Ling Shan Jun ~ Ch 02.03

Ling Shan Jun by Huang Mao Mao

《 灵山君 》 作者: 黄眉猫

Ch 02.03

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When Qing Shi Jiu lowered his head to hide, he was just in time to see the merman appear. The merman looked very young, the exposed half of his body was silvery white, and his mouth was hiding in the water, blowing bubbles.

“He’s called Xiao Yu.” Ling Shan Jun said, “Three years ago, I saved him at the Overlooking Abyss Sea. Thereafter, he has always followed me.”

Qing Shi Jiu had heard of Overlooking Abyss Sea; it was said that the Dragon Palace was located there, far away from Yun Zhong. Since childhood, he grew up in Peacock Residence, trapped on a piece of land that was one-fifteenth of a hectare. Therefore, his concept of the ocean was very vague, he only knew that it was much larger than a lake.

Xiao Yu sank into the water and as his fishtail flashed quickly by, it was also silvery white. He quickly resurfaced again and in the hollow of his palm held a pearl that was emitting a faint radiant light.

Ling Shan Jun really did not look like a blind man because when Xiao Yu opened his hand, Ling Shan Jun said: “Xiao Yu is giving you a first meeting gift.”

“This pearl is the ‘Mermaid’s Tears,’ it’s very rare; throughout a mermaid’s life, it’s hard to get even one.” Ling Shan Jun picked up the pearl in Xiao Yu’s hand and gave it to Qing Shi Jiu, “Xiao Yu likes you very much.”

It was too valuable. 

A Mermaid’s Tears was too rare, the great influential clans in Yun Zhong would rush like mad ducks for something like this. Two years ago, Peacock Lord finally obtained a pearl and had it inlaid in the middle of his crown.

Qing Shi Jiu did not know whether he should accept it or not. Ling Shan Jun said softly: “It’s okay, I also have one. Xiao Yu’s physique is unique, the pearls that are produced are all Mermaid’s Tears, he often uses them as marbles to play with.”

Qing Shi Jiu blinked in astonishment, he accepted the Mermaid’s Tears and thought that this physique was really a fortuitous luck blessed by heaven.

In order to prove that he, Ling Shan Jun, did not lie, he stooped and fished around. He extracted a pearl that was emitting a faint radiant light in the palm of his hand.

However, Qing Shi Jiu’s gaze was attracted to something else, he reached out and drew a silver thread out from Ling Shan Jun’s hand.

Ling Shan Jun said: “Mermaid’s silk.”

Qing Shi Jiu piled the mermaid’s silk in the hollow of his palm and rubbed it with his fingers: “What is this used for?”

Ling Shan Jun said: “To weave a new blanket for you.”

Qing Shi Jiu did not really understand, but felt that Ling Shan Jun was super awesome to the point of being multi-talented. Even though he was not the type of multi-talented that the great influential clans in Yun Zhong preferred.

Night fell.

Qing Shi Jiu sat on the divan with a jug of wine and two cups on the tabletop next to his hand.

The other ceremonial steps to the wedding were omitted, but Ling Shan Jun wanted the meaning behind drinking the nuptial wine. After drinking the wine, the ceremony was considered complete and the two people were now a legitimately married couple.

Qing Shi Jiu did not know if this was a marriage custom in the human world or not, but he just held his stomach and felt a little jittery all over.

This one day of living together, Qing Shi Jiu had an extremely good impression of Ling Shan Jun. It could be said that he had never met anyone who was better than Ling Shan Jun.

He was just thinking about it, when suddenly Ling Shan Jun stepped out from behind the screen. His head of black hair was loose and dripping wet, a few locks of hair slipped down his forehead and touched the corners of his eyes which emphasized his white skin.

Qing Shi Jiu was momentarily charmed by his beauty.

Ling Shan Jun asked: “Can you drink wine?”

He cracked open the phoenix flower wine and filled the two cups with wine.

The fragrance of wine permeated everywhere.

Qing Shi Jiu lowered his eyes and watched the cup get handed to him before his eyes.

The wine cup was sandy-red and the posture of Ling Shan Jun’s slender white fingers holding the cup was extremely beautiful.

The two people with completely different moods drank the nuptial wine.

The clay children near their feet cheered: “The ceremony is completed.”

It was just that their voices were habitually without an undulating pitch and were unemotionally stiff.

Ling Shan Jun asked: “Still want to drink?”

Qing Shi Jiu nodded but suddenly recalled that Ling Shan Jun could not see, and said: “It’s fine to drink another cup.”

But Qing Shi Jiu’s drinking capacity was not good. When he worked at Peacock Residence before, he always had to be alert and had little time to be indulgent. Now that he had just drank two cups, he had immediately fallen into an unconscious sleep on the table.

Ling Shan Jun sat on the other side and poured himself a drink. When he finished drinking the entire jug of wine, he slowly tidied the tabletop.

“Take it away.”

The two clay children left with the empty wine jug and wine cups.

While Qing Shi Jiu was breathing smoothly, Ling Shan Jun sat next to him for a moment. He reached out with his empty hand to cover Qing Shi Jiu’s face and his palm emitted a blue-green shimmering light.

As the shimmering light faded away, he actually returned back to his original appearance. It was probably due to drinking wine that the outer corners of his eyes were splotched pale pink and his lips were rosy red.

“This appearance is actually much more pleasing than Kong Ling’s.”

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