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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 15.2

Arc 1.15.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

 “Ye Chen! Where the hell have you been?”

               Someone shouted upstairs and Ye Chen held his backpack firmly.

               From upstairs, the woman rushed down holding something he didn’t recognize and beat Ye Chen with it.

               Shouts sounded through the hallway.

               “You have spread your wings now? Why did you get back so late? What have you done? I can’t manage you…”

               The shouts of this woman ringed out as if she was not afraid of disturbing their neighbors.

               If someone came out, they would be scolded by this woman. Eventually, their neighbors get used to it and just closed their doors until it stopped.

               When Chu Zheng came back to give Ye Chen her homework, she happened to witness this scene.

               [Go sister!!] The king immediately encouraged Chu Zheng.



               At this time, Chu Zheng repeated these words coldly.

               If she didn’t complete the task, she would repeatedly do the task…repeatedly do the task!

               Who wanted to repeat that task!

               She didn’t want to!

               [Sister, don’t just stand there. Come on, hero…No! Now is the time for the beauty to save the hero!]


               This bastard was really noisy.

               Was there a way to mute him?

               When Chu Zheng said those words, the king’s voice suddenly disappeared.


               Could she really mute it?

               Bastard? Loser?


               [Sister, ah…] This was bad! Sister seemed to have gained new skills! Pills!!


               Her mind was now quiet. Chu Zheng was now in a good mood. The bastard was too noisy.

               Chu Zheng waited until the woman stopped and left Ye Chen alone in the hallway. She also threatened to not let him in inside the house.

               Ye Chen sat in the corner of the stairs, blending into the darkness.

               Chu Zheng stood for a while and walked slowly.

               Ye Chen heard footsteps and looked up. At that moment, Chu Zheng felt like she was looking at a fierce wolf cub.

               He showed sharp fangs but dared not scratch people. It was pitiful.

               “I forgot to hand my homework to you.” She expressionlessly sat beside him and handed her homework without any sympathy.

               Ye Chen head hung low. He stuffed her homework inside his bag and grabbed his bag. He felt like something was wrapping him inside the darkness and suffocating him.

               After a long time, he broke the silence: “Did you see it?”


               “…Do you think I’m useless?” He was always embarrassed.

               Chu Zheng calmly said: “Forbearance is key when you still don’t have enough strength.”

               Ye Chen looked at her, but he could only see her silhouette.

               He should be ashamed of himself in front of her. She was like the brightest moon in the sky, while he was the darkest and dirtiest ditch in the earth.

               They were not people of the same world.

               He didn’t want her to see him in his lowest state.

               But she saw it.

               Chu Zheng asked him: “Do you have a place to go home?”

               Ye Chen thought for a while and shook his head. He thought she might not saw it so he replied: “No.”

               “Come with me.”

               Chu Zheng stood up and patted the dirt off her body.

               Ye Chen looked at her, but didn’t stand up.

               “I have to submit my homework tomorrow.”

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Just for her homework.

               The original host had her own house outside. She would come here whenever she encountered trouble at home or when she quarreled with her father.

               Occasionally, she would also bring her friends inside.

               Ye Chen followed Chu Zheng into the door. The room was empty and felt so cold.

               “This is the study area. You can complete the homework here.”

               Chu Zheng opened a door.

               Ye Chen nodded and carried the bag inside.

               Chu Zheng didn’t have a lot of homework and it was easy enough that he finished it after a few moments. He saw that her desk was messy.

               He looked back at the closed door and carefully turned over those things.

               There were several papers that was rolled up.

               Ye Chen unfolded the crumpled sheets of paper. There were strange marks on it that looked like tears stain and make-up.

               Would she cry again?

               Ye Chen held his chin and thought about it. What did that cold face looked like when she cried?

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