Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 13.2

Arc 1.13.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at

Proofread by Fox23

               There were a lot of people inside the breakfast shop. There was no vacant table for them.

               Ye Chen watched as Chu Zheng walked toward her two classmates. As soon as she approached, they stood up.

               “Sister Chu Zheng. Come sit here and eat breakfast.”

               Ye Chen: “…”

               “What do you want to eat?”

               Ye Chen didn’t pay attention to her.

               Chu Zheng ordered everything inside the shop.

               Ye Chen frowned: “I can’t eat that much.”

               “What do you want to eat?” Chu Zheng asked again.

               “…” Ye Chen endured and let the shop’s boss prepare a bowl of noodles for him.

               Chu Zheng also ordered a bowl of noodles.

               While they were waiting, Chu Zheng asked: “Why didn’t you ride on your bicycle?”

               Ye Chen was embarrassed when she mentioned it.

               “Tomorrow I will return the bicycle to you.”

               “They paid you back. Why do you need to return it?”

               “I checked the price, and it was at least 50,000 dollars. Do you think they will pay that much?” It was night so he didn’t see it clearly.

               The next morning, from the appearance of the bicycle alone, it was clearly different from what he usually saw.

               He checked it and saw that the brand name was called lightning.

               The price of 50,000 dollars was not considered high-end for that brand, but you could buy one to two hundred regular bicycles with the same amount of money.

               The bicycle was definitely not from those people.

               Who other than Ji Chu Zheng could spend 50,000 dollars casually.

               Chu Zheng contemplated for a few seconds before she said: “Then better pay attention next time.”


               What do you meant by pay attention next time?

               Ye Chen found himself completely unable to understand this young lady in front of him.

               Ye Chen seriously wanted to return the bicycle to Chu Zheng, so he waited along the road she normally travelled on with the bicycle with him.

               Chu Zheng rode in her private car every day. She sometimes got off at the school gate, other times at the intersection not far from the school.

               Ye Chen was also unsure to where she would get off today and simply waited near the intersection.

               He waited for a while and saw Chu Zheng’s car stop.

               The girl in the school uniform got off the car. She carried her bag and closed the door.

               Ye Chen pushed the bicycle towards her but found her turning to the other side.

               Ye Chen was hesitant at first but finally followed.

               Then Ye Chen saw the girl hold the snow white cat sitting on the stairs of the pet shop.

               The cat meowed twice before it licked the girl’s white wrist.

               The girl looked so serious as if she was not holding a cat but rather a treasure worth millions of dollars.

               The rising sun struck the girl and gave her a halo of light. She looked so gentle and beautiful, that people couldn’t take off their eyes from her.


               The wind chime rang, and someone pushed open the door of the pet shop.

               The man seemed to be a bit helpless: “I said girl, do you want to buy one to take back? You don’t have to visit here every day…”

               With her stern face, she returned the cat to the owner and replied one word: “Troublesome.”

               She put a few dollars inside the donation box set up next to her. She raised her hand and patted the cat. She then turned and left.

               The shopkeeper holding the cat in his hand looked at her strangely.

               Is this girl’s face paralyzed?