Ling Shan Jun ~ Ch 01.03

Ling Shan Jun by Huang Mao Mao

《 灵山君 》 作者: 黄眉猫

Ch 01.03

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The two men landed at the foot of Ling Shan and  transformed back into humans to walk up the mountain. Ling Shan had a ban, magical powers could not be used, even the Phoenix had to walk up from the foot of the mountain.

On the way up the mountain, Feng Er said: “A few days ago, Ling Shan Jun sent a letter, the procession that sends the bride is not allowed to go up the mountain. The ninth noble son will persuade the eldest noble son to let him go up the mountain alone, we will converge when he’s halfway up the mountain.”

Qing Shi Jiu was indescribably nervous and did not say anything.

To prevent something from happening, the two men hid in the middle of the mountain’s jungle. There was matters locked in Qing Shi Jiu’s heart, so during the night, he could not sleep well; he buried his head and finally fell asleep; he did not know how long it was until Feng Er shook him awake.

“They’re here.”

The two men sneaked into the side of the mountain and only dared to poke half of their heads out to look down. At the foot of the mountain, there was a long red queue, a torrential rushing current, exactly the style of the Peacock Residence.

Feng Er lowered his voice and said: “We’ll hide first and wait for everyone to come up.”

Qing Shi Jiu looked at the foot of the mountain again, and then followed Feng Er into the jungle.

This time, the two men waited for a long time before they heard coming from the quiet mountain path two clear chirps.

Feng Er poked his out to look, and then called out to Qing Shi Jiu: “It’s noble master!”

The two men, one after another ran out of their hiding place only to see Kong Ling’s pale complexion; he was supported by Feng Yi and with much difficulty, he did not end up falling to the ground.

Qing Shi Jiu asked, deeply concerned: “What is this?”

Kong Ling rolled his eyes and said intermittently: “The Peacock Residence… Perhaps wanted to marry off a corpse to Ling Shan… This wedding outfit has twelve layers… I wore this walking up here… I almost died halfway.”

Qing Shi Jiu looked at that headdress with pearls encrusted with gold and suddenly felt his scalp go numb.

Time could not be delayed further, the three men assisted Kong Ling in changing his clothes, and when they remove the headdress, Kong Ling could finally released a breath. He opened his palm and revealed a small, yellow-green, white-vein jade bottle: “Shi Jiu, this is a Disguising Appearance Pill, use it every ten days. I prepared enough for three months; within three months, I will definitely help you leave Ling Shan.”

Qing Shi Jiu nodded his head, took the jade bottle, and swallowed one pill. Momentarily, his face was a little hot, he could not help himself and pat his face with his hands. The temperature came on suddenly but also went away quickly, he raised his eyes, and immediately panicked.

The person in front of him laughed: “Don’t be afraid, it’s me! I disguised into my eldest brother to send you up the mountain.”

As Kong Ling was speaking, he made a few more grimaces, and the handsome face contorted into a terrible state. The Peacock Residence’s eldest noble son, Kong Jing, had always been expressionless; Qing Shi Jiu was fearful of him like a mouse that just saw a cat; seeing Kong Ling using Kong Jing’s face to make these expressions, he was actually not afraid anymore.

Qing Shi Jiu changed into the wedding outfit, wore the headdress, and was supported up the mountain by the three men; after a while, they took a break and he did not feel the least bit tired.

When the sky darkened, Ling Shan Residence’s main entrance could be seen; on both sides of the door hung two red unlighted lanterns gently swaying in the wind.

Kong Ling whispered: “What the hell is this place?!”

No wonder he asked in that way. The large and influential clans of Yun Zhong love to use the word “residence” to call their place of living; which was a place that occupied more than a hundred acres with richly ornamented buildings that were elaborate and refined.

But what was this in front of their eyes?

The entrance was barely wide enough for two people, the doors were not painted, connected to the doors were not high walls, but a row of fences that was half a person’s height, and clinging to the fence was some unknown reddish-purplish flowers. Through the fence, a small cottage could be seen. After the entrance, a path warped and weaved around to an unexpected piece of farmland.

Kong Ling’s face diminished, he lowered his voice and clenched his teeth: “This house cannot even be compared to the outhouse in my residence!”

Next to him, Feng Yi coughed: “Noble master, should we knock on the door?”

Kong Ling almost wanted to drag Qing Shi Jiu away and leave; marriage, what marriage, let them get out of here together!

But it was impossible. Kong Ling loathed everything before him but quickly calmed himself. If he truly did it, then he would not have a chance to leave Yun Zhong again. He was very clear about his eldest brother’s ability.

At Kong Ling’s gesture, Feng Yi went to knock on the door.

Kong Ling was behind Qing Shi Jiu and said: “Ling Shan Jun is a blind man, he won’t be able to recognize…”

The door opened and Kong Ling closed his mouth.

Standing at the door were two small children made of clay, one bowed its head and the other raised its head, they looked at each other in dismay.

“Aiya, the bridegroom is here.” The clay child said levelly, “Ling Shan Jun already said, only the bridegroom can enter.”

Feng Yi said: “We’ve delivered him here. Where’s Ling Shan Jun? Is he not coming to meet us?”

The clay child still said levelly: “Ling Shan Jun will come back tomorrow, he told us to stay home and wait for the bridegroom.”

Qing Shi Jiu stole a look at Kong Ling’s face and shivered.

This was called just got married but had become enemies, instead.

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