Live Surgical Broadcast C4

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Chapter 4 – Super System Functions

Although depressed, life has to go on.

Looking up at his cellphone, Zheng Ren was startled. He actually slept for more than ten hours. It was already past six o’clock the next day when he woke up.

Director Liu called him so early. Did he not sleep?

Just as he was thinking about it, his cellphone rang again.

The one who called Zheng Ren was Yang Lei, a good friend of his in the department. His voice was a little anxious.

“Zheng Ren, I’m telling you, something big happened yesterday.”

“Hmm? What happened?”

“After the operation, Professor Ichiro was furious and scolded Dean Fu like a grandson.” The voice on the opposite side of the phone was a little gloating, “But in the end, you still became the scapegoat, and Dean Fu wanted to fire you. Fortunately, Director Pan of the Emergency Department came forward and slammed the table with Dean Fu and cursed at him.”

What does it have to do with the emergency department? Zheng Ren is familiar with Director Pan. He was a retired senior director of Military Region Hospital, who was rehired to Haicheng First People’s Hospital.

He has a military background, a hot temper, and a straight-forward temperament.

Does he know something?

“But in the end, you were transferred to the Emergency Department.” Yang Lei said, “Let me ask you something. You were in the operating room, who finally finished that operation yesterday?”

“…” Only then did Zheng Ren know what had happened after his peak experience and sleeping all day due to exhausting his energy.

He guessed that Senyu Ichiro should have lost face and left directly. With such a big mistake, someone had to take the blame. In the end, the news was tightly blocked, and no one knew that it was him who had done the operation.

It wasn’t that no one knew. He guessed that Director Pan knew. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have directly slammed the table with Dean Fu and cursed at him and spoke for him across departments.

“I don’t know.” Zheng Ren thought for a moment and replied.

He couldn’t say he did it himself. After all, it was just a one-time peak experience, and he was sure that it will appear again.

That would just be a slap in the face.

Anyway, I have a system. I don’t need to worry about anything. I just hope that the system can come back to “life” as soon as possible.

Zheng Ren hung up the phone and went to work after a simple wash.



When he arrived at the department, the first thing he saw was Director Liu’s sour face.

Scold Director Liu? This was not Zheng Ren’s character.

As his name implies, Zheng Ren is a gentleman. Director Liu can do such things as shouting and cursing in public, but Zheng Ren can’t.

Zheng Ren wouldn’t do such a thing as telling the truth about yesterday’s events. He didn’t even tell his good friend, let alone to the public.

He believed that the day where he could slap Director Liu’s face with his skills was not far away, Zheng Ren firmly believed.

Zheng Ren chose to ignore Director Liu. He greeted his colleagues, and went to the doctor’s duty room. After cleaning up the cupboard, he packed his white coats, stethoscope, percussion hammer and several professional books in a plastic bag, and left the General Surgery Department.

“What on earth did Zheng Ren do?”

The atmosphere was depressing, and his colleagues dared not ask questions. Until Zheng Ren left, Director Liu returned to the director’s office with a straight face, and then the little nurse quietly asked the people around him.

“It was said that during yesterday’s operation, he violated procedures. Professor Ichiro was very angry, this is….” An old nurse.

“He’s such a good guy, how could that be?”

“Don’t send out a good guy card. I think Dr. Zheng is going to have a bad time this time. You don’t know, Director Liu was scolded by Dean Fu the whole night yesterday. It was ugly.”

Zheng Ren didn’t hear the discussion of his colleagues. He took the elevator down and came to the Emergency Department, which was facing the entrance of the hospital.

This is a five-story building. According to the original planning and design, it should be a separate emergency building. All emergency patients will be treated in the emergency building.

But emergency work is hard to do, and it was impossible to have doctors stay at all. If the doctors are forced to stay by administrative means, the doctor will choose to resign.

This situation not only exist in Haicheng First People’s Hospital. This was true all over the country.

