.

Liang Yin picked him up very soon, “Did Duan-duan behave well ah?”

“Yes.” After acknowledging instinctively, he remembered when he had misbehaved and looked at his father again.

Zhou Jianchen stroked his head, “Very well-behaved.”

Duan-duan then smiled again.


Two months later, [I Want Mommy] was broadcasted and the ratings hit all TV programs after just one episode, gaining a record high. Duan-duan immediately leaped onto the throne of ‘The National Little Prince Charming’.

Relevant discussions spread all over the internet, and the comments exploded on both Zhou Jianchen and Liang Yin’s Weibo.

Liang Yin’s Weibo was pleasant. There were many requests for photos, videos and even some asking for advice. Zhou Jianchen’s phrase “His mother taught him well” let everyone know that Duan-duan was single-handedly taught by Liang Yin, so everyone wanted to know how exactly to teach and raise such a good baby.

Duan-duan is only three years old, but he is indeed raised very well. He is smart, sensible and kind, really like a descended little angel.

The phrase “Daddy, I’m afraid … “ even made all audiences cry.

Without doubt, the phrase “Uncle, I’ve lost Daddy. Help me call 110”, even causing everyone to cry and laugh.

All the brand names of the household items that could be seen in Liang Yin’s house had long been probed out one by one by the sharp-eyed netizens and were sought after momentarily.

While the scene on Zhou Jianchen’s Weibo was nevertheless very different.

– Brother Chen! Won’t your conscience hurt! How could you be so indifferent to Duan-duan!

– You actually left Duan-duan alone in the room! Ahhhhh where’s my knife!

– Brother Chen, you actually lost Duan-duan! Ahhhh I can’ control my anger!

– After being Brother Chen’s fan for 15 years, I’m turning anti-fan for Duan-duan’s sake!

– Turn anti-fan together! Unscrupulous father! Inhuman!

– Brother Chen, do you believe I will steal Duan-duan tonight!

– Forming a group to steal Duan-duan!

– Forming a group to steal Duan-duan 1!

– Forming a group to steal Duan-duan 2!

– …..

At first, most of the viewers rushed to watch Zhou Jianchen, but afterwards, all of them were for Duan-duan.

The footage which Zhou Jianchen wanted to snip off was naturally broadcasted. With Zhou Zuokang there, all his opinions were completely restrained.


The show was a hit and so was Duan-duan. Many advertisers came to the door but Liang Yin declined all of them.

After the first season ended, Liang Yin did not let Duan-duan participate in the second season of filming.

Throughout the six episodes of companionship, the father-son relationship has long been different from the past, so there isn’t a need to let Duan-duan get more exposure.

Nowadays, Zhou Jianchen will take him to play around and will often think about accompanying him, hence there is simply needless a show filming.

In the future, he can get into if he is interested in the entertainment industry when he grows up, but right now, he has other plans for his life.

He must have more undertaking and more knowledge to be a more useful person to society in the future.


 Another year has passed in the blink of an eye.

Duan-duan is four years old and starts kindergarten. Zhou Jianchen is still in charge of StarLight Media and Liang Yin’s two productions have also been released. She is busy with various charity activities. Duan-duan’s remuneration from the filming was set up as a special fund to help the children in need and her salary naturally is added to it too.

She is now no longer that Film Empress Liang who people talked about. She has become Liang Yin, a radiating, yet elegant and gentle woman. She still rarely appears, but wherever she goes, she is full of brilliance.

Ruona and Shen Xinghe finally announced their romance too, which surprised everyone. This pair of ‘onscreen sweethearts’ never got along, but unexpectedly actually ended up together.

Liang Yin naturally expressed her blessings immediately.

Rong Xin and Zhou Zuokang finally gave birth to a pair of twin boys who are particularly adorable. The entire entertainment industry shook when the news of Rong Xin’s giving birth came out. Zhou Zuokang claimed it immediately and everyone was even more uproarious.

The two people have been in love for a prolonged 15 years and it was concealed tightly.

Looking at the two little brothers, Duan-duan was the happiest, so everyone asked Liang Yin when she would have another again.

Liang Yin glanced at Zhou Jianchen, smiled and said nothing. It was already difficult to have one, so she didn’t expect to even have another.

And Zhou Jianchen also didn’t seem to have any intention to have another.


All the people around are doing very well. Loving each other, keeping watch of each other, starting a family and being perfectly happy.

Zhong Mingzhen and Liang Yin, however, never saw each other again.

Five years have passed since the last time she saw him in Rome.

When she got married, Little Uncle asked Director Chen to deliver the congratulatory gift and Grandma Zhong had also called several times to check on her when she gave birth to Duan-duan, but Zhong Mingzhen never contacted her.


On this day, Liang Yin unexpectedly received a call from Zhong Jianian.

“Yinyin, Grandma is dying. Find some time to come back and see her.” Zhong Jianian said on the phone.

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