Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch14

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Chapter 14 – Master said I could divorce you

“Marriage is a life matter, it is decided by the parents! There’s nothing I can do about it.” Lin Mumu answered in a deadly earnest tone. With a complacent expression on her face, she then asked Lin Tianlang:

“Are you particularly curious about how I am better than you? How was I able to be taken in by the master as a direct disciple?”

“What right do I have to doubt the master’s decision? I do not dare to question his insight.” Contrary to expectations, Lin Tianlang as an understanding disciple.

Such a good disciple, how could Lin Mumu not provoke him?

She immediately put on a mysterious expression and said: “I’ll tell you a secret, I’m actually master’s illegitimate daughter, so I didn’t need to do anything and was effortlessly taken in by the master.”

“Pfff!” No matter how skilled Lin Tianlang was at keeping his emotions under control, he couldn’t help but spit out his tea when he heard what she said.

At the same time, an angry shout suddenly came from behind the screen decoration in the room: “Lin Mumu! You unworthy disciple! You dare slander my pure reputation! If you keep spouting nonsense, I’ll immediately send you back to the mountain!”

“Oh, old man, you even dare handle me as you please and casually marry me off. Why wouldn’t dare slander you?” Lin Mumu answered calmly and seemed completely unfazed by her master’s sudden appearance.

Professor Lin was so angry he was heaving and couldn’t even breath properly. He pointed to Lin Mumu’s nose and began lecturing her:

“What do you understand? I naturally act for your own good! You hit the jackpot in your life, Yun Ting is extremely rich and will let you lead a luxurious life! You should also look at the balance of his qi. Don’t tell me, you… could it be you can’t see the purple aura surrounding him?

I’m telling you, little thankless wretch, you were predestined to marry Yun Ting by fate, if you weren’t bound to him by marriage, you wouldn’t have made it to Beijing alive!”

“Why wouldn’t I? Fated to marry? Old man, stop fooling around with your little godly sticks.”

“Humph! What do you know!”

Looking at the approaching middle-aged man dressed in western-style clothing, Lin Mumu felt it looked somewhat out of place.

Was this her master who wore traditional Taoist robes all day long?

Lin Tianlang also couldn’t adapt, he had never seen his master forgetting himself and acting so rude before. In his heart, the master is an aloof a highly respected celestial who stayed far from worldly affairs and normal conducts.

Seeing junior sister Lin Mumu, his aloof and mysterious act immediately broke. It seemed the master was really fond of junior sister.

“Master, didn’t you say you wanted to invite junior sister for a meal?” Lin Tianlang timely gave the master a way out of embarrassment.

“A meal? Oh, right, you can take her to eat. Also, I picked her up when she was younger, the same way as I’d pick up a lost kitten or a stray pup. There’s no relationship between us, so don’t listen to this dead girl.”

Daoist priest Ling Wu couldn’t help say a sentence in explanation. He was very concerned about his lifetime’s praised pure reputation, ah!

“Disciple understands, Lin shimei (junior sister) has a strong spirit and likes purposely joking with master.” Lin Tianlang thought it through, and finally said what he guessed.

“En.” Daoist priest Ling Wu Chang sighed and freely waved his hand, and tried patiently persuading Lin Mumu like a father figure. He softly told his little disciple:

“Lin Mumu, ah! You and Yun Ting’s predestined marriage certificate, you don’t have to take it too seriously. Three years, after three years, you will be able to avoid the calamity and enjoy a lifetime of peace and security. You can have a divorce certificate at that time.

Our disciples should be open-minded. If you don’t say it yourself, I believe no one will know about it.

You’re the only one who knows, moreover it’s only a certificate, with no further engagement. I believe that your future boyfriend wouldn’t mind it. Aren’t I right, Tianlang?”

Lin Tianlang nodded: “The master makes sense, modern society pays attention to free Love, not to mention you’re simply faking marriage and nothing will actually happen. Even if something does happen, and your feelings still aren’t in harmony, divorcing and then remarrying later is very normal.”

Lin Mumu simply ignored the deceitful master-disciple duo and casually betrayed her master by sending a text message to Yun Ting:

“I just saw master, he said I could divorce you.”

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