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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 10.1

Arc 1.10.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

However, in the morning, Chu Zheng heard from the people passing by her say that she had changed because she liked someone.

               That someone was none other than Meng Ran, a third year in middle school.

               Meng Ran was someone who liked Ji Tong Tong.

               At this point in time, Ji Tong Tong and Meng Ran were now in the initial stage of mutual affection, which the whole school new.

               The original host looked belligerent, but in front of Meng Ran, she was a timid person that stammered every word.

               Therefore, in the eyes of their classmates, Ji Tong Tong and Meng Ran were the golden couple.[1]

               Therefore, when a rumor suddenly appeared that Chu Zheng, Ji Tong Tong’s sister, also liked Meng Ran…

               Everyone thought that she wanted to ‘cross the knife to win the love’. [2]

               This sounded like the truth. That she really changed for Meng Ran, and as if she was trying to steal her sister’s lover.

               These people had such a great imagination. Why didn’t they become screenwriters?

Afternoon class was Physical Education.

               Before class started, all the girls were very excited. Only when their class started that Chu Zheng realized why they were.

               Their Physical Education class was being held together with the third year class.

               Their excitement had nothing to do with the third year class, rather it was solely for Meng Ran.

               Meng Ran was the school’s male idol, and many girls like him.

               In class, the girls whispered and looked strangely at Chu Zheng.

               The third year Physical Education teacher didn’t know what to do and just had them run.

               The two classes were initially separated by quite a distance, but they gradually mixed together.

               Looking at his silhouette, Meng Ran was tall, and it could be seen at a glance that he was next door’s big brother type with his handsome sunny figure.

               At this time, he was running with Ji Tong Tong.

               As the saying went, handsome men and beautiful women were the most eye-catching.

               Ji Tong Tong who was petite and pleasing to the eye, stood next to the handsome Meng Ran.

               “Wang Ba Gu [3], I’m not going to deal with the piece of trash that bullied the original host. Can you use your money to marry them off now?”

               [Sister, what did you call me?]

               “Wang Ba Gu”


               What was that name!

               He was a very handsome system. Why called him like that!! He was called the King! The King knew how to fight! He was not a bastard!

               “When I asked you to speak. Were your system worked irresponsibly?”


               The King didn’t utter a word afterwards.

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               “Ji Chu Zheng, I think you will die of a broken heart. Meng Ran will not like you. Even if you change yourself for him, it wouldn’t erase the bad things you have did. You are delusional.”

               Yang Xixi’s voice sounded from the side.

               When Chu Zheng turned back, she looked ironically at Yang Xixi.

               She wondered: ‘What was death by a broken heart?  What was she going to die for? This little girl’s speech was really incomprehensible now.’

               …She was obviously still young!! A budding flower! Why couldn’t she keep up with their thinking?

               Yang Xixi’s eyes were a little dark. She suddenly reached out, not knowing whether she wanted to push or pull Chu Zheng.

               When she was about to do that, Chu Zheng lifted her foot and kicked Yang Xixi’s butt.

               Yang Xixi fell straight forward and into the mud.

               Chu Zheng retracted her foot.


               Full score!

               Yang Xixi fell, and the students running beside them stopped.


[1] A perfect couple; meant for each other

[2] In this context, it described the MC as a third party who would do anything to win her love, even using unfair means or physical force.

[3] bastard; loser

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