Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch8

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Chapter 8 – A voice that makes one feel disgusted

Regarding Yun Ting’s source of income, Lin Mumu didn’t ask much. In short, she was certain it wasn’t lacking.

When Yun Ting sent her to school, they rode on the SUV that originally picked her up. When she finished registered and left the university, it was already replaced by a luxurious brand car which Lin Mumu boarded with Yun Ting.

“Going out for a meal? It’s still early.” Lin Mumu said that, but she was still subconsciously nibbling on a peach.

“We’re first going to Computer City. I saw you had a computer desk in your room, so we’ll go buy a computer so you can later talk with me on QQ.”

“Computer? I also used one in the temple. Computer fortune-telling is very amusing, have you played it before? “


“it’s a pity the old man never allowed me to install QQ. I heard that QQ video chats can be very interesting and you can even see a lot of beautiful women.”

“Not allowed to chat with others by video!” At the thought of the current popular little girls on QQ videos, Yun Ting burst in nervousness.

“Alright, I’ll turn off the video function.” Lin Mumu nibbled on her peach, and her chest felt stifled, she thought in a spoiled manner: no video with you either! Humph!

“This is for you. It’s very convenient for contacting people, my number is the first one in the directory.” Yun Ting was of high efficiency, turns out he already bought a cellphone for Lin Mumu.

Along the phone, Yun Ting handed her a credit card:

“This is my salary card; the password is in your cellphone. There are 5 years of salary and subsidy inside. For the time being, that should be enough for you. If it’s not enough, call me any time, and if you’re unable to you can just send a message.”

“If you give all your salary to me, aren’t you going to go hungry?” Lin Mumu didn’t decline it and casually pinched the card between her fingers with a big smile plastered on her face.

“Since we are married, the salary must naturally be managed by the wife.” Yun Ting said it as a matter of course. He still remembered that Lin Mumu had earlier introduced him to her classmate as her husband.

“In that was, I won’t be polite.” Lin Mumu has already thought about living with him for a lifetime, they didn’t need to mind whose money was spent, not to mention he had no shortage of money.

Also, Lin Mumu had no money awareness. She only felt one way towards money: Spend money when you have it, work to earn it when you don’t.

Computer City was located between the two famous universities of Beijing University and China University.

Today was the day of reporting and freshmen’s enrolling, so the number of people who came to buy computers was especially high and it was a bit crowded.

Yun Ting took Lin Mumu’s hand in order not to lose her in the crowd. As for whether there were other selfish reasons to his little action, Yun Ting would never admit.

Lin Mumu wanted to buy a portable computer that was easy to carry around. Although now, in the early 21st century, laptops and cellphones were still pretty expensive.

But since her husband had money, she wouldn’t hesitate to spend it.

Lin Mumu happily picked the computer she liked and suddenly heard an unpleasant high-pitched voice.

“Second brother ~ ~ “

This coy and delicate voice dripping with sweetness, who else could it belong to apart from Yun Ruoshan, Yun Ting’s good unrelated younger sister.

Lin Mumu thought she deserved to be schemed against in her past life, this kind of woman actually pretended to be her friend for several years.

“Second brother, how come you’re here? Second brother, this is the latest mobile phones section, you’re not planning on buying me a gift for my university admission, are you? Did you know I have to buy a new laptop? I want that instead!”

Yun Roshan naturally pointed at the laptop Lin Mumu was looking at.

The mobile phone Yun Ting had previously bought her was in his hands because she wanted to pick a laptop and had handed it to him.

Yun Ruoshan was really stupid if she couldn’t figure out the situation just by looking, it was obvious she was acting on purpose.

Lin Mumu resisted the disgust that came over her, and watched Yun Ruoshan’s spoiled act. She then pretended not hearing her and minding her business, took the laptop and led Yun Ting to pay the bill.

Card swiped, code typed, direct and efficient.

“Second brother, tonight, I invited fellow students for a party. No matter what, you must come to support me! They heard I had an especially handsome older brother, and wanted to see you! We, from the foreign languages department, are all beautiful. Second brother, you must come with me!”

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