Ling Shan Jun ~ Ch 01.02

Ling Shan Jun by Huang Mao Mao

《 灵山君 》 作者: 黄眉猫

Ch 01.02

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Qing Shi Jiu rolled the phoenix flower in his fingertips twice, dropped it on the table, and then raised his fingertips to his noise to take a sniff.

The scent was somewhat bitter.

The sounds of a tolling bell could be faintly heard from the outside.

Qing Shi Jiu blew out the lantern and went to bed.

The next day, the people of the Peacock Residence arrived very early.

Qing Shi Jiu was burying newly brewed wine in the manor, when a pair of black boots suddenly appeared in front of him.

He raised his head and saw an average-looking face dressed in the Peacock Residence’s servant clothes.

That person said: “Shi Jiu, it’s me, Kong Ling.”

Qing Shi Jiu was stunned.

Kong Ling, the ninth noble son of Peacock Residence, publicly known as the first beauty of Yun Zhong.

What was Kong Ling planning to do, wearing a disguise and coming to Small Spring Manor?

Very quickly, Qing Shi Jiu immediately knew the answer.

The two men found a secretive place; Kong Ling arranged a sound-blocking array and revealed the purpose of his visit.

It turned out that the Peacock Lord wanted to arrange a marriage for Kong Ling, the time was immediately set after the wedding of the second noble son of the Peacock Residence.

Kong Ling gritted his teeth in anger: “In his eyes, there is nothing called kinship or familial love! We, his heirs, are merely for him to use to curry favor with others! That Ling Shan Jun is what sort of person, it’s not like he doesn’t know! He’s actually so heartless that he wanted me to give myself wholly to an ordinary old man! He thinks that by currying favor with Ling Shan Jun, he can become the Phoenix?!”

This person, Ling Shan Jun, in Yun Zhong was known to everyone and recognized by everyone. Qing Shi Jiu also heard rumors. Ling Shan Jun was an old farmer in the human world, he coincidentally saved the Phoenix, and thereby he lost both of his eyesight. The Phoenix repaid a debt of gratitude, changed his destiny, and granted him ​​Ling Shan, an area at Yun Zhong’s border, the world now called him “Ling Shan Jun.”

Qing Shi Jiu softly said: “Please cool your temper.”

Kong Ling suddenly grabbed his arm and sincerely said: “Shi Jiu, only you can save me. Listen to me…”

Kong Ling’s idea was very simple, this marriage was unavoidable but it was also impossible for him to actually marry Ling Shan.

“Your physique is similar to mine, you’re also familiar with my temperament, you go to Ling Shan in my place; it’s the most suitable choice.” Kong Ling said very quickly, “You can rest assured, when I leave Yun Zhong, I’ll send you a letter. When you receive the letter, go to the address written in the letter, there’ll be something that I’ll leave for you. You want to stay in Yun Zhong, or leave, no one will be able to stop you then!”

Qing Shi Jiu was silent for a long time. Kong Ling asked in a soft voice: “Shi Jiu, don’t you want to leave Small Spring Manor?”

Qing Shi Jiu faced Kong Ling’s line of sight, after a long time, he said: “Okay.”

On the day of the Second Kong Noble Son’s wedding, Small Spring Manor also displayed red silk. The Peacock Residence ordered people to deliver small happy boxes, each person got one, and it created a cheerful atmosphere.

The small happy box contained a phoenix flower, some auspicious-meaning fruits, and on top was a small red envelope, inside was a round golden bean.

Fastened on Qing Shi Jiu’s waist was also a strip of red silk, when he worked, he listened to the lazy old servants beside him mentioned Kong Ling’s marriage. At this time, the news of Kong Ling’s marriage with Ling Shan Jun had spread; within the old servants’ words, they were all very happy; soon they could receive another happy box.

On the day when Kong Ling’s happy box was sent, Kong Ling’s personal attendant appeared in Qing Shi Jiu’s room.

Kong Ling had three personal attendants, three brothers, they were originally Hummingbirds. According to the naming custom of servants in the Peacock Residence, they were immediately called Feng Yi, Feng Er, and Feng San.

* hummingbirds – in Mandarin Chinese is 蜂鸟  (feng niao)

Feng Yi stayed beside Kong Ling, while Feng Er and Feng San went to Small Spring Manor.

Seeing Qing Shi Jiu return, without any more words, the two of them immediately began to take action.

Qing Shi Jiu was not on guard, Feng Er placed his hand on the side of Qing Shi Jiu’s neck, and suddenly a burst of scorching heat brought on a burning pain. He “ahhed” once and instinctively wanted to move away but was restrained by Feng Er.

“I’m removing the Small Spring Manor’s restrictions on you.”

Qing Shi Jiu wrinkled his face and stood motionless.

This burning pain did not last for long, Feng Er eventually said, “All right.” Then he immediately let go.

During this short period of time, another “Qing Shi Jiu” appeared in the room; Qing Shi Jiu was surprised and looked at “himself” for a while, the other said: “I’m Feng San. During this time, I will take your place in Small Spring Manor to avoid other people’s notice.”

Qing Shi Jiu nodded his head, packed up a few pieces of close-fitting clothes, changed into his original body, and flew towards Ling Shan with Feng Er.

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  1. I don’t understand why he’s allowing himself being used by everyone.
    A little bit disturbed.
    But I’ll be patient.
    Thanks for the update ❤️

      1. Ah, but remembering the restraint he had, I think I can understand it a little bit.
        Maybe as servants, all of them have restrictions that requires the owner’s permission to be freed?
        It sounds more like a slavery for me, tho’.