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Just want to be with You – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

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Days in October were slightly cool. In Cuihu Villa, the chauffeur placed the luggage into the car. With hands in his pockets, Zhou Jianchen stood by the side and looked unhappy.

Seeing this, Liang Yin pulled open the car door as she turned around and then said, “I’ll come back very soon.”

Zhou Jianchen shot her a glance and said nothing. He knew she would come back very soon, but he still felt miserable.

Liang Yin was going to see the Zhong family’s Old Madam. Little Uncle called and said that Grandma is dying and asked her to get some time off to go back to see her, so she packed her stuff early to set off.

“Why don’t you come with me?” Liang Yin said again.

“Not going.” Zhou Jianchen replied. She had already mentioned it before.

Liang Yin felt helpless.

Seeing her in a dilemma, Zhou Jianchen couldn’t bear it after all, “Okay, get in the car quickly.” He then pulled open the car door for her.

Liang Yin smiled and leaned over to kiss him, “I’ll be back very soon.”

There was already a smile on Zhou Jianchen’s face and seeing that Liang Yin had got into the car, he spoke to his son who was already sitting inside, “Take good care of your Mommy.”

Duan-duan nodded obediently, “En.”

Duan-duan happened to be on a school break, and the Zhong family’s Old Madam has always wanted to meet him, so Liang Yin brought him along. Without doubt, Zhou Jianchen would let him go along too.

He couldn’t go to the Zhong family, but Duan-duan could.

The car was soon driven off while Zhou Jianchen stood and watched for a moment without leaving.

It’s not that he didn’t have grudges in his heart. Although Liang Yin has been with him all these years, she nevertheless still thought of Zhong Mingzhen. One night a long while ago, she suddenly woke up from her dream with tears streaming down her face. As he hugged her and asked her what was wrong, she just shook her head and said it’s nothing. But he knew she had dreamt of Zhong Mingzhen and even called out his name in the dream.

This didn’t mean he was without jealousy in his heart, but he could only let it go no matter how envious he felt. How can one just forsake an affection of thirteen-year of affection?

Being together with him, it’s already enough for him to know that she loves him.


As the car made its way south, Duan-duan had fallen asleep while Liang Yin looked at the swiftly landscape outside the window and the expression in her eyes fell serene.

She really didn’t expect she would return to the Zhong family under such circumstances.

During these many years, she did have contact with the Zhong family too, but it was quite rarely, as if deliberately keeping a distance. She didn’t know if she should stay in contact with them and they too didn’t know if they should bother her again.

When she got married and gave birth to Duan-duan, the Zhong family did send gifts under Little Uncle’s name. The gifts were delivered but the people never came.

Grandma would call oftenly, during the Lunar New Year, on her birthday, when she got married, after she gave birth to Duan-duan … sometimes seeing her appearance on TV, she would also call to ask, “Yinyin, why are you thinner.”

As if afraid that she is not living well.

She had met her too, on the death anniversary of her maternal grandma the year before. Grandma called to say that she was going to pay her respects to maternal grandma this year too and they met at the mausoleum.

Sitting in the wheelchair, it was hard to hide her emaciation.

She had rarely traveled far since her poor mobility. The reason why she chose to come out this time was also because she knew her own health was deteriorating.

At that time, it was Zhou Jianchen who accompanied her while Duan-duan did not come along, causing her to feel very regretful.

She likes Duan-duan and has always wanted to meet him.

Liang Yin felt somewhat sad. She came to the Zhong family when she was 15 and her affection was deep-seated long ago. Even after she had left, how could it be forsaken easily.

And she, too, had really not seen Zhong Mingzhen again.

The last time they met was at Christie Auction House in Rome. He was seated about 20 people away from her, upright and self-possessed as always, and then he left without looking back. And the last image she remembered about him remained there.

She didn’t know if he would be there and what to do if he was there.

At that time, he glanced across many people at her, and all the images were vivid in her mind, but in a flash, it had already been five years.


