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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 14.2

Arc 1.14.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

Chu Zheng looked down at her phone, seemingly oblivious to his presence. Ye Chen took a look at the table number, and his face suddenly became gloomy.

               The ghost didn’t disappear. [1]

               Ye Chen silently put down her milk tea.

               Chu Zheng didn’t look up and didn’t seem to care who delivered her milk tea.

               Ye Chen stood there for two second. When he saw that she didn’t lift her head and merely sipped on her milk tea, he turned around and continued his work.

               The tea shop business was booming. Ye Chen was very busy but from time to time, he glanced at Chu Zheng. The entire time, she looked down at her phone expressionlessly.

               Couldn’t she smile?

               In the past…

               In Ye Chen’s memory, she seemed to be always be with her younger brothers, but he didn’t notice her appearance when he passed by her.

               “Xiao Chen, table number 8.”

               Ye Chen quickly got back up to his feet and delivered the milk tea.

               When passing by Chu Zheng’s table, he glanced at her phone screen, but he couldn’t see what was on it. He suddenly crashed into someone, and his tray tilting to the side.

               Ye Chen couldn’t catch it in time, and the milk tea spilled onto the person next to the table.

               “What? Can’t you do this one thing? Do you not have eyes!”

               Ye Chen frowned. No one was in front of him. This person suddenly got up to deliberately accuse him.

               He looked up at the man, and he was quite familiar. It took a while before he remembered the night Chu Zheng went to his home with these guys who beat him the other day.

               These people went looking for him to demand money that day, and now they were doing the same thing?

               The man who had tea spilled onto his own clothes: “Kid, let’s talk. How will you compensate me today? Look at this stain.”

               “Call the boss out!”

               These people were loud and from their appearance alone, they were considered bad youngsters. All the guests around were quite scared.

               The store manager hurriedly came over: “What happened here?”

               “They bumped at me.” Ye Chen said: “Intentionally.”

               “Hey! How can you say this? I purposely bumped into you? What do you mean? Ah?” The man who was hit shouted.

               This seriously was impacting their business.

               The store manager asked Ye Chen to apologize to them.

               Ye Chen was unwilling.

               These people couldn’t accept no and hit Ye Chen.

               Ye Chen was pushed and looked at Chu Zheng, but the table was empty.

               At that moment, he couldn’t tell what was happening.

               The fist that fell on his back, their laughter while he was beaten, the crowd’s whisper…


               The fist that was hitting Ye Chen suddenly disappeared. Surrounded by chaotic footsteps, he sat down, covering his nose.

               A group of strangers suddenly surrounded him beating those people.

               Chu Zheng stood at the door and transferred compensation to the store manager.

               “This thing…” The store manager shook his head: “These people always looked for trouble. They are local thugs. I know that Xiao Chen was not at fault, but in this kind of business, how can you not lower your head? Isn’t that right, girl?”

               “Yeah.” Chu Zheng nodded seriously.

               The store manager: “…”

               When these group of people ran away, the onlookers also left the store quickly.

               The tea shop became quiet, and Chu Zheng went in.

               Ye Chen sat in the rubble while blood was dripped down his fingers.

               He watched as Chu Zheng lifted him up and sat him in the chair she sat in earlier.

               Ye Chen sat down and found her school bag still on the chair.

               “Everyone clean up. The store is now closed for the day.” The store manager told the frightened clerk and went to Ye Chen: “Xiao Chen, are you okay?”

               “Manager, what happened today…”

               “It was nothing.” There was a Gold Master who paid for the incident. He dared not find trouble: “I believe you today. I know it wasn’t your fault. You should take a rest.”

               Ye Chen frowned: “Manager…”

               “You rest.” The store manager hurriedly walked away.

               Chu Zheng handed him a tissue paper: “There’s blood. Wipe.”

               He was too weak.

               Blood appeared from a single hit.

               A young man couldn’t be so weak! No! No!


[1] The ML describe the MC as someone who was chasing after him.

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