Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch11

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Chapter 11 – Let’s consummate when I come back

If Yun Ting heard, he would feel really wronged. Of course, his younger sister wasn’t some wild woman he was chasing, she was only his father’s adopted daughter and had nothing to do with him.

The afternoon sunshine was intoxicating. Lin Mumu leisurely rested against a tree trunk in the garden to eat grapes until she unconsciously fell asleep.

Unknowingly, two hours passed quickly.

After taking a shower and making a few calls, Yun Ting carefully approached Lin Mumu and put her head back on his lap.

By the time Lin Mumu woke up, his face still had its usual solemn expression as if he himself didn’t fall asleep.

Lin Mumu’s little muddle-headed expression was very cute.

“Mumu, can you still smell anything?” Yun Ting couldn’t bear to tease her and took the initiative to open his mouth.

Lin Mumu sniffed slightly at his stomach: “There’s still some left. Forget it, it doesn’t matter to me anyway, I still need to go back to school.”

Since she didn’t dislike his body smell, Yun Ting put his arm behind her back and hugged her tightly.

Today, in the computer city, he discovered that Lin Mumu’s body was very soft and holding her felt very comfortable. I still want to hug once, especially now that she wasn’t fuming mad, but peacefully behaving in his arms.

Perhaps only by holding her this tightly could he feel like he was truly possessing her, and that he wasn’t merely having a long dream.


“En?” Lin Mumu looked up to him and met his deep gaze filled with desire.

Before she could lower her head again, a pair of cold lips pressed against her own.

A deep and nearly suffocating kiss.

When their lips parted, Lin Mumu quickly started gasping trying to take in big mouthfuls of air, and instantly hit Yun Ting with her small fist in the pit of his stomach to release his grip go.

“Let me hold you for a while. I’ll be going on a mission starting tomorrow, and I don’t know when’s the next time I’ll see you.”

Lin Mumu’s heart immediately was softened, and quietly let Yun Ting hold her in his embrace.

Yun Ting wasn’t an average military soldier, he was the most outstanding special forces soldier in the battle squadron.

It also took 10 years for Lin Mumu to know that Yun Ting accomplished was thanks to his own ability, as he himself bravely went through fire and water, without ever relying on the Yun family.

Yun Ting’s missions were never simple. Which time didn’t he narrowly escape from death?

It’s not easy to get out of the task! Which time was not risking birth to death?

For this reason, Lin Mumu felt somewhat distressed for him. She abruptly started urging him: “I will give you my protective amulet. No matter what happens, never take it off, even when taking a shower.” Lin Mumu suddenly opened his mouth.

Lin Mumu’s amulet was a pendant her master personally blessed according to Daoist rituals. She had been wearing it for more than ten years to protect herself.

This kind of thing could really avoid disasters, but it seemed too superstitious and she was afraid he wouldn’t believe her. To convince Yun Ting to wear it, she could repeatedly emphasize:

“This is my dowry. If you lose it, I will, I will…” What? Just divorced him? What if the amulet broke? Lin Mumu’s heart was restless

“En.” Yun Ting kissed Lin Mumu’s forehead: “You gave me a love token, I’ll hang it on my neck, and I guarantee I will never dare take it off.”

“En.” Lin Mumu nodded with satisfaction.

Naturally it was a dowry. If she wanted to sell her protective amulet, it could earn her more than a hundred thousand dollars. How could it not be a dowry?

“Xiao Mutou, you must call me more. We’re already married, but we still haven’t had the time to consummate the marriage. When I come back, we’ll consummate it, ok?” Yun Ting complained resentfully.

Lin Mumu was sitting on his lap and while he held her in his embrace and told her such words, she felt her whole body burning up.

Lin Mumu lowered her head and didn’t dare looking at Yun Ting. Her face was also blushing profusely as she gently nodded her head while a soft and almost inaudible groan escaped her throat: “En.”

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