LWBMCFD: Chapter 10

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Translator: Angelina (@lunarycanaryy)

Lying in bed at night, Shui Nen asked Lin Xihe: “You really can’t consider Guo Chuhan?”

“Shui Nen, you already know the answer, why keep asking? Don’t do this kind of unnecessary thing anymore, I don’t like it.”

Shui Nen sighed. “I just think it’s a pity, I’d always thought you two really suited each other. Men like Guo Chuhan, especially in today’s upper-class society, are already a rare breed. Missing out on him, I’m afraid you’ll regret it in the future.”

Lin Xihe stared at the ceiling and was silent. It was a while before she responded: “Shui Shui, you’re right. He’s a great guy, and that’s something hard to come by. I don’t deserve him.”

Men like Guo Chuhan should marry a kind woman who loves him deeply! You and I are deeply in love, accompanying each other for a lifetime!

Shui Nen rolled her eyes, retorting: “How could that be! You-”

“Shui Shui, stop. You’re not me, you don’t understand.” Feelings are like fish drinking water, if it’s cold or warm, only the drinker knows. 

Shui Nen opened her mouth and closed it again, shrugging her shoulders helplessly. “Well, you can clearly think about it for yourself. Anyways, you’re too stubborn, I’m just wasting my breath!”

“Shui Shui, I know you’re doing this for my sake, but I also have my own thoughts. Thank you.” Lin Xihe knows that her words can hurt someone.

“Get Lost!” Shui Nen slapped her on the shoulder. “Say those two words again and this sister will break up with you!”

Lin Xihe chuckles. “Okay. I’ll never say it again.”

“Humph! You know it!”


The next day, Lin Xihe slept late and had a headache. She still hasn’t got out of bed yet, but the energetic Shen Jiu Jiu is coming over for lunch.

The aunt’s family had always been very good to Lin Xihe, so Lin Xihe readily agreed.

At the dinner table, chatting, the topic shifted to Lin Xihe’s love life.

“……I’m 27, children are none of my business.”

“In another two years, you’ll be picked on by others. Women, no matter how capable they are, they also need somebody to love them.”

Lin Xihe could only nod. If she retorts again, she’ll be acting like Shui Nen. “Auntie, I know.”

“So, do you have someone in mind right now? If you do, bring them back for your aunt to see.” Lin Qinglang really does love her. This child lost their mother at a young age, and her eldest brother completely neglected her after he remarried. 

*(T/N: This sentence is confusing in its wording so I’ll just give a quick explanation. Lin Xihe lost her mom at a young age, and her father (aka Lin Qinglang’s brother) neglected her after he remarried.)


Lin Qinglang patted her shoulder. “That’s all right. You’re the number one beauty of Yangcheng. Only Yangcheng knows how many young people are wanting to court you.”

“Auntie, the so-called ‘Yangcheng’s No. 1 Beauty’ is just something said by others. Why are you making fun of me?” When she looks at the Lin family’s status and her bag of money, it’s unlikely that a person who could not be blinded by those things would even glance at her.

Shen Jiu Jiu immediately interjected: “Not at all! My sister is the most beautiful woman in all of Yangcheng! I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than my sister!”

Lin Xihe saw her naivety and shook her head, smiling. “You!”

“Xihe, what do you think of your Uncle Pei’s little boy?” Pei and her elder brother have been close for a long time, both have considered the idea of combining families. And Pei Yiheng’s appearance and ability are both outstanding, so he’s a good choice.

Lin Xihe was stunned.

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