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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 1

“You are dead.”

“You are dead.”

“You are dead.”

The girl knelt on the ground. She slowly moved, holding her hand over her ear, trying to block out the annoying sound, but the childish could still be heard.

A thought rose from the depths of her mind.


Very annoying.

“You are dead… dead… already…]

The girl held her head.

No sign of movement.

That voice refused to give up and got progressively more cheerful. It ultimately started to sing like a nursery rhyme.

After being busy for a whole night, I wanted to have a good sleep.

Who can be so devoid of morality in the middle of the night.

Don’t presume that because you are a child that you can do whatever you want.

Who isn’t a child.

The voice carried on chanting, getting more and more cheerful.

“You are dead, you are dead, you are dead…”

Finally, the girl lying on the floor looked up.

Chu Zheng put down her bangs. Her line of sight was a little fuzzy before a shock hit her. After a while, everything cleared up and she could see her surroundings.


She turned her head and looked around.

What is this sinister place?

Why is she here?


Which dog that no longer wants to live dare kidnap her?

“You are dead!”

“You are the one who’s dead.” Chu Zheng retorted with a deadpan.

“You are really dead,” the voice repeated. “If you do not believe it, go to the mirror.”


Chu Zheng looked around. This should be a KTV box. She got up and walked towards the bathroom next to it.

There was a mirror inside.

The mirror showed a person with very colorful emo hair. The makeup was even more scary, and the body was dressed bizarre clothing.

How is this her familiar face.

This is…

what dog thing! !

Chu Zheng quickly figured out her current situation.

She met the legendary system.

Let’s not say where this system came from, who made it, and what was its purpose.

Her job was to complete tasks in different worlds.

Chu Zheng was cold and indifferent.

After completing the mission, she could be resurrected.

Chu Zheng’s face remained even more indifferent.

She needs what opportunity to be resurrected? She is not dead! She does not accept this inexplicable setting!

“Please recognize reality!” The system’s happiness was tinged with a little gloating.

Chu Zheng was expressionless.


The system only pretended to not hear anything and continued talking.

The system’s task was to let her —


If don’t spend money then die.

If you want to live, work hard spending money.


Why waste money? Where does the money come from?

Obviously this system did not answer her.

“Yes, we need to complete the counterattack in the body that was left for you and become a winner in life.” The childish sound became more cheerful, “Please be prepared to receive the story.”

The cheerful sound halted, and suddenly there was a dull pain in Chu Zheng’s head.

Countless strange memories flashed.

This body is called Ji Chu Zheng.

Ji Chu Zheng’s mother died early on, and as her father was busy on the weekdays with business matters, he didn’t have much time to take care of her. Whenever Ji Chu Zheng looked for him, her father gave her money, and gradually Ji Chu Zheng became increasingly unscrupulous.

When she was thirteen, her father remarried.

The stepmother brought along a daughter that was about the same age as Chu Zheng who changed her name.

After the mothers and daughter pair came, Ji Chu Zheng  was very unwelcoming, but the stepmother was very good to her. Whatever Ji Chu Zheng wanted, the stepmother gave to her as if she was her biological daughter. No matter who it was, relatives or servants, they felt that the stepmother was good and Ji Chu Zheng too immature.

In fact, it is just that the stepmother wanted to make her a waste.

Ji Chu Zheng indeed became what the stepmother aimed, smoking, drinking, and fighting. She just stopped right before murder and arson.

Every time angered Father Ji almost to the point of having a heart attack.

In comparison, Ji Tong Tong seemed to be smart and sensible, making Father ji favored her.

As long as Ji Chu Zheng and Ji Tong Tong began fighting, Father Ji would believe Ji Chu Zheng to be at fault in the end.

But no one knew that many things were all designed by Ji Tong Tong. She [Ju Chu Zheng] wanted to tell Father Ji, but Father Ji was deceived by Ji Tong Tong so he would never believe her. He would only feel that she was unreasonable and trying to bully Ji Tong Tong.

Ji Tong Tong was always pure and beautiful.

She was a weak lily being bullied by a vicious sister and needed protection.

From then on, Ji Chu Zheng became more rebellious.

In the eyes of everyone, she was a bad child, a negative example. In the end, she was manipulated by Ji Tong Tong and lost her virginity.

Even the people she crushed on was won by Ji Tong Tong and [he] believed that she [JCZ] was a bad woman whereas Ji Tong Tong was pure and beautiful, kind and gentle.

At the end, Ji Chu Zheng was ruined and became insane. She was ultimately sent to the mental hospital. When Ji Tong Tong went to visit her, only then did she tell her everything.

Everything was planned by mother and daughter.

What they wanted was for her to become like this, driven out of the family and deprived of everything in the family.

After Ji Chu Zheng learned the truth, it didn’t take long for her to kill herself.

As for Ji Tong Tong, she married and had children, inherited the Ji family, and lived a happy life.

Chu Zheng still had some pain in her temple as she digested the strange memories belonging to this body.

When the owner of the body died, the resentment carried over to her.

But this is not her.

Chu Zheng stood in front of the table. There was a knife on the table with no clue to whom it belonged to

“…What are you doing!” The childish voice became frightened. “Our mission is to counterattack, not to hack the sluts to death. You need to calm down.”

Chu Zheng ignored the voice, took the knife in hand, held it against her wrist, and then slide it downwards.

Blood rushed out.

It landed on the ground.

Creating fresh red flowers.

Chu Zheng blinked again. Still in the original place.

The same location, the same appearance, the same posture. No change.


“It useless. Unless you complete the task, you will remain here forever.” The childish voice was cheerful and don’t hide their gloating tone.

“…” There was such an operation? “System like you are so strong now?”

Where can I file a complaint?

This black hearted system.

Must complain!!

Chu Zheng sat on the ground, and the knife from the table lay quietly there.

An unknown amount of time passed. Chu Zheng picked up the knife again. She held the knife in her hands and stabbed it at her heart.


The door was pushed open, and the unexpected screams reached Chu Zheng’s ears.

Meaningless screaming. Too noisy.

This is Chu Zheng’s last thought in the dark.

The darkness lasted only a few seconds. She blinked again. It was still the same place…

What is this black technology that the resurrection point was the same as the death location of death?

“Give up. As long as you work hard to do the task, you can come back to life.” The system tempted.

Maybe the method of death was wrong.


Next, Chu Zheng tried a variety methods of dying.

But no matter what, she always woke up in this room.

Chu Zheng touched her wrist and sat on the ground, not knowing what to think.

The nasty voice kept ringing in her head, and Chu Zheng wanted to kill it.


In the end, Chu Zheng had to accept that she had this body, everything she was experiencing now, and the unaccountable system.

She was trapped in this baffling world.

She couldn’t go back without doing a task.

As for the system, she gave up.

Do! Not! Trust! At! All!

Cheating! Child!

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