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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 10.2

Arc 1.10.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

“Xixi, are you okay?” Ji Tong Tong rushed forward and lifted Yang Xixi up.

               Yang Xixi stood up awkwardly while covering her butt: “Ji Chu Zheng, you kicked me!”

               “Yeah.” Chu Zheng said indifferently with her cold voice: “You were too noisy.”

               After saying that, Chu Zheng continued to run forward, leaving behind a bunch of her classmates.

               What happened?

               “Ji Chu Zheng!!” Yang Xixi shouted angrily.

               “Brother Meng.”

               When Yang Xixi heard Ji Tong Tong’s voice, she immediately restrained her anger.

               Meng Ran was looking strangely at Chu Zheng.

               How did Ji Chu Zheng change so much?

               Of course, he saw that she wasn’t wearing her make-up. Her hair was very exaggerated and unkempt before, but now she suddenly turned normal. It made her look brighter. She was different from cute Ji Tong Tong. She was cool and elegant which made him attracted to her.

               “Are you okay?” Meng Ran quickly withdrew his gaze and asked intimately: “Let’s go take a break.”

               Yang Xixi was a bit shy but seeing Meng Ran’s attention was directed at Ji Tong Tong, her mood soured once again.

               “Xixi, how did my sister get…” Ji Tong Tong carefully asked.

               “I only said a word. Who knew what got into her.” Yang Xixi grievously said.

               “Sister maybe…she was in a bad mood. I apologize for my sister’s behavior.” Ji Tong Tong explained: “My sister often loses her temper at home.”

               Ji Tong Tong intercepted in a timely manner.

               She glanced at Meng Ran who frowned slightly and appeared unhappy.

               “Tong Tong, you are too kind. You must not apologize in her stead and help her.”

               “Well, she is my sister.” Ji Tong Tong replied helplessly.

               “What sister? She doesn’t have a mother and has no proper upbringing at all.” Yang Xixi said furiously.

               “Alright. Don’t say anything more.” Ji Tong Tong helped Yang Xixi: “Come, I’ll take you to rest.”

               Because of this, the physical education teacher just allowed everyone to do their own activities.

               Chu Zheng saw her brothers at the playground.

               San Mao waved at Chu Zheng.

               Chu Zheng went over, but before she could speak, the King system released a mission.

               [Host task: Please consume 40,000 dollars in ten minutes.]

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               She was at school!

               Where could she spend 40,000 dollars?

               And only in ten minutes!

               Are you kidding me?!

               Where was she going to use it?

               Chu Zheng suddenly thought of a place and said to San Mao: “Follow me.”

               “Sister, where are you going? Wait for us…”

               San Mao and the others immediately followed her.

               There were a lot of people at the school cafeteria. Meng Ran invited the two classes for a drink. Ji Tong Tong stood beside him like a royal couple.

               “Senior Meng is very kind.”

               “Do you think Senior Meng would like you? Senior Meng’s heart is only for Ji Tong Tong.”

               “Senior Meng was very nice to Ji Tong Tong, so we shouldn’t be envious. It was all for Ji Tong Tong.”

               “No. Don’t say anything like that.” Ji Tong Tong blushed and denied that there were any silver taels in this place. [1]

               Meng Ran didn’t refute and looked gently at Ji Tong Tong.

               Yang Xixi sat at the chair next to them. She watched as the two became the center of everyone’s envy. She looked like she drunk a bottle of vinegar. [2]

               Just when everyone was talking, Chu Zheng suddenly appeared with her followers, and the atmosphere became odd.

               “Sister…” Ji Tong Tong quickly took a bottle of water and handed it to her: “Brother Meng invited everyone to drink water, you…”

               Chu Zheng didn’t look at her. She led her followers pass them into the school cafeteria.

               She didn’t have much time!

               If she couldn’t finish it on time, the task would multiply!

               She had a lot of money, but she had nothing to do with it.

               “Can I use my card?”

               The cafeteria’s boss nodded: “Yes. You can also pay with Alipay and WeChat~.”[3]

               Chu Zheng handed her card and said coldly: “Pay 40,000 dollars.”

               The cafeteria’s boss: “???”

               San Mao: “???” 


[1] In this context it meant that Ji Tong Tong was denying something that was very obvious.

[2] When someone drinks vinegar, it means that they are jealous.

[3] Online money transfer used in China.