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Male God is Chasing My Brother C13.2

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Male God is Chasing My Brother

Chapter 13 part 2: An Xumo peacefully watches from the sidelines

On the one hand, welcoming celebrities at the airport was a way for fans to express their feelings. On the other hand, it was also very important data that determined what kinds of resources they could get. To a certain extent, an artist’s popularity could be directly linked to the number of people welcoming them at the airport. This was also the reason and origins for the existence of short term, part time jobs of acting as an idol’s fan at the airport.

Obviously, Zhou Jinchen had no need to show his popularity in this manner. An Xumo and Tang Tang followed him. Together with the accompanying bodyguards, the group traveled through the VIP passage of the airport and left.

When they arrived at the hotel, it was already the afternoon. Since the film crew needed to film the trivial shots for the other guests’ arrivals, they were the only ones in the hotel for now. These types of shots won’t be placed within the main film, only in the later tidbits. It didn’t count as an important task, thus Zhou Jinchen didn’t let An Xumo show his face.

The receptionist instructed them to return to the room. An Xumo stayed next door to Zhou Jinchen, while Tang Tang stayed with the staff from the show. After casually putting away his luggage, facing the unknowns of his first time being on a show, An Xu Mo thought for a while, and knocked on the room next door.

 The door opened from the inside, Zhou Jinchen with a body full of water vapor looked down at him, refreshing droplets of water slid down along his handsome face, the bathrobe failing to hide his good figure. An Xumo paused a bit: “Sorry … for the disturbance.”

Zhou Jinchen didn’t say anything, only turned to the side and let him in. When An Xumo walked in, his gaze wavered for a moment at the red mark on the slender wrist of the opposing party.

An Xumo did not see this scene, he carefully followed him inside. While wiping his hair, Zhou Jinshen walked past him, and used his hand to unlock his cell to make a call.

Since his body was still wet, Zhou Jinshen directly used the speakerphone for the call. A man’s voice came through his cell phone: “Third young master, we recorded a conversation at the airport.”


“A guest on the same show as you.”

Originally An Xumo wanted to retreat, but the door was already closed. Anything he did now would seem a little deliberate. Besides, before he finished wavering, the bodyguard added: “They mentioned you in the conversation, together with Mr. An Xumo. “

Before An Xumo had any time to respond, Zhou Jinshen already spoke to the phone: “Play it.”

It was clear that they were noticed by Zhou Jinchen’s bodyguards because they mentioned Zhou Jinchen. Due to the distortion of the recording, An Xumo did not immediately recognize the voice’s owner. However, with his additional knowledge of the first season, he could pretty much guess the identity of the other party.

This person should be Yi Tianming, like Han Ming, also a young artist who became popular in the first season of “Sunny Weekend”. In the second season, he and Han Ming both got permanent roles.

Han Ming’s voice responded quickly, but he didn’t seem to agree with Yi Tianming’s proposal, “Brother Chen may not like these airport pick-up types of things. I haven’t seen any pictures of him coming out of the airport before. Besides, even if we went, we might not necessarily see him. “

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