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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 11.2

Arc 1.11.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

Ji Tong Tong: “…”

               That sister called Ji Tong Tong felt goosebumps all over.

               Onlookers: “!!!”

               What kind of idea was this?

               “Sister…” Ji Tong Tong’s face paled and seemed to be a bit scared.

               “Ji Chu Zheng, aren’t you too much?” Meng Ran came forward and spoke for Ji Tong Tong: “Tong Tong was just giving you an advice. How can you talk like this?”

               Chu Zheng’s tone was calm: “Was what I said illegal?”


               Meng Ran frowned even more, and he was naturally aware of what he had done when he saw Chu Zheng’s reaction.

               He also knew that she liked him.

               However, compared to Ji Chu Zheng, Ji Tong Tong was better. Chu Zheng had a very bad record. Her behavior was outrageous and was resented by many. She bullied and refused to change despite repeated scolding.

               Her love for him was an existence that disgusted him.

               However, the current Ji Chu Zheng’s eyes had only distance and indifference. He couldn’t detect any admiration.

               That kind of look made him feel uncomfortable.

               But he couldn’t explain why he was uncomfortable.

               “If it’s not illegal, why couldn’t I say that?” Chu Zheng passed over them, and her calm voice spread throughout the area: “I don’t like Ji Tong Tong, so I don’t need to be polite with her. She needs to be hit to realize it herself. Of course I can say that.”

               The surroundings were strangely quiet as they watched her walked away.

               San Mao and the others were stunned for half a minute before running after her.

               Sister Chu Zheng was becoming more and more domineering!

               Student A: “She was really handsome!”

               Student B: “Yeah, yeah, I want to crush her!”

               Student C: “Everyone knows how she doesn’t like Ji Tong Tong, but Ji Tong Tong herself keeps bothering her every time, making it look like she is being bullied by Ji Chu Zheng. I really don’t know what Ji Tong Tong wants.”

               Student D: “It seems to be really…”

               The students’ murmurings reached Ji Tong Tong’s ears.

               She bit her lower lip and just wanted to complain to Meng Ran, but she saw that he was staring at Chu Zheng’s back.

               Her heart pounded.

               “Brother Meng, did I made my sister angry?” Ji Tong Tong sobbed, reawakening Meng Ran from his daze.

               “Don’t bother with her. She was just a bit strange.” So Meng Ran said, but his heart felt uncomfortable.


               “It was nothing.” Meng Ran comforted her: “Don’t think about it.”

               Although Meng Ran comforted Ji Tong Tong, some people speculated about her because of what Chu Zheng said. It mostly came from the other female students who also liked Meng Ran.

               The matter about Chu Zheng spending 40,000 dollars in the school cafeteria then giving it away to everyone on school was spread to every class of each grade.

               Although they didn’t understand why Chu Zheng did that, most students were happy about it.             

               The school cafeteria’s contractor was impressed by the school cafeteria’s boss.

               It was so strange that students would become friends just for a bottle of water and a snack.

               Of course, turning your back away from someone was also easy.

               The edge of the playground.

               Ye Chen sat under a tree. The sun poured down through between the leaves and the speckles of light streaked on him. He looked from a distance while the light surrounded him.

               Ye Chen actually looked good.

               However, it maybe because he was more on the soft side that people wanted to always bully him.

               He heard the sound of object being thrown into the air.

               Ye Chen reached out and grabbed it. It was a bottle of water.

               The light in front of him dimmed as a cold and frosty voice sounded: “Please drink.”

               Ye Chen looked at her, got up, and returned the bottle back to her hand: “No need.”

               Ye Chen quickly left the playground.

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               How did that make her a good person?

               Look at how people didn’t appreciate it at all!!

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