Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 11.1

Arc 1.11.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at

Proofread by Fox23

“Student, what are you planning to do with 40,000 dollars?” The cafeteria’s boss asked dumbly.

               “To buy snacks.”

               “…” Was she going to emptied his cafeteria? “This student, you bought so much…”

               “Do you want to do business or not?”

               The cafeteria’s boss: “…”

               This young lady was so fierce!

               It wasn’t that she was acting fiercely, but rather, due to her imposing manner, she gave people the impression of that…fierce aura.

               But it would be foolish if he didn’t do this business, right?

               “I will do it.” The cafeteria’s boss swiped the card.

               [Congratulations host for completing the mission. The 40,000-dollar reward have been received.]

               Chu Zheng felt like the king system changed.

               It used to call her “sister” when she first came over, but now it became “host”, and its voice wasn’t as gentle.

               Was it angry?

               Because of what I called before?


               That was it! Just call it bastard!

               “These things…” The cafeteria’s boss asked as he swiped the card of his Gold Master.

               40,000 dollars would almost empty his current inventory.

               Chu Zheng looked at San Mao dashingly: “Send it to every class.”

               San Mao’s mouth grew into an O-shaped.

               Their school had nearly 2,000 students and each person would get 20-dollar worth of food, so it wasn’t that extravagant.

               The people outside were shocked by Chu Zheng’s actions.

               This was…

               What were you doing?

               Was it because the person she liked treated Ji Tong Tong, so she was angry…

               “Does she really like Senior Meng?”

               “What was the use liking Senior Meng? It isn’t like he will like her considering her black history. Did she think that what she did before would be easily whitewashed?”

               “I think Ji Chu Zheng is actually quite pretty…”

               “Senior Meng is so handsome. She likes strange things, so she must be a toad eating swan meat. Senior Meng was well suited with a well-educated person.”

               Meng Ran frowned slightly. He didn’t like these people pairing him with Ji Chu Zheng.

               “She came out.”

               Meng Ran’s eyes followed to where everyone was pointing at.

               Chu Zheng came out, flanked with her brothers, with her hands in her pockets. Her black hair fell in front of her as wind blew her bangs, revealing her cold and indifferent eyebrows.

               Student A: How come I suddenly feel she looks a little handsome?

               Student B: “I…I also have this feeling.”

               Student C: “Changing your hair and clothes is like becoming another person…”

               Student D: “Tsk! Even if that were the case, Senior Meng would still not like her.”

               Student C: “But she is really a bit handsome…”

               With a smile on her face, Ji Tong Tong approached her and whispered in her ear: “Sister, were you in a bad mood? Why did you spend so much money?”

               “Do I need your permission when I spend money?”

               Ji Tong Tong hurriedly explained: “I didn’t mean like that, I just worry about you, sister. If you didn’t make a mistake before, Dad wouldn’t freeze your account.”

               Her intention was to tell everyone that Chu Zheng’s money came from Father Ji.

               And that she would probably run out of money soon.

               “You are not afraid that I would tell father you are seeing someone…”

               “Sister, I’m doing this for you.” Ji Tong Tong’s voice grew louder: “Daddy didn’t mean to get angry at you. You were…going too far.”

               Chu Zheng applauded Ji Tong Tong from the bottom of her heart.

               There should be applause around here.

               “People who are good to me would die for me.” Chu Zheng looked cold and indifferent: “Sister, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for me?”