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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 14.1

Arc 1.14.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

When Chu Zheng walked after a few steps, she saw Ye Chen push the bicycle towards her. She glanced at it and walked passed it: “I gave it to you. Don’t throw it away.”

               The bastard told her to spend the money. He described money as water that once spilled, couldn’t be recovered again.

               To become a qualified prodigal, you must treat money like dirt and spend money like water.

               This was not the same as an ordinary people’s silly money.

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Chu Zheng passed by him and head towards their school.

               Ye Chen frowned…Ji Chu Zheng, what kind of person were you?

               Ye Chen followed Chu Zheng into their school campus. The two had different school buildings and when they were about to part ways, Chu Zheng suddenly turned around: “Do you have good grades?”

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Couldn’t she see that every time their school released their exam’s score rankings, he was at the top of the list?

               “Not bad.”

               Chu Zheng took out her exercise book from her bag and flipped it to a certain page: “Help me.”

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Ji Chu Zheng’s score…

               Ye Chen thought of the results list. It seemed like he really didn’t see her name on the list. At the way she was at school, she was probably at the bottom of the list.

               “Do it yourself.” Almost everyone in the school asked him to do their homework, and he always refused, resulting in him getting beaten up. He was used to it anyway.

               Ye Chen refused and was prepared to leave.

               “I helped you checked the footage the day before yesterday, and it was already late to do my homework once I finished.” Chu Zheng’s expression was very serious: “I write too slow.”

               Ye Chen: “…”

               You writing speed was none of my business!

               And the day before yesterday, what had that got to do with today?

               Ye Chen sullenly looked at Chu Zheng.

               He snatched the exercise book from her hand: “When is it due?”

               “For a couple hours.”

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Ye Chen and Chu Zheng found a shop near the school. Since there was still time, he did her homework for her.

               After answering her homework, Ye Chen immediately packed up and got ready to leave.

               “The bicycle incident…” Ye Chen seems to be doing mental preparations: “I wronged you, I’m sorry.”

               The young man quickly strode away as if he was afraid that Chu Zheng would catch up to him.

               For the next following days, Ye Chen received Chu Zheng’s homework for the day from Chu Zheng’s brother.

               Ye Chen was annoyed at first.

               Afterwards, he was calm and even met her when class was over. He asked if she have any homework for that day and would answer it together with him at night.

               Chu Zheng welcomed it and gave all her homework to Ye Chen.

               Ye Chen repeatedly told himself that he just wanted to know what she was planning to do.

               The students at school already knew that Ye Chen and Ji Chu Zheng were getting closer, and some rumors spread. As for the rumors about Chu Zheng and Meng Ran, it dissipated.

               Couldn’t you see that she was ignoring Meng Ran?

               Those who bullied Ye Chen somehow disappeared.

               Even if someone plotted to get rid of him, they did not dare appear.

               Ye Chen knew that it was all thanks to her.

               But he didn’t understand why.

               What did she want from him?

               He had nothing…


               Ye Chen always felt uncomfortable being protected by a girl.

               He felt weak and incompetent.

               But thinking about it now, he…

               Ye Chen felt annoyed.

               He hadn’t seen Chu Zheng for several days now.

               “Xiao Chen [1], send this to table number 6.”

               Ye Chen was currently wearing his work clothes and helping in a tea shop.

               This was his after school part-time job recently. Dinner was also covered, so he didn’t need to go home and see his uncle and aunt’s face.


               Ye Chen delivered the milk tea to table number 6.

               From afar, he could already recognize that familiar figure.

               Ye Chen’s heart jumped.

               What was she doing here?


[1] Little Chen; a form of honorific for the younger generation 

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