Ling Shan Jun ~ Ch 02.01

Ling Shan Jun by Huang Mao Mao

《 灵山君 》 作者: 黄眉猫

Ch 02.01

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Kong Ling and his companions did not stay long and very quickly went down the mountain. Qing Shi Jiu received Kong Ling’s transmitted secret message: “No need for three months, in just one month! Wait for my letter!”

This anger was spurred on by Ling Shan Jun.

Qing Shi Jiu gathered his attire to enter through the door and followed the clay children along the crisscross footpaths between the fields to the cottage. The wedding outfit was both heavy and big, he was somewhat struggling, so his pace was particularly slow. The two clay children were vivaciously bouncing in front, they were always three steps ahead of him.

“Tomorrow, the bridegroom can see Ling Shan Jun.”

The outside of the cottage looked shabby, but at first glance, the inside was extremely neat and tidy. It appeared that the space was not small; it surprisingly even had a bathroom with a screen used as a partition. Maybe there was a spell formation that expanded the space.

Qing Shi Jiu looked around for a bit and pointed to the divan next to the window: “Can I rest here?”

The clay children grumbled and chattered: “What is the bridegroom doing, sleeping here. Sleep on the bed, before Ling Shan Jun left, he specifically prepared two beds and soft blankets. He said the bridegroom has a delicate and noble body, and wanted the bridegroom to sleep well.”

Qing Shi Jiu stared at the bed that was a short distance away, his expression looked as if he was seeing tigers and wolves.

The two clay children jumped once again and left: “The bridegroom can rest for a bit, we will go get water for the bridegroom to bathe.”

After being tossed from side to side, Qing Shi Jiu was really tired, so under the urging of the clay children, he lied on the bed.

On the bed, there was the owner’s scent, so Qing Shi Jiu awkwardly raised his head, but after a moment of stiffness, he was unable to continue the position and lied back down.

At the foot of the bed, the clay children asked: “Bridegroom can’t sleep. Then does bridegroom want to read a book?”

Qing Shi Jiu shook his head and thought to himself [I don’t even recognize characters, so what books can I read.]

Just like that, he finally fell asleep.

The next day, Qing Shi Jiu woke up very early, it was a habit forged in Small Spring Manor. The old servants always woke up early; once they woke up, they like to find work.

From the universe pouch that Kong Ling left behind, he took out an outer garment, draped it over his shoulders, and went out to wash his face. Just as he went out the door, he saw a person standing on the crisscross footpaths among the fields.

Apparently, that person heard movement and turned around to walk his way. Qing Shi Jiu saw his appearance clearly and was slightly stunned.

When he was formerly at Peacock Residence, he saw many noble sons and young daughters of large influential clans, but no one could be compared to the looks of the young man in front of him; even if Kong Ling stood next to him, he would still be inferior to him by some degree.

The young man closed his eyes and displayed a warm smile like the spring breeze: “You woke up so early? I caught a fish, do you want to drink fish soup?”

Half a shichen later.

* shichen – a 2-hour time frame

Sitting at the table, Qing Shi Jiu hugged his knees and surreptitiously assessed the young man’s bustling back; a perilous situation aroused within his heart.

Ling Shan Jun? This was Ling Shan Jun? Was Ling Shan Jun not a mortal old man? It was rumored that he did not even have much of his teeth left!

The two clay children piled up next to the kitchen stove to play, Ling Shan Jun said gently: “If you play once more, then you will turn into porcelain dolls, go to Madam’s place.”

The clay children rolled happily towards him and smoothly called out: “Madam. Madam.”

Qing Shi Jiu displayed a stiff smile and raised his hand to stroke his blushing earlobe.

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    But because I’ve read the forum on JJWXC, saying that this is a cute story, I’m trying my best to be patient.

    This chapter is bringing a new light.
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