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LWBMCFD: Chapter 9

The Leftover Woman’s Big Marriage, the CEO’s Favorite Darling Chapter 9

Hello everybody, sorry it’s been a while. Here’s the ninth chapter, please enjoy!

Translator: Angelina (@lunarycanaryy)

“I’m not asking you if she’s beautiful or not!” Since she can be considered Yangcheng’s number one beauty, Lin Xihe’s appearance is naturally not bad.

Pei Yiheng couldn’t help but sigh. “Dad, it’s almost like you’re asking me about Maggie Cheung (1). I can only say that Maggie Cheung is beautiful, just like how her acting is also not bad.”

Pei Yi was speechless. Pausing for a moment, he replied: “Yiheng, I know you hang out with a number of young women. You’ve always behaved very well, so I haven’t mentioned it before, but those kind of women aren’t suitable to marry into our household. As your wife, she must be the daughter of a decent family, it would be best if she was a kind and considerate person. In my opinion, Lin Xihe would be a good choice.”

Pei Yiheng raised his eyebrows, nitpicking: “Dad, are you really certain that Lin Xihe is such a considerate person? From what I hear, her nickname is ‘Iceberg Beauty’.”

“I have watched Xihe grow up into a young lady with good looks, talent, and moral character. Dad’s eyes can’t be wrong.” After contending within the business world for many years, Pei Yi is very confident in his eye for people.

“Dad, your eyesight has never been that good.” Pei Yiheng responded a smirk.

“Get Lost! You little brat, to go so far as to make fun of your old man!” Pei Yi’s head hung low, an yet, he laughed.

“Dad, I’m well aware of the situation, you have nothing to worry about.” He said, before standing and walking across the room with his long legs. “I’m going back to my room first.”

Pei Yi looked at his back and shook his head helplessly with a sigh. Children are all debt, ah.

Pei Yiheng returned back to his room, took off his coat and loosened his tie. Unfastening two buttons of the shirt, he revealed his wheat-colored chest.

Pouring himself a glass of whiskey, he walked over, standing in front of the french window. Looking at the horizon from above, the night sky was faintly discernible. Nobody knows what’s hidden there. Almost like the hearts of the people, both dark and unfathomable.

That small and delicate waist…….Pei Yiheng’s mouth corners slightly quirked upwards, the emotion within his eyes were like the depths of an ocean.


Lin Xihe and her party of five played until around 11:00 p.m, before leaving Dark Night.

Under Shui Nen’s arrangement, Guo Chuhan took Lin Xihe back first, while she herself sent Shen Jiu and He Qianyu home. 

“Thanks.” As she pushed open the door and stepped out of the car, Lin Xihe stumbled. 

Guo Chuhan hurried over to help her. “Everything okay?”

Lin Xihe gently pushed him aside. “It’s alright, it’s only because I’ve been sitting for a while, my legs are a bit numb. I’ll leave first, goodbye.”


Lin Xihe pretended not to hear, walking quickly into the apartment building. Since she’s not interested, she shouldn’t lead him on.

Guo Chuhan took two steps and stopped in front of her.

Lin Xihe was so caught off guard that she was unable to stop, directly running into him.

Guo Chuhan extended his hands and held her shoulders. “I’m sorry. You good?”

Lin Xihe took a step back, shaking her head. “I’m alright. Don’t worry, I’m not drunk, and I’m already here. So, there’s no problem.”

“I’ll send you up.”

“No. You drive carefully, bye.” The elevator just arrived on the first floor, Lin Xihe strode in and swiftly pressed the key to close the door.

Guo Chuhan watched the numbers on the elevator flash, forcing a bitter smile.


1: Maggie Cheung (Zhang Manyu)

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