Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 13.1

Arc 1.13.1: God Raider

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Proofread by Fox23

But in the end, he only said one word: “Scram.”

               These people were not really afraid of him. They were really afraid of Ji Chu Zheng. Chu Zheng could not always be with him, so if he made his move now, he would be subjected to more revenge and bullying in the future.

               “Thank you, brother Ye.”

               “Thank you, brother Ye.”

               “Sister Chu Zheng.” They looked expectantly at Chu Zheng. Could they go now?

               “The stuff.”

               One of them got up and brought out the bicycle from the back: “Brother Ye, this is for you.”

               They stopped the bicycle in front of Ye Chen and escaped quickly as if a ghost was chasing them.

               Ye Chen frowned at the bicycle in front of him.

               “I will cover you later.” Chu Zheng took a piece of paper and wrote down her phone number: “Call me and save the number.”

               She handed the paper to Ye Chen.

               Ye Chen did not receive it. One hand was placed in front of him while he looked vigilantly.

               Chu Zheng put the paper on the bicycle.

               It wasn’t until Chu Zheng left that he picked up the paper.

               “Ji Chu Zheng…what are you planning?”

               Ye Chen whispered and looked at the bicycle in front of him. It seemed like the other party paid for it, and he accepted it…but he felt something was wrong.

               After a long time, Ye Chen felt uncomfortable and rubbed his stomach. He parked the bicycle aside and prepared to went upstairs.

               “Brother Ye.” Suddenly a man came out of the darkness and handed him something hot: “Sister Chu Zheng said that you should eat this.”

               Ye Chen: “…”


               “Brother Ye! You should accept this or else I won’t be able to go back!” The man sighed: “Hold this, as long as you accept this…it doesn’t matter if you eat this or throw it out.”

               Ye Chen waited until the man left, then went to the trash bin next to him trying to throw it away.

               He extended his hand but retracted it again.

               He looked at his window, then headed towards a certain direction. After a long time, he found the bottle of water he threw earlier.

               He held the items carefully in his hands as he went upstairs. When the door closed, he breathed a sigh of relief.

               He was really hungry after not eating dinner today.

               The aroma of food made him hungry.

               He held his forehead: “Ji Chu Zheng…”

               Father Ji was on a business trip. Ji Tong Tong was probably frightened by the sudden changes in Ji Chu Zheng as well as the appearance of the recording, so she avoided her at home like plague.

               Ye Chen seemed to be deliberately avoiding her.

               Chu Zheng wouldn’t rush forward.

               The good man card was hard to get.

               The school’s impression of Chu Zheng gradually changed from unorthodox girl to a cold goddess.

               Her temperament was one that ordinary people couldn’t imitate.

               The pure and innocent appearance of Ji Tong Tong was quite plain in comparison to Chu Zheng.

               But despite her changes, seeing her still hang out with San Mao and the others made the students continue to be afraid of her.

               The matter about what Ji Chu Zheng said at the school cafeteria the other day was still a hot topic inside their school. The fact that there were rumors that Ji Tong Tong was deliberately provoking Chu Zheng embarrassed Ji Tong Tong.

               Ji Tong Tong stayed even more low-key.

               It was probably to make the people forget about it.

               For several days, Chu Zheng didn’t see Ye Chen, and now she met him outside the school.

               He stood in front of a breakfast shop for a long time. She didn’t know what he was thinking.

               When Chu Zheng approached him, she saw him counting his money, then put it back into his pocket and turned around…

               Ye Chen was surprised to see Chu Zheng in front of him and stepped back.

               When did she stood next to him?

               She wore their blue and white school uniform with the zipper pulled only halfway up. The effect of the school uniform on her was different from the other girls at school. There was a ting of ruffian aura around her.


               Ye Chen didn’t know what word to describe her.

               Chu Zheng signaled him to go in: “Come. Let’s eat breakfast.”

               Ye Chen frowned and refused: “I am not familiar with you.”

               Chu Zheng turned around and stared directly at his eyes: “If you won’t eat with me, I’ll look for someone to stop you every day.”


               [Sister, you will be treated as a bad guy! We want to become a good person! Come, repeat after me. I am a good person! Good person, good person, good person. I am a good person!]

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               This bastard talked too much.

               So noisy.

               […] Call him bastard again and he will really get angry!

T/N: Oh! Chu Zheng you should say some caring words instead! You’re so frustrating-_-