Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 12.2

Arc 1.12.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at

Proofread by Fox23

Ye Chen was angry, and Chu Zheng stood still in her spot, not moving to chased him. She touched her phone to send messages to San Mao.

               San Mao rushed over.

               “Sister Chu Zheng, what’s up?”

               “Are there any surveillance camera here?”

               “Here?” San Mao looked around: “There should be since there is a shared bike station. The school is probably afraid of someone destroying it, so there should be a surveillance camera.”

               San Mao turned back and nodded: “There must be.”

               The school’s surveillance footage was inside the security room, so if they want to see the footage, it wouldn’t be easy.

               When the students at the school was walking out, San Mao asked someone to led the security guard away while Chu Zheng went inside the security room.

               The bicycle was parked here in the morning. Classes were now over, so the culprit probably had done it earlier.

               Chu Zheng took her flash drive from her bag and copied the day’s footage.

               “Chirp chirp chirp…”

               The watchman outside reported to Chu Zheng that the security guard had returned.

               Chu Zheng looked at the progress bar in the computer. When the progress bar was 100%, she pulled out the flash drive and quickly left the security room.

               Ye Chen pushed his bicycle. By the time he reached home, it was passed dinner.

               He parked the bicycle downstairs and stood silently in front of it.

               It took a long time before he went upstairs and returned to his room amidst the scolding.

               Ye Chen threw his bag onto the small bed. He laid down and gradually curled himself up.

               Ye Chen…

               You must not give up!

               Remember all the people who bullied you. In the future, you must make them pay one by one.

               You will graduate soon.

               You can leave this place.

               Ye Chen stayed in this position until the surroundings became quiet. He sat up, went to his study table, took out his homework and begun studying.

               When he rummaged through his bag, he saw the bottle of water.

               He opened the window with a grim expression and threw it out.

               Ye Chen immersed himself in his subjects and did nothing else but study.


               Something hit his window and Ye Chen stopped writing.

               He looked at the window with his dark eyes.

               He lowered his head and continued writing…he had only written a single word when another knock came through his window.

               Ye Chen got up and opened the window. The cold moonlight poured downstairs, lighting up several figures.

               The most eye-catching of them was Chu Zheng, who even the night couldn’t hide her presence.

               Ye Chen grasped the window tightly.

               He would be troubled even at night.

               Ye Chen didn’t want to go out, but this was enough reason for him to went out, as the people outside were constantly throwing stones, a sound that could be heard clearly at night.

               Ye Chen put down his pen. He opened his door slightly and listened for a while to make sure that there was no one in the living room before going downstairs.

               When he went out of the house, he saw the people beside Chu Zheng kneeling down.

               “Brother Ye, I’m sorry.”

               Ye Chen turned stiff.

               These people…

               Were the ones he saw earlier this morning.

               “Brother Ye, we didn’t realize Mount Tai.” [1]

               “Brother Ye, please forgive us. We really didn’t mean to destroy your bicycle.”

               “Brother Ye, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

               These people lowered their head and kowtowed to Ye Chen.

               These people were inside the school this morning, but when they went out of school building at noon, they happened to see Ye Chen’s bicycle. They took it out and didn’t attend afternoon class.

               These people only realized that it was Chu Zheng who saved Ye Chen earlier when she came through their door together with San Mao.

               Chu Zheng was famous inside their school. Everybody heard about her.

               Ji Chu Zheng was rich. If they wanted to be her opponent, they were no match.

               “Brother Ye, please forgive us. We won’t dare do it again. We have done wrong things to you before and we are very sorry about it.”

               “Brother Ye, if you want to curse and beat us, you can do so, as long as you forgave us.”

               Ye Chen looked at Chu Zheng who was casually looking at the people kneeling on the ground.

               This scene made Ye Chen thought of – a demon preparing to behead people.

               “Shut up.” Ye Chen whispered.

               These people suddenly went silent.

               Ye Chen was probably going to beat them now.


[1] In this context, it was metaphorically used to mean someone of unreachably high status.