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Male God is Chasing My Brother C13.3

Translated by @xercia
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Male God is Chasing My Brother

Chapter 13 part 3: An Xumo peacefully watches from the sidelines

Yi Tianming is also a singing-dancing artist, but he actually got famous through several successful variety shows. Compared to Han Ming, his trademark is more inclined towards being a comedian. He had also appeared in several odd roles in web dramas. Clearly he was much more open-minded than Han Ming: “Let’s go try it out, we can give our greetings in advance if we can meet, and we will cooperate during the shoot tomorrow.”

The movements of the two couldn’t be heard in the recording, but what An Xumo didn’t expect was that his name suddenly popped up in the recording.

 “Let’s not talk about Brother Chen first, don’t you think more attention should be paid to the newly-added guest?” Han Ming told Yi Tianming, “Maybe we can also see him at the airport today.”

 “Even if we see him, we probably won’t recognize him,” Yi Tianming said with a bit of disapproval. “I’ve asked Big Brother Yan before, and he said that the newcomer is an artist who has yet to debut. He still has to rely on being given screen time. There’s no way we would’ve seen him before.”

The big brother Yan he mentioned is Yan Xiangyan, a veteran host and one of the real big names in the “Sunny Weekend”.

“Oh, an artist that has yet to debut…” Han Ming’s voice was a little thoughtful.

Yi Tianming said: “Anyway, it’s someone the investor crammed in. No one in the crew knows of his details. But I think this person is probably the same as a filler in the first season. In other words, just vying for some screen time to make the investor happy, nothing that could overwhelm us. “

Han Ming echoed: “That’s true, some screen time can be given away.”

Yi Tianming laughed “Ha” with a smile: “Speaking of this, I remembered the embarrassing filler that appeared in the first season. Brother Yan proactively gave him prompts, but he didn’t catch any of them. When the show came out, despite all of his shots being the best beauty shots, he still had fewer beauty fans compared to anti-fans, which really made me laugh. “

Hearing this, An Xumo on the side couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward. He could tell that the attitude of these permanent guests were not very friendly towards temporary fillers.

 Yi Tianming’s voice continued, but this time he lowered his voice a bit. It was unknown what tools Zhou Jingshen’s bodyguards used but they actually managed to record these things clearly: “I heard that there’s an investor this time who’s old boss is an old bald man that specializes in supporting* male artists. The same old man who harassed your previous partner. The filler today should also be male, so maybe … “

* TN: as in keeping as a mistress/toy

An Xumo subconsciously looked at Zhou Jinchen on the side. The man being called  the bald old man was combing the wet hair on his forehead with the back of his fingers. His tall and handsome silhouette became more and more obvious with this action. As if having not heard anything from his cell phone, he casually put on a towel, and pulled out his unopened suitcase expressionlessly.

Following the sound of the wheels, the conversation continued on the phone. Yi Tianming had yet to finish, but the meaning was already clear. They talked a bit more, probably about Zhou Jinchen’s schedule, but even thinking about it, it was naturally impossible for them to meet both him and Zhou Jinchen since they left early.

After the recording, the bodyguard mentioned some other details, but An Xu Mo didn’t really understand those things. Zhou Jinchen still didn’t have any strong responses, simply ending the call after a few simple replies.

The room immediately went quiet. Although he was fully mentally prepared before, not really paying much attention to other people’s views, An Xumo still felt a little helpless in front of Zhou Jinchen. After all, this is a resource that the other party has strived for him, a very important starting point for him.

Just as An Xumo was about to speak, there was a knock outside the door. Zhou Jinchen glanced at the door and told An Xumo, “Stand inside more.”

The inside of the room could not be seen from the doorway, An Xumo obediently stood against the wall, watching as Zhou Jinchen walked past him. The man was still wrapped in a bathrobe, but the water vapor on his body had already been wiped away. Compared to the wet temptation from earlier, this was clearly much more restrained.

However, restrained is only speaking relatively. An Xumo knew of Zhou Jinshen’s charm long before he made his debut. As the door was opened, a “wow” was exclaimed from outside the door. It was obvious that whoever was outside the door was not alone. Within the loud noise, An Xumo also heard Han Ming’s voice: “Brother Chen, we meet again.”

The most obvious one was the smiling Yi Tianming: “Following Brother Yan here really is good. I didn’t expect to see Brother Chen fresh out of the bath.”

 No need to think, through his amazement, there was no way that he would’ve thought that in front of him was the old bald man he had mentioned earlier.

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