Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch9

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Chapter 9 – A Nauseating Person

By the time Lin Mumu had bought the computer and came back, Yun Ruoshan was momentarily stunned and felt as if she had missed something. She suddenly rushed over to block Lin Mumu’s way:

“This fellow student, excuse me, this computer was my earlier choice, I’ll trouble you to give it to me, alright? My second brother can pay you double the price.”

“Are you talking to me?” Lin Mumu raised her head and inquiringly looked at Yun Ting: “This couldn’t happen to be the younger sister that harassed you on the phone, right? Paying double the price?”

Yun Ting felt a big headache coming up, he was sure from Lin Mumu’s tone that she was angry.

Don’t look at Lin Mumu’s soft and gentle smile, when she gets angry, it’s no good!

“Second brother, who is she? Do you know her? Then you can help me persuade her, right? I’ve always wanted one of those latest laptops but never hand the chance to buy it.” Yun Ruoshan was still coyly pulling Yun Ting’s arm.

Lin Mumu deeply looked at Yun Ting’s arm, then shook her head and casually said: “Very filthy.”

Afterwards, Lin Mumu no longer paid attention to Yun Ting and directly turned around to leave carrying her computer.

How could Yun ting let her go? With great difficulty, he managed to coax his wife into happiness, how could he now let her go like this?

Yun Ting idn’t have the mind to care about others anymore, he flung away Yun Ruoshan’s hand, and rushed in front of Lin Mumu to block her path and then draw her into his embrace.

Lin Mumu’s body was very small, once held by Yun Ting, his heart unexpectedly filled with warmth.

Yun Ruoshan looked at the both of them completely dumbfounded. Was this still her clean and cold second brother who never got close to any woman?

She had never seen her second brother being this passionate about someone.

Even when she was younger, she had nagged him in every possible way, yet her second brother never held her this way, not even for a moment!

“Mumu, listen to me.” Yun Ting was very anxious inside.

“I won’t listen! You were touched by some other woman, your body stinks, I’m leaving you.” Lin Mumu spared no effort to struggle out of Yun Ting’s hug.

Her line of thoughts was awfully simple. She was just a little girl, she would feel jealous, why would she play magnanimous? Why should she be wronged and conceal grievances in her heart?

At the moment, she doesn’t like Yun Ting’s smell, so she will just complain to him! Let him make up his mind!

“Second brother…”

Yun Ruoshan, seemingly wanting to pour oil onto the fire, once again called out to him, and pulled his arm.

Yun Ting frowned and shook off her hand: “Ruoshan, you’re not young anymore, men and women are different, you’d better take care of your image in the future, don’t pull at someone’s hand or arm in such a familiar way.”

Seemingly scared, Yun Ruoshan quickly retracted her hand and pitifully looked at Yun Ting:

“Second brother, who is she? Could she be sister-in-law? Sister-in-law, don’t misunderstand, my name is Yun Ruoshan, I’m second brother’s younger sister. I really didn’t know who you were, I didn’t deliberately fight over your computer.”

He! (snort) Just act, continue acting!

You obviously came to fight over a man, not a computer!

However, Lin Mumu only acted as if she didn’t hear anything. With her finger, she lightly swept on Yun Ting’s broad back and wrote the character: “Hungry.”

Her soft fingers tickled Yun Ting, and they seemed to directly scratch at his heart.

“Alright, I’ll take you to have a meal.” Yun Ting patted Lin Mumu’s back and pulled her to leave.

“Second brother, second sister-in-law, where are you going? I’ll go together with you.” Yun Ruoshan was as clingy as dog skin plaster.

By the time Yun Ting’s car was at view, Yun Ruoshan had already skillfully opened the copilot’s door, ready to sit in.

Hehe (gentle chuckle), this speed?

In terms of agility, 10 Yun Ruoshan couldn’t be Lin Mumu’s opponents!

Although Lin Mumu’s Kungfu learning wasn’t very good, she still had tempered her body through dedicated meditation, in any case she was still considered as someone with some agility.

Yun Ruoshan didn’t have the time to react before Lin Mumu went through the open door and sat inside the car. She then closed it sharply and kindly waved her hand at Yun Ruoshan while saying with a cold and courteous voice:

“Younger sister, see you later, your elder brother and I still have matters to attend to today, so we won’t invite you.”

Yun Ting also knew that Lin Mumu wasn’t fond of Yun Ruoshan, he himself disliked her character. Seeing Yun Ruoshan intended on opening the backseat door, Yun Ting immediately locked the doors.

Without a second thought for Yun Ruoshan, he left her behind and the black luxurious car quickly drove away.

Yun Ruoshan’s smile at that moment was full of malevolence.

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