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Ling Shan Jun ~ Ch 02.02

Ling Shan Jun by Huang Mao Mao

《 灵山君 》 作者: 黄眉猫

Ch 02.02

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Ling Shan Jun finished stewing the fish soup, brought it over, and placed it in the middle of the table. He was indeed blind, but he moved freely like a normal person; even when adding ingredients to the fish soup, he could differentiate it.

The two men had a quiet breakfast, and then Qing Shi Jiu stood up and wanted to aid his digestion but was verbally stopped by Ling Shan Jun.

“Yesterday, I went to the Parasol Tree Palace and asked the Phoenix for a jar of phoenix flower wine. I heard that your lot of spirit bird clan use phoenix flowers with happiness and longevity fruits to make nuptial wine. My happiness and longevity fruit wine in the ground has not matured; I didn’t have enough time, so I had to go to Parasol Tree Palace and asked for wine.”

So that was the case.

Actually, there was no need for Ling Shan Jun to toil like that at all. The Peacock Residence had everything well prepared; it was merely a jar of phoenix flower wine, there were many buried beneath the trees in Small Spring Manor.

Qing Shi Jiu softly, “Mhm”.

Ling Shan Jun was extremely fond of the strange flowers and different fruits in his place. After the meal, he picked up a hoe and a straw hat, he went towards the back of the house with the two clay children following behind.

Qing Shi Jiu watched him leave and took a walk on the criss cross paths among the fields in front of the room to assess Ling Shan Jun’s treasures. The things in every lump of farmland was not the same, even the soil was different. Qing Shi Jiu passed by three fields, one was water, one was earth, and the last one was unexpectedly lava.

Qing Shi Jiu was curious and kneeled down to carefully inspect the lava in this area. 

Since childhood, he had entered Peacock Residence with little knowledge of these strange things, so naturally, he was extremely curious.

A closer look revealed that there was something moving slowly above the lava, but it was just too small and was the same color as the lava; if not for the close inspection, then it would have been undetectable.

A voice suddenly emerged behind him: “That’s a demonic blind creeper, don’t you come too close, it’s very fierce.”

He did not know when Ling Shan Jun had come over.

The two clay children following behind him emphasised: “Very fierce.”

Ling Shan Jun wore a yellowed old-fashioned coarse brown fabric, walked past Qing Shi Jiu, and left a scent of plants.

A thought popped up in Qing Shi Jiu: [It’s the same scent on his pillow.]

He quickly had a second thought: [What am I thinking?!]

He regained his composure and discovered Ling Shan Jun had entered into the next paddy field. The sleeves of his arms and legs were rolled up to his joints, while he stooped over and groped about for something.

Qing Shi Jiu watched for a moment, it seems that Ling Shan Jun was not able to touch anything, so he asked in a low voice: “What are you looking for, do you need my help?”

As if waiting for a long time for these words of his, Ling Shan Jun quickly agreed: “Okay.”

Qing Shi Jiu took off his outer garment. The outer garment was left by Kong Ling, it was made with the best materials with the flowery design that the Peacock Residence clan loved the most; it really was unsuitable for working.

He rolled up his trousers and saw Ling Shan Jun’s hand lifted up towards him, he hesitated for a moment, and used the tips of his fingers to gently grab ahold, but unexpectedly Ling Shan Jun’s five fingers circled around and left his hand within the palm of Ling Shan Jun’s.

Qing Shi Jiu frozed.

Ling Shan Jun took him into the water and immediately let go. The water was no more than below the knee, Qing Shi Jiu rolled up his sleeves and bowed his head to look; he saw the surface of the water gently rippled and distorted the image of the two men.

“…What are you looking for?”

Ling Shan Jun said: “Mermaid’s silk.”

As soon as the words were spoken, Qing Shi Jiu suddenly cried out in fear and took two quick steps to the side. Ling Shan Jun saw that he was about to fall and caught him tightly.

He panicked and was doubtful: “What… Is it?”

Something icy-cold and slightly rough slid past his legs.

“Don’t be afraid.” Ling Shan Jun’s voice plastered close to his ear, soft and damp, “It’s a merman.”

Qing Shi Jiu suddenly responded to the situation, he was being encircled by Ling Shan Jun. His entire body was almost leaning on him and because of the difference in height, Ling Shan Jun’s lips just happened to stop right at his ear.

The Qing Shi Jiu’s scalp went numb and the urge to get out became greater.

Ling Shan Jun beamed and did not say a word.

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