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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 15.1

Arc 1.15.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

Ye Chen looked at the tissue paper that was handed over to him. He hesitated at first, then accepted it.

               He blocked his nose with the tissue paper until it stopped bleeding.

               Ye Chen held the tissue paper and asked: “Were you looking for those people?”


               Her answer was not unexpected.

               “You…why are you so good to me?” At first, he thought she was planning something but after a long time, she did not do anything to him.

               “Make you think I’m a good person.” In order to become a good person, she worked so hard!


               “Why make me think you are a good person?”

               It wasn’t the first that he heard her say that, but it was the first time he asked her why.

               “…hmm.” The young lady in front of him was in deep thought.

               Wang Ba Gu, how should she answer him?

               Say that she was doing it for a mission? In order for her to go back to her original world?

               [Sister, don’t!] The king shouted excitedly. He didn’t even pay attention to what she called him earlier, [Of course you can’t tell him that you are doing this for a mission.]

               So, what would she say?

               [What should you say…You can’t say that you’re doing this for a mission. Wait, I will think of an answer for you. Don’t answer him for now!] The king was afraid that the young lady would answer without care.

               When she met this system, she thought that he was only as good as a piece of bronze. She never thought that he was a king.

               [Say…you like him]

               She would still tell him.

               […No no no!!] The king was shaking with fear.

               “I’ve been a delinquent for a long time. I want to try being a good person.”

               She didn’t know if this was the correct answer when she said it.

               This bastard, in his eyes, was she really that bad?

               […] You were not a bad person? You didn’t have a B card in your heart? [Of course not. That was the original host, the original host! Sister was so sweet. How can you be a bad person?]

               Ye Chen looked at her weirdly.

               At this time, the store manager delivered two cups of milk tea, interrupting his train of thought.

               “What is this for?” Chu Zheng held out a stack of paper and asked Ye Chen.

               Ye Chen didn’t know if she really didn’t know or not, but he still pointed at the wall: “Write something on a piece of paper and post it there to make a wish for something. This is only for entertainment…” It was useless.

               Ye Chen swallowed back his words and asked her, “Would you like to write one?”


               Chu Zheng responded coldly.

               Ye Chen thought she wouldn’t write one, but she took her pen and started writing.

               Ye Chen found out that she really wrote slowly, but her penmanship was very beautiful. It was comparable to what a computer would print. Every letter was neatly written.


               What did she write?

               Get rid of XX?

               Who is XX?

               Did she understand what she had written?

               After that, she wrote them again for several times, and all of them were XX. Obviously, she wanted to do it more than once.

               He said to make a wish!!

               It was more like a curse!

               Chu Zheng sent Ye Chen back, and Ye Chen remained silent as ever.

               He wanted to say something but he didn’t know how to break that silence.

               “We’re here.”

               Ye Chen looked at the building in front.

               “Yeah.” Chu Zheng handed him his stuff: “Good night.”

               “…Good night.”

               Ye Chen took a deep breath and turned towards the front door.

               When he turned back, the girl wasn’t there anymore. The lonely street lamp stood by the side of the road. The darkness surrounding him seemed to devour him.

               He was used to that environment.



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