At 2 p.m, the car finally arrived at the nursing home. Old Madam Zhong had already moved here two months ago.

Liang Yin carried Duan-duan out of the car. Zhong Jianian was not there but the Zhong family’s servants were already waiting there.

But they didn’t know how to address her.

Liang Yin smiled and just let Duan-duan greet them.

It was an upscale nursing home with quiet surroundings. Liang Yin followed the servant into the room and Old Madam Zhong was lying on the bed. The room was very bright as the autumn afternoon sunlight set in, warm and tranquil. Yet it could not hide the desolation.

Haven’t met for two years, Old Madam Zhong has become even more emaciated. With an IV drip on her hand, her debilitation could be seen. After a failed operation six months ago, her health has been worsening and now she might not last a month.

Seeing them come in, her face glowed and she asked the aide to help her sit up.

“Great Grandma.” Duan-duan had already stepped forward to greet her. Liang Yin had told him that they were going to visit an elderly before they came and it was his Mommy’s grandma, hence he had to greet her as Great Grandma. He had never met her but he still did as he was told.

Four years old, he was still very small but tall in height. Dressed in a plaid shirt and a small cardigan, he was composed and decent, gentle and courteous too.

Seeing him, Old Madam Zhong smiled even more beamingly, “Good boy.” She looked at him attentively and couldn’t bear to miss a single glance.

She had no child of her own, so she had been waiting to carry Liang Yin’s child, but in the end her wish was not fulfilled.

But as she looked, there was some grief in her eyes.

Liang Yin patted Duan-duan and told him to go out to play with his toys first. Duan-duan said “See you again, Great Grandma” and then ran out obediently. Afraid that he would be bored, she brought enough toys for him.

Looking at his back, Old Madam Zhong said, “Yinyin, how nice would it be if he is Mingzhen and your child.”

That way she could keep watching, and as such, nothing would have changed.

Liang Yin smiled and said nothing.

How could she not understand what she was thinking.

Old Madam Zhong sighed, knowing her long-cherished wish in this life could longer be fulfilled.


Old Madam Zhong wanted to speak a lot to her, but she eventually was not physically strong and fell into a deep sleep after talking for a while.

The aide said this was a common occurrence. Seeing this, Liang Yin didn’t want to disturb her, so she stood up and went outside.

Duan-duan was still playing outside. He wasn’t by the previous wicker chair and had run to sit on the stone steps beside while the old servant was still watching by the side.

The cotton-rose hibiscus was in full bloom. Sitting quietly on the stone steps playing with the nine interlinked rings, it was peaceful and beautiful.

Watching him, Liang Yin felt an unexpected sense of comfort in her heart.

Suddenly, as if seeing something, she raised her head again.

In the circular veranda, Zhong Mingzhen was walking over. Shirt, suit pants, he was steady and proper.

He saw her at once too. Two pairs of eyes met and the gazes flickered and very quickly lowered again.

He just came out of the director’s office with a report in his hand. There was no one in the Zhong family. With Old Madam on her deathbed, he had to take care of everything.

Looking up, Duan-duan saw him too and unexpectedly ran over shouting, “Daddy!”

Zhong Mingzhen was stunned and his footsteps halted momentarily.

Coming closer, Duan-duan only realized that he had made a mistake. He stopped with his mouth open and looked a little awkward.

A few days ago, Zhou Jianchen attended an event in formal clothes too. With the obstruction of the pillar, he thought it was his Daddy who had come.

“I’m sorry, I have greeted the wrong person.” Duan-duan apologized in a low voice.

Zhong Mingzhen didn’t say anything. He just squatted down and smiled, “What’s your name ah?” His smile was light and soft, yet it was as if he hadn’t smiled in a long time.

Duan-duan looked at him for a moment and answered, “My name is Zhou Duanming, you can call me Duan-duan.”

Zhong Mingzhen touched his face and smiled again.

Liang Yin originally wanted to come over, but stopped as she watched. In the veranda, Zhong Mingzhen squatted to talk to Duan-duan with a smile. The scene was so beautiful, yet so depressed.