Without a doctor, no matter how good the equipment is, the Emergency Department will not be able to develop. Therefore, the first floor of the emergency building is for women and children inside and outside the emergency room, and the second floor was left unused.

Coming to the Emergency Department was equivalent to a criminal from the former Soviet Union being sent to Siberia in the Far East. This was the consensus of doctors.

Zheng Ren has no problem with it. Anyway, he has a system with him, so he didn’t have to lower himself to the same level as an ordinary people.

He reported to the Emergency Department, but Director Pan wasn’t there.

The head nurse told Zheng Ren that Director Pan arranged him to be the chief physician in charge of surgical clinical work.

Zheng Ren’s guess was correct. It seemed that some people really knew that the person who performed the operation was him, such as Director Pan.

“Oh, is Dr. Zheng the chief physician?” Before Zheng Ren got the key to his locker, a strange voice came from the side.

Zheng Ren saw that it was Dr. Yuan Li from the Emergency Department.

Although he doesn’t often come to the emergency room, but after so many years, he eventually got to know who it is. But he’s nothing more than a nodding acquaintance.

“Brother Yuan, my promotion to chief physician has just been passed.” Zheng Ren had a good temper and replied with a smile.

“In the future, you, the chief resident physician, should teach me, the deputy chief physician, well.” Yuan Li leaned against the door frame of the emergency room, his tone becoming more and more strange.

“You’re the boss, you’re being too polite.” Zheng Ren has a headache and didn’t want to banter.

“No, Director Pan has already issued the order, you will be Chief Zheng from now on.” Yuan Li coughed and spit on the ground. “Bah!”

“Yuan Li, how can you talk like that?” The head nurse stopped her work. Director Pan was not in. She has to first ensure that Yuan Li and Zheng Ren don’t fight.

“Head nurse, how old is he? Why can’t I, the deputy chief physician, be the chief physician? I’ve been qualified for promotion for three years.” Yuan Li said agitatedly.

“Tell Director Pan that Little Zheng has just arrived…”

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to fight.” Yuan Li looked at Zheng Ren with disdain and said, “Boy, do you dare to compete?”


“For the next patient, the two of us will examine and diagnose the body according to our wishes. Then let the patient go to do medical exams, and we will make a diagnosis. If your level is not good enough, don’t blame me for not giving Director Pan face” Yuan Li said.

The head nurse saw that they’re not going to fight, so she didn’t say anything.

In fact, she was also very curious about why Director Pan had not arranged the post of chief physician for a long time and just gave it to Zheng Ren. Moreover, yesterday, Director Pan slammed the table and cursed in the dean’s office, and even pointed to the dean’s nose and said if it was a few years ago, he could ask two group of soldier to f*ck him up with a simple phone call.

Although Director Pan has a bad temper, he was a reasonable man.

There must be a reason for all this.

Early in the morning is the most idle time in the emergency department, and physicians and pediatricians all come out to watch the fun.

Seeing Zheng Ren’s helpless look, Yuan Li have decided to destroy this kid. Don’t think you can do whatever you want because of Director Pan. A doctor has to rely on his skills for a living!

Just as he was saying this, an 18-or 19-year-old boy came over with a registered ticket in his hand.

“It happens to be you.” Yuan Li grabbed the young man’s arm and pulled him directly into the surgical consultation room, regardless of which department the young man wanted to see.

However, Zheng Ren stayed where he was and was distracted.

When he saw the patient, his vision became three-dimensional.

The translucent screen reappeared in front of him, and Chinese characters were constantly appearing at the top right.

The system was still there, just not talking. Seeing this screen, Zheng Ren was completely relieved.

The words on the screen continued to expand, and Zheng Ren looked at them carefully.

Male patient, 17 years old, came to the hospital due to headache for 10 hours with nausea, and didn’t vomit.

Next is the patient’s vital signs and various examination results, as well as the final diagnosis…

Zheng Ren seemed to be able to hear a voice reading the text as they appear. Is this the system? This daddy directly covers for all his diagnostic skills.

Have I turned into a Terminator?

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