Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife Chapter 4.1

Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife Chapter 4.1


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T/N: Just a repeat of my note in the first page. The reason why I translated this teaser chapter is only to find new novels to be picked up from those novels that are dropped in NU. Since the last update for this chapter is more than three months ago, I decided to translate a chapter of this novel and it depends on how many views this project will have that I will continue to translate more. Enjoy reading!

Xi Zhao Yue practiced a set of Body Strengthening Technique earlier, but now she sprawled out on the ground, lacking even the strength to lift a finger.

               This body was really trash. With this kind of slow progress, how long would it take before she could return to the path of cultivation?

               It seemed like she needed to find a way to shorten her progress.

               “February, do you know where medicines are sold?” February had become an existence like Bai Xiao Sheng [1] in Xi Zhao Yue’s opinion because whenever she didn’t know something, she could always ask and get answer from it.

               “There is an online pharmacy on Star Web. Do you feel ill Madam? I recommend you to go directly to the hospital if you are feeling sick.”

               “I am fine. The medicine that I will buy is only for nourishing my body, but I don’t have any credits with me. February, do you know how can I make money?” From the original host’s memory, Star Web used a currency called Star coin or credits, not spirit stones.

               “Madam, how can you say that you don’t have any credits?!” February exclaimed in surprised. “Since the day that you married the Major General, all of his properties also became yours. Even if you were a poor woman before, you now have a share of Major General’s property. You are now rich, madam!”

               Poor woman?

               She was a Master Alchemist. If she called herself the second richest man in the world, no one would dare claimed first.

               Well, it was true that she was a poor woman right now. She just couldn’t accept it at the moment.

               After knowing that she had money, Xi Zhao Yue couldn’t wait to go online to Star Web. There were many kinds of herbs on her list. Her only problem was that their names were quite different from what the ones in her previous world. She just looked through their medicinal properties, but even if she browsed quickly, she needed to look through the list one by one. It took her until the next morning to finish buying all the medicinal herbs she need.

               At the moment inside the warship located at Lal Battlefield.

               The young Major General who fought at the battlefield for two days and two nights was about to lie down on his bed and rest when he suddenly received a notification in his head: At 0:40, your account transferred 50 million credits.

               The Major General’s sharp eyebrows furrowed. 50 million credits? He didn’t buy anything.

               Just when the Major General was thinking that his account was hacked (Which was unlikely as his identity information was encrypted meaning that the probability was very close to nonexistent), he remembered that he no longer lived alone anymore.

               He frowned even more. The average imperial citizen earned less than 50 million credits in their whole lifetime. What was his nominal wife doing with that amount of money?

               As a former spendthrift, Xi Zhao Yue used a lot of money to buy two-month worth of vital medicines. After paying that large sum, she didn’t feel like that she did something wrong. What she didn’t know was that this incident caught Mr. Kamochi’s [2] attention.

               At this moment, she was soaking in the medicinal bath she concocted, enduring the pain as her body transformed.


               Xi Zhao Yue felt comfortable as she lied on her soft big bed. Her body felt warm from soaking in the medicinal bath. While relaxing herself she suddenly realized a harsh reality: There was no spiritual aura in this world.

               Of the thousands of herbs bought, not a single one contained spiritual aura. Not even a wisp.

               The medicinal properties of common medicine were not comparable to an elixir. Xi Zhao Yue was disappointed by these result after decoction.

               It seemed like the only way was to directly absorb a soul and to practice cultivation as soon as possible!

               In the following days, Xi Zhao Yue soaked in the medicinal bath everyday, exercised, studied online at Star Web, and prepared for her incoming examination for her compulsory course.

               A month later.

               “Madam you are really amazing. You finished the 18 courses and passed the exam in such a short period of time! You are the fastest learner that I know.” Adoration and worship could be found in February’s sparkling eyes at the moment.

               Although it was only the 18 basic compulsory course and it was not difficult at all, a guide usually needed six years inside a guide school to finish them all.


[1] A character from the film entitled Return of the Sentimental Swordsman or also known as The Flying Blade.

[2] From the name of a certain shrine in Japan which literally means auspicious and where devotees prayed for luck in money. This was referring the ML as the MC’s patron or money bank.

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