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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 12.1

Arc 1.12.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

Ye Chen, who already left, suddenly returned. There was a faint darkness in his eyes: “Return my bicycle.”

               With the bottle of water in her hand, Chu Zheng asked indifferently: “If I return it to you, will you think that I am a good person?”


               She took his bicycle, and now she wants to be called a good person?

               She probably hit her head on a bicycle!

               Chu Zheng once again shoved the bottle into his hands and raised her hand to rub his head: “After class, wait for me downstairs.”

               Chu Zheng left with no expression on her face.

               Underneath her expressionless face, she was starting to get mad.

               It was so troublesome!

               Why was there such a task!

               If he blackened, what did that have to do with her?

               Why should she stop him from turning black?

               Wasn’t turning black a good thing?

               If you don’t experience turning black once, how could you say that you had been a person before?

               [Sister, do you still want to go back?] The King system felt that if he didn’t speak, his sister would not prevent Ye Chen from turning black.

               “You are not angry?”

               […] She also knew that he was angry! For giving this king that hateful nickname!



               Ah! So angry!

               The young lady host of the next door system was so gentle and generous. Why was his host so hateful! Ignore her!

               After class, Ye Chen waited downstairs of the teaching building.

               At this time, the place was rather rowdy and lively as the youth from upstairs came down.

               However, when Chu Zheng arrived, Ye Chen discovered that her surroundings were empty, as if someone had put on a protective bubble around her and no one was allowed to enter.

               The students around her glanced at her from time to time, but no one dared speak to her.

               The elegant and cold girl approached him, and he felt like all the stares were directed at them.

               He endured it: “My bicycle.”

               Chu Zheng directed her feet to the parking lot.

               Ye Chen quickly followed.

               The school had shared bicycles, and there was also a place to park the bicycles.

               Chu Zheng pointed her finger to the other side. Ye Chen’s eyes followed to where she had pointed and looked for his bicycle.

               But when he saw his bicycle on the ground and was badly damaged, his eyes turned dark.

               So this was her purpose?


               He silently lifted his bicycle. Chu Zheng also saw it. The handlebars were deformed. The tires were flat. There were also marks on the body which were obviously caused by repeated smashing and trampling.

               The young man’s swept over with a fierce gaze.


               Which dog did this!

               This had nothing to do with her!

               What were you staring at me for!

               The young man withdrew his gaze and pushed the bicycle away.

               When Chu Zheng followed, Ye Chen turned his head and coldly said: “What were you following for? You hadn’t finished doing everything you wanted to do?”

               “It wasn’t me.”

               “You, took my bicycle away. Who do you think would do this if it is none other than you?” Ye Chen asked.

               “…” How would I know who did this? I just parked it here. I never thought it would be targeted by someone.

               I don’t even have a bicycle.

               This damn thing!

               “Ji Chu Zheng, if you still have some tricks up on your sleeve, I don’t have time to play with you.” Ye Chen clenched the handlebar: “Are you satisfied now?”

               Ye Chen said, then pushed the bicycle quickly to leave.

T/N: Oh no! You’re in trouble Chu Zheng.

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