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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 16.1

Arc 1.16.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

While Ye Chen was thinking about it, the door opened and Chu Zheng came in with two pieces of clothes: “Change your clothes.”

               Ye Chen looked at the clothes.

               “Whose clothes are these?” She was a girl. How could she have clothes for men?

               “Bought it.”

               “…” When did she buy it? Did she go out?

                The tag was still attached to the clothes and had yet to be removed.

               No one had used these clothes before.

               Ye Chen looked at his own clothes stained with milk tea and blood. It was dirty and felt uncomfortable to wear.

               He hesitated to pick them up and two words was squeezed out: “…Thank you.”

               Ye Chen went to the bathroom to take a shower and change his clothes. When he passed by the bedroom, he saw Chu Zheng sitting at the bay window inside the room.

               He hesitated but knocked on the door.

               The city lights shined out through the window. It was a first for Ye Chen to stand at such a high place and overlook the city night scene.

               The darkness didn’t seem that scary.

               He clenched his fist slightly and said: “You have poor grades; I can help by tutoring you on your subjects.”



               Did she have poor grades?

               She was just too lazy to write her homework…

               Before Chu Zheng could refuse, the broken hearted king stopped her.

               [Sister, accept it! Let him know that you are a good person and a diligent student who studies every day!]

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               Chu Zheng pinched her wrist for several times and coldly said: “Alright.”

               Ye Chen didn’t know why he felt relieved. He rubbed his hand on his forehead and found sweat on it.

               To make up classes, Chu Zheng and Ye Chen naturally got closer.

               They walked out of school together after class and even went to school together.

               Ye Chen didn’t use the bicycle that Chu Zheng sent him, or else there would be rumors of him being raised by her.

               The gossip between the students was that there were really something going on between them the two of them.

               “Tong Tong, is it really true that Ji Chu Zheng is dating Ye Chen? Yang Xixi asked Ji Tong Tong doubtfully. Didn’t Chu Zheng like Meng Ran?

               “I don’t know.” Ji Tong Tong smiled then shook her head: “Sister is probably just playing.”

               “Playing?” Yang Xixi asked confusedly.

               “Sister is a playgirl.” Ji Tong Tong whispered: “She was always like this, three minutes of heat[1]. Sister prefers brother Meng.”

               “…She is robbing you of Meng Ran, and you could still laugh. Is there something wrong with your head?”

               Yang Xixi seemed to hate Ji Tong Tong’s heart of steel and tried to use words stab her twice.

               “Brother Meng can like anyone he wants…I can’t control it.” Ji Tong Tong explained weakly in defense: “The teacher just called me. I should go now.”

               Yang Xixi looked in the direction where Ji Tong Tong left. She suddenly frowned, and her eyes was full of sorrow and jealousy. In the whole school, who didn’t know that Meng Ran liked Ji Tong Tong?

               Ji Tong Tong deliberately told Yang Xixi about it. She knew that Yang Xixi would definitely spread it.

               Sure enough, by the end of the two classes, these words reached Ye Chen’s ears.

               “Ji Chu Zheng doesn’t look weird. Actually, she’s quite pretty.”

               “That’s not it. She’s more beautiful than Ji Tong Tong.”

               “Ye Chen, that kid is very blessed. I don’t know how he hooked up with Chu Zheng. He wouldn’t be after her money, right?”

               “Tsk! Haven’t you heard? Ji Chu Zheng likes Meng Ran and Ye Chen…she is probably just playing with him.”

               “No matter what other people say, she’s still a Gold Master. How can Ye Chen catch her eye when he has nothing but good grades?”


               The door of the cubicle opened, and the students inside the bathroom all became quiet.

               Ye Chen came out with a sullen face. He went to the sink and washed his hands. The sound of the flowing water flowing made some students step back a little.

               Ye Chen glanced at them and silently walked out of the bathroom.

               The boys inexplicably rubbed their arms

               The bathroom became colder somehow.

T/N: Ooops! another misunderstanding we have here. Ji Tongtong really is a sly person. Poor Chu Zheng >_<

[1] In this context, it meant that the MC changes affection instantly.

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