Finally, she still walked over and touched Duan-duan’s head, “Call Uncle.”

“Uncle.” Duan-duan called out obediently and stood beside Liang Yin, his eyes kept looking at Zhong Mingzhen.

Zhong Mingzhen stood up. Looking at the child below, his gaze constricted as he spoke softly again, “You’ve raised him very well.”

Liang Yin lowered her head and smiled, yet unable to utter a word.

There was some silence in the air.

Duan-duan wanted to go back to get his nine interlinked rings again, so Liang Yin was pulled away again.

After a few steps, she stood in place again.

“You go get it yourself.” She told Duan-duan.

Duan-duan then walked away on his own.

Liang Yin stood for a long moment before turning around again. Zhong Mingzhen was still standing in the same spot, looking at her with dark and indistinct eyes.

Haven’t met for five years, he hasn’t changed much but is slimmer and the luster in his eyes has disappeared, just like an extinguished light.

Liang Yin looked at him for a long moment before she opened her mouth again, “Mingzhen, find someone anew.”

She didn’t contact him for so many years, but how could she not know about him.

The Zhong Conglomerate got more massive and top the world, but Zhong Mingzhen is always alone, with no courtship nor married again.

Little Uncle asked him, if you don’t get married, what about children and what will happen to the Zhong Conglomerate? He just smiled without answering.

He is waiting for her and won’t disturb her if she is doing well; otherwise, she still has a harbor to return to.

Over the years, her Zhong Conglomerate 6% shares has all along been retained. She didn’t want it but he still gave her.

But, how could she make him wait.

She knew he loved her, but she would never go back again.

Liang Yin looked at Zhong Mingzhen with calmness and affirmation.

Looking at her, Zhong Mingzhen smiled, “En.” He responded, as if he had really agreed.

Liang Yin laughed. After standing there for a while, she then turned around and walked towards Duan-duan.

Looking at her back, Zhong Mingzhen’s jaw clenched momentarily before smiling, but his eyes eventually faltered.


When Old Madam Zhong woke up again, Liang Yin left after chatting for a while. Zhong Jianian sent her off while Zhong Mingzhen just stood under the porch.

Glancing back at him, Duan-duan just whispered to Liang Yin, “Mommy, why is that Uncle so sad?”

Liang Yin dared not look back but merely smiled and said to him, “Uncle will be happy.”

Under the corridor, Zhong Mingzhen stood with hands in his pockets and was veiled with desolation.


The car soon left and the nursing home was quiet again.

Zhong Mingzhen, however, sat down in the backyard again. With his back somewhat stooped, there was a lighted cigarette in his hand. He took a puff, put it down and looked into the vast distance.

He never had the habit of smoking, and didn’t know when he started it.


Three years later, Zhong Mingzhen went abroad for surrogacy and had a son. He raised him by his side as the Zhong Congromelate’s successor.

He never married again and had no other woman.

After that, the two of them never saw each other again either.


Liang Yin later gave birth to a daughter nicknamed Zhou Xiaohua, who became the apple of the Zhou family.

Duan-duan grew up and became Zhou Duanming, who took charge of the entire StarLight Media. One of Zhou Zuokang’s two sons entered the showbiz while the other joined the military.

Liang Yin made another movie [The Queen’s Journey] later. She had aged at that time, but her elegance was peerless.

She aged naturally with composed grace.

She still does charity work, helping children in need for decades.

Zhou Jianchen has also long become the godfather figure. He and she have aged together and their love remains deep-seated. At the film industry lifetime award ceremony, he still looked at her like he did all those years back then.

Their story has long been passed on by everyone and all their photos have long since become classics.

He loves her, from that time since, and till now, it has never stopped.

He loves her, and one lifetime is not enough.

[The End] [Translator’s rambling: It’s always sad to conclude yet everything must come to an end eventually. (-ω-、) I hope you have all enjoyed my translation and continue to support me. Thank you for your continuous patronage. Stay healthy and be happy always. